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Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry

It's Nail-Biting Time

2/1/2012 10:31 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0201_halle_gabriel_SPLASH-x17Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry are going about their business today ... but they are both on pins and needles waiting for the judge in their custody case to lay down the law on how they will be parenting 3-year-old Nahla.

Halle was walking on crutches with BF Olivier Martinez in West Hollywood this AM, while Gabriel was taking Nahla to school.

The judge is about to decide a number of critical issues in their custody war -- including whether Gabriel should be stripped of contact with Nahla while police investigate him for child endangerment, whether the nanny should be fired, and whether they should be forced into mediation to work on co-parenting issues.


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I think its Halle's way or the Highway! She has issues, but there is no way Aubry has not been affected by her need to control everything, so he needs the courts help for their daughter's emotional well being.

995 days ago

noreen huggins    

that sick bitch how can you have a 46 old man kissing you 3 years old little girl er]on her lips that is so sick to look at

995 days ago

Snowman with a Turnip Nose    

Harvey, do your minions have to harrass that child every single time she appears in public? There are currently absolutely no new developments in the story. Absolutely nothing newsworthy whatsoever. This is just pseudo content obtained by disturbing and intimidating a 3-year-old. If she were my daughter you'd be in a hospital, waiting for facial reconstruction, you vertically challenged fruitcake.

995 days ago


Halle Berry obviously has men issues and doens't know how to hold onto a man any better than Christie Brinkley. These women are fickle and then when the man wants to be a father as he should, they go all psycho biatch on the man! Let the man be a father to this child. Stop trying to mess up this child like you are, Ms. Berry. If you don't like men,that's on you, but don't take it out on your child's father just because he wants to be a father. You don't know how lucky your child is to have a father who wants to be there for her and love her. Also, that nanny should be fired! Why would you hire someone without running it by the other parent first. How would YOU like it if Gab hired some sexy young nanny to work for Him? You wouldn't like it one bit, so work together and stop trying to make this child have men issues like you! Ms. Berry, you are a sad, sad person! I feel sorry for anyone associated with you!

995 days ago


Yes! I agree 100%! You have it all right! Thanks! You said it all! I think most of the problem is Ms. Berry and how she wants to always "bash" the other parent. Just because it didn't work out with her she thinks it shouldn't work out for her daughter. She's making a HUGE mistake! He's got his problems, but he has shown his willingness to work on them, and she hasn't. At this point, I'm more in his corner. And I think that the reason he carries her all of the time is because paps are always taking pics and he is trying to shield her. That would make me angry too!

995 days ago


They should put their differences to the side and co-parent their daughter in a civil way. From what i have read the father has been a good daddy,but the ex seems she doesn't want her daughter to be around him. Looks like some kind of alienation there. That is not healthy for their child!!!

994 days ago


Mediation is the best

994 days ago


HALLE, GET OVER YOURSELF. All these fking celebrities go crazy and numb after not doing any decent films. Its like they need that 1 good film with them in it to be NORMAL human beings. She is getting old, washed up, going from Hollywood A list to B list and its going down pretty fast. She figured she needed a more famous boy toy so hey, she got a new one. Shes a crazy self centered individual. I would take custody away from HER and let Gabrielle go back to Montreal with the kid., Atleast the kid would grow up NORMAL!

994 days ago

noreen huggins    

halle berry is one sick mother. how could you a mother have a 46 year old man kiss your child on the lips that not her father half naked.what do you call that, gabriel should take your ass to court.

994 days ago


Didn't Halle Berry adopt Eric Benet's daughter when she married him? Now, does she still have a relationship with her? You cannot un-adopt a child in the US, that I know of.

994 days ago


This lady is WRONg to try and keep her daughter's father out of her life. It is obvious she does not even want to mediate. There are legitimate reasons to keep parents from seeing their children. It just does not seem this is the case with this parent.

994 days ago


Halle = MOMMY DEAREST. Halle will destroy this little girl if she doesn't stop playing these effed up games. The little girl (Nahhllyawn) obviously LOVES her daddy!!
Halle got to HELL!!!

994 days ago


O, and Halle stop being a Hollywood SLUT!! egomaniac!! you are worthless...your movies sux anyways!!!

994 days ago
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