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Madonna Halftime Show [PICS]

Super Bowl Stage Is Vogue'd OUT

1/31/2012 7:51 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Madonna halftime show set with vogueCall it a hunch ... but Madonna's gonna perform Vogue this Sunday at the Super Bowl Halftime Show -- this according to several behind-the-scenes pics of the stage, obtained by TMZ.

The pics were snapped over the weekend in Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis -- while crew were testing stage lighting for the upcoming performance ... and you can clearly see the word "Vogue" lit up on the floor panels.

Nicki Minaj is rumored to be a part of the show as well .... probably because she's featured on Madonna's new song, which Madge is expected to premiere at the Super Bowl.

Let's hope she knows how to let her body move to the music.

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No Avatar


The visuals look great.
Can't wait to see the performance.
Madonna never disappoints.

1004 days ago


I don't care for Madonna, never did, but you people wouldn't be making the same age comments if it were the Stones coming out. They're positively skeletal, for heavens sake! Same old male/female hypocrisy. Bet Gaga is gagging and wishing that it was she up on that stage. But, never fear, Gag-ga, you will copy her every move and look. You always have!

1004 days ago


Oh Great, i was wondering when everyone could vougue again, I mean we miss it sooo much from 1990....it's awesome the NFL picked a 1/2 time show to get more gay viewers to watch football.....

1004 days ago


I CAN'T WAIT! No really I can't. After holding all the beer in my bladder for the 1st half, I'll be ready for halftime to hit so I can go to the bathroom!

1004 days ago


If they wanted to go for an interscope artist they should of went with Gaga, she knows how to put on a good show. Nicki Minaj and LMFAO ARE just pure garbage.

1004 days ago

Trevis Miho    

Vogue at the Superbowl...guest appearance Nikki Minaj....BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Is the network tryna turn people gay or what?? Who's idea was THAT? No disrespect to the gay community, but even you guy/girls (in the gay community) see the humor in this, right? Is Glee gonna come out in shoulderpads, helmet and pom-poms as well??

1004 days ago


the pairing of Superbowl and Madonna is about as stupid as it gets. All it is is a boost to her ego which is already waaaaay too big. I for one will take halftime to fire up the grill, wash my dog, phone a long, lost friend.....anything to avoid her nonsense.

1004 days ago


Hello, this is the QUEEN.

1004 days ago



1004 days ago


Ahhh. When will you idiots learn that age is nothing but a number?! In case you didn't know, Madonna has the energy that most people as old as her don't. Of course, she did beat Elvis' record for most top-10 hits, and it was ony in 2008.

BTW, had this been someone like John Cougar, Led Zepplin, or any other aged MALE, people wouldn't say **** about how old they are (even when they're older than her

1004 days ago


Whats amazing about all the haters here is that they all know so much about Madonna that its laughable! Everyone has the power/option to change the channel during halftime. No one is forcing you to watch the halftime. Bashing her only shows how relevant she still is and thats never going to change. For your information also, the NFL has been wanting Madonna for halftime, for at least the past ten years now. Madonna has always declined because of her hectic schedule. The fact that she's bringing younger artist only shows how astute and smart this woman is. She knows she needs to cover all her demographics! Hence why she is still around after 28 years! Just shut the fck up and dont watch! I would not doubt it if most of these comments arent being made by immature stupid monsters as part of their supposed plan to squash The Queen! Haha, thanks for the publicity guys, more people will be curious to watch and the ratings will go thru the roof! Idiots!

1004 days ago


wow. what a bunch of whiners just change the channel dumb people and keep your mouth shut until you've actually seen the performance! if you hate her so much then don't watch ! no one cares if you see it or not.

1004 days ago

Dean Duckett    

Madonna is going to rock the super bowl singing live not lip singing like a bunch of the haters out there want to believe but us true Madonna Fans know that she'll sing live and will put the best show on that the super bowl has ever seen, EVER. the stage looks great. Madonna rock it out Girl. HATERS GO BACK TO YOUR HATER HOLES AND DIE

1004 days ago

High Horse    

Most of you haven't even watched Madonna perform before and you say all your bullcrap. Some of you are so stupid and uneducated. You do belong here. Keep posting 24/7.

1004 days ago


I liked Madonna when she first started. Borderline is my favorite, next to Pappa don't Preach. Then she got weird and freaky and I stopped being a fan of her's. She had actual talent once, wonder where it went??? Oh, I know, gimmicks. Sex books, cone bra's, kissing Brittany Spears, yuck!!!
I don't even like football and I don't like this idea.

1004 days ago
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