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Nicki Minaj's Banned Video

The Conspiracy Theory

2/1/2012 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Nicki Minaj's music video was banned from BET, but Harvey and Charles aren't convinced it was yanked because it's explicit -- there are much worse music videos getting air time. So what's the real reason? Money making plot, perhaps??

Plus, Mitt Romney says he doesn't care about poor people -- is he shamelessly taking advantage of middle class anger ... and heating up America's class war in the process? Also, no love for Snooki in Jersey -- what gives?!!


(0:00) BET bans the new Nicki Minaj video for being to raunchy ... but how is it worse than every other pop video?
(6:30) Conspiracy theory! How the ban is driving more people to watch to the video than would otherwise.
(11:00) Mitt Romney said it -- he doesn't care about the rich or the poor ... just the massive voting middle class.
(13:05) Harvey scares the crap out of Charles. 
(16:00) Jason rips Romney ... calling him a "bumbler."
(18:20) Tragic start to our day -- legendary "Soul Train" host Don Cornelius committed suicide ... we have all the details.
(24:01) What the heck is going on in Los Angeles? Four current, insane crime stories ... including the latest on the Pinkberry co-founder that allegedly beat a homeless man with a tire iron.
(32:10) Breaking news! Evan has the latest on Deion Sanders' nuclear divorce ... and this story takes the cake.
(34:50) TMZ classic -- Snooki dancing with a plant.


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Stupid h*e only offensives to stupid h*e's LOL

995 days ago


Tell both your cousins to go eff themselves.

995 days ago


(1)For people who don't live there, dumb move by the mayor. Snooki would bring in alot of money to that town. Should have polled the business owners for their opinion. (2 & 3)We all know that song is a shot at Lil Kim. If you're offended by it then you are a "stupid H*e. I'm sure "Round of Applause" will go straight to number one. (LOL) It's because she's a woman taking control. All videos are just as explicit. (4)I was hoping the republican would have atleast posed a challenge. Nobody on the republican ticket is a threat. This is going to be easy for Obama. They are trying to please the TeaParty people, but you already have their vote. Makes no sense. (5)Mel Gibson will make a come back behind the camera producing or directing. Tootles!

995 days ago



995 days ago


Is this teacher from LA who gave the kids semen married?

995 days ago


Is Charles married because he is so handsome? Not in a disrespectful way but he is really good looking, and smart which is a bonus.

995 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

What is with these set-up Evan 'BREAKING NEWS' reports TMZ does now to try and make it seem they are busy during the LIVE show now. LAME!!!

Some of the news is weak and not even worth breaking into TMZ Live.

995 days ago


I lost about 30 pounds in the beginning of BOTH of my pregnancies. So I can see why people would associate weight loss with pregnancy without calling her fat.

995 days ago


Honestly, Nicki's video is much more tasteful than if she had been standing on paper mache' buttcheeks singing praises to large booties.

I honestly think it's a women's rights issue. If you are going to let the men get away with being vile, the women should be allowed the same.

995 days ago


Wow I can't believe I believed what you guys said about Nicki Minaj's video. How it was basically 4 minutes of "You a stupid hoe".

When I watched it... they didn't even say "You a stupid hoe" until a full minute into the song and that lasted for 17 seconds... Then almost another minute before it started up again... The video is three and a half minutes long and a combined one minute of it is "You a stupid hoe".

Sure it's said a lot but don't try and beef up the story by lying and saying the only thing she said is "you a stupid ho".... That just makes the 'reporter' look bad.

991 days ago


The 'naked woman' in the Stupid Hoe video is a Barbie Doll.

968 days ago

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