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Two HUGE Movie Honchos

Make Racial Accusations [VIDEO]

2/1/2012 4:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

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The director of "Precious" and the producer of a string of hits, including "The Expendables," "Rambo" and "Conan the Barbarian" got into a nuclear verbal fight on the set of a new movie this weekend, and exchanged racial accusations.

Lee Daniels -- the "Precious" director -- is directing an upcoming movie, "The Paperboy" starring Zac Efron and Nicole Kidman. TMZ obtained video of Daniels in a brutal argument with producer Avi Lerner that went down on Sunday afternoon.

It's hard to hear the entire argument, but at one point Avi says to Lee, "You call him a racist. You know you're racist too. You always pay attention to that."

It appears Avi threatened to fire Lee, saying, "I don't want you to leave, but if you don't apologize to me and you know you should ...." and then the audio is impossible to understand.

And it seems much of the argument involves money. At the end, Lee taunts Avi, saying, "Need some money, need some money?" Avi says, "We paid the scuba divers a lot.  Shame on you." It appears from the conversation ... the movie is way over the paltry $15 million budget.

We contacted reps for both honchos, and were told, "Both parties laughed it off," adding, "'We hope the footage also shows them hugging moments later."


No Avatar


I didn't hear racist comments?

1004 days ago


This is disgraceful tbh. I hope to God none of the stars of this movie had to witness this extreme lack of professionalism. Talk about washing your dirty laundry in public. Absolute joke. Both of them.

1004 days ago


Daniels better parlay his 15 minutes into directing as as many movies as he can before he becomes part of the Tyler Perry system.

1004 days ago


it didn't look like it was that big of a deal to me. The director prob just discovered how over budget they were and wanted to get it sorted out. Heated discussion that looks like it ended fine.

1004 days ago


Thanks TMZ, for perpetuating a racial argument right here on the site. I guess you're lacking in hits or something....

1004 days ago


No one is going to see this piece of crap movie anyway

1004 days ago

Toasty J    

Lee Daniels will be a distant memory in a few years.
He is unemployable. He's a psycho.
Avi Lerner is just trying to make it through this nightmare.
He knows he made a grave mistake in hiring a crazy person.

1004 days ago



This is SOP on a movie set.. big freaking deal.

1004 days ago

No comment    

Did you really have to post this crap on the first day of Black History month? Can we talk about the achievements of blacks in the entertainment field.

1004 days ago


look who there talking to Dugh! Hell go there first, it always wins!

1004 days ago


Racist, the most over word in American since 2008 - so sick of the racist garbage all the time - who throws the race card ALL THE TIME? Ask Chris Rock, he'll tell you.

1004 days ago

That's Right    

I only see one guy yelling and upset, and it's not the black man. Umm could it be since he is a black man it intimidated the others? And TMZ want to blow it out of proportion. Producers, writers, actors, stunt men etc are constantly having a disagreement on set, yet when it's a black man folks want to turn it into something major "grow the fnck up TMZ" Some men of every race are d*cks and can't handle being challenged.

1004 days ago


Actually, what he said was "we paid those STUPID scuba divers a lot". Nice guy.

Why the redaction, TMZ?...removing one word from an 8 word sentence. A pertinent word, that reveals emotion and intensity of speech, which directly relates to why this story was posted at all.

Yes, Avi Lerner thinks scuba divers are "stupid"...apparently. And TMZ doesn't want you to know this...also apparently.

1001 days ago
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