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Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry

Counseling for Everyone

1/31/2012 7:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry have been urged to get some serious counseling for the benefit of Nahla, but their marathon court hearing today was contentious and largely unproductive ... law enforcement sources connected with the case tell TMZ.

We've learned the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services submitted more than a dozen recommendations to the judge, including mediation ... in which a 3rd party would sit with Halle and Gabriel and try to figure out how they can peacefully raise their child.  We're told Halle was receptive but Gabriel wasn't.

And our sources say ... Halle agreed to continue her individual counseling, which will help her deal with what has become an impossible situation.

As for Gabriel, he's agreed to counseling for his anger issues.

And, as we first reported, both parties agreed today to send 3-year-old Nahla to counseling.

We're told the judge did not make any decision on the fate of the nanny, whom Gabriel wants fired.

And the judge hasn't ruled on Halle's request to keep Gabriel from Nahla until the child endangerment investigation runs its course.

Sources say Gabriel has objected to most of the recommendations and the judge is on the verge of holding a full hearing -- similar to a trial -- so he can firmly call the shots.



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Throwback kid    


994 days ago


He needs to realize that things go much better for you when you go along with a judge's suggestions. Once you force him into a position where he is forced to start ordering you to do things it isn't so pleasant.

Before everyone starts jumping all over Halle, she may be nutty, but Gabriel seems to be the bigger piece of work here.

994 days ago


The child was born through an Egg Donor. Halle was too old to be making eggs. So she bought and paid for them. Now she is worried that her ex will tell the child that Halle is NOT her real mother. He IS the real father, his sperm was used. But Halle is NOT the biological mother, the Egg Donor is, and Halle does not want the child or the public to be told. I dont know why they are called Egg DONORS, they dont donate them, they SELL them. They should be called Egg SELLERS. Halle wants this to be kept a secret but fears that her ex will tell she is NOT the real mother, as he is the REAL father.

994 days ago


really - a 3 year old in therapy?? - that is ridiculous!

994 days ago


What an f'n shrew she is.

994 days ago

bring back recent posts 3 year old being ordered for counseling??????????...those two parents need to get their crap together..poor kid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..selfish parents..plain and simple

994 days ago


It's obvious to me Gabriel has had it and has reached his breaking point. I'm sure he's objecting because Halle is crazy and manipulative. She had someone on her payroll try to ruin his life, reputation, and relationship with his their child. If I were him, I'd object as well. Yes, it's easier to just have a judge order you to do stuff, but when you feel like you're being railroaded by someone you stick to your guns and you OBJECT. Halle has the money, and she has the upper hand in this - because she's a woman. Also, the courts usually side with the mother, even if she's a crazy woman like Halle Berry.

994 days ago


Hmmmmm, another story painting Gabriel as the bad guy and Halle and the sane one. All this came out of a closed hearing, I wonder who's camp this fiction came from.

994 days ago


At first, I thought as many of you do that Halle was being a total shrew. However, if Gabriel is the one naysaying everything and being so resistant to doing what is in everyone's best interest, then I am beginning to see why Halle wants his custody pulled. He sounds like an angry, bitter, and resentful human being. This argument is about doing what is best for Nahla, he needs to figure out how to work with the mother of his child. Halle is agreeing to all of this, so Gabriel needs to get on board too. He is only making himself look worse by refusing to do any of this. If that judge has to hold a full hearing you can bet his visitation is going to be denied if he continues to object.

994 days ago


He's angry because crazy women drive men to the point of extreme frustration and the man is always assumed "violent" or "angry" and bad.
Men with sane or no women in their lives are usually not stress cases and make great dads.

994 days ago


@ LeeLoo, where exactly did this information we just read come from? I'm assuming it came from the Berry camp. It was a closed hearing, no? He's been completely quiet thus far. We're reading a story regarding a closed hearing that is making Halle look like a saint and Gabriel look like the devil. I don't know what you've heard, but she's not known as being a nice person. She's got the reputation for being cunning, spiteful, and down right nasty. She had that reputation before him and she'll have that reputation after him.

994 days ago


our sources = halle berry's camp.

994 days ago


She's not fit to raise and eye brow.

994 days ago


Here we go again, BITCH POWER.

Gabriel [the MAN] needs counseling to address his ANGER ISSUES

While Halle counseling is to console her over "what has become an impossible situation". Typical FEMALE social worker [who knows damn well if some crazy ass nanny got in her face she'd would go 100% ghetto on her.]

Furthermore, if this was a legitimate court, the judge would be suspicions as to why the nanny would want to remain considering the relationship she has with THE FATHER. WHY WOULD A REASONABLE JUDGE DICTATE THAT YOU HAD TO ALLOW A BITCH THAT YOU HATE HAVE CHARGE OVER YOUR CHILD. that's dumb as chit. [...did you say, because that's what Halle wants]

I feeling you Gabe, this BS about the glass ceiling is just feminist trying to force themselves into positions so they can hire other bitches, until the entire outfit is destroyed, as they have social services and the courts. BTW, why are those same types so eager to encourage women to kill their babies---they have done everything in their power to prevent women from being informed of how they'll ruin their lives if they murder their child... yet they claim to be pro-choice [they want you to chose to do something without knowing what you're doing, UNTIL IT'S TOO LATE. Their is something really demonic about the American feminist movement and Bitch Power.

994 days ago


What's the deal about firing the nanny. I thought she had quit.

994 days ago
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