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'Fear Factor' Contestant

Threatened By Show

1/31/2012 11:57 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Claire Odioso and some donkey semen
The honchos over at "Fear Factor" are threatening contestants with possible lawsuits if they dare speak out about the donkey semen contest that NBC refused to air.

Claire Odioso -- one of the contestants who drank a glass of the sperm on the show -- got a threatening call this AM, after execs saw a video of her talking about the stunt posted on our website.

We're told the exec put the kibosh on Claire appearing on TMZ Live today, and further told her if she dared to say another word about animal spunk, they would enforce the confidentiality agreement and sic their lawyers on her. 

And we're told ... the other contestants on the show have been warned not to utter a word.

What exactly did "Fear Factor" producers expect -- when they make contestants drink donkey semen, it generally becomes a topic of conversation.


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Disgusting. Sign your life away for a few bucks and then scream later? These networks are making money off of idiots. BIG FRICKING IDIOTS WHO WANT THEIR ONE MINUTE OF FAME. I agree with the poster who said the participants have already thrown away their self respect. Now either get a good lawyer and sue them, or STFU. No sympathy here whatsoever. Anyone dumb enough to drink semen has MAJOR ISSUES.

964 days ago


Maybe they should start making the terrorists drink that, I bet we would get information alot quicker!

964 days ago


you know somewhere, there are girls licking their lips at that pint!

964 days ago


Well, she did sign a confidentially agreement AND she did drink the semen.....both voluntarily.

964 days ago


NBC has just gone down the drain. The worst network on TV, bar none and that includes cable.

964 days ago


They siged on for the show. If they didn't want to complete the stunts they could have quit. If they drank donkey seamen it was because they wanted to. They signed the confidentiality agreement. Just because there's media attention about that particular episode doesn't give the contestants leeway to break it.

964 days ago


Eeeewww. That's why it was a repeat last night. I can see why they didnt air it. These chicks were going invitro.

964 days ago


Comcast...just cut their cable off. Force em 2 basic TV.

964 days ago


The standard game show contract says you can't talk about the show or your potential winnings until the show has aired. If you do, you may be forced to forfeit your prize and possibly be responsible for any "damages" as a result. Of course, her contract may also state that if she wins but the show doesn't air she doesn't get squat - in that case she's got little to lose by talking.

964 days ago


Who forced them? They are the dumbasses that go on a show like this. The whole thing is sick and the show needs to be taken off the air.The lowest of the low.

964 days ago


First of all! FOLKS go try out for American Idol! Are y'll Crazy or nuts! How must money are you folks really getting paid to do these stupid, dumb danherous stunts anyway! You could go on Wheel of Fortune any win some real take home home cash even if you lose! Drinking Donkey Sperm, Snake, Eating Bugs, Jumping Off Buildings, Crashung Through Walls fro nothing? Are y'all out your damn minds. This shows needs to be put on a serious hold. Now they have contestant drinking ***! What the hell is next! Sickening!

964 days ago


Fear Factor Execs: "You better make sure you have nothing negative to say about that donkey semen you just drank."

964 days ago


Suprise she would even show her face

964 days ago



964 days ago


Odioso means hater in spanish

964 days ago
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