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James Farentino

Killed by a Broken Hip

2/2/2012 12:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

James Farentino
Hollywood legend James Farentino didn't die from heart failure -- according to the actor's death certificate, obtained by TMZ, he died from every old person's worst nightmare ... a broken hip.

There were reports the actor croaked thanks to a bum ticker -- but while his heart may have been a contributing factor in his demise ... the official cause of death is listed as "sequelae of right hip fracture."

For those who don't know ... sequela is doctor-speak for a pathological condition that stems from a previous injury -- in this case, a broken hip.

According to the death cert, Farentino broke his hip in December after falling out of his bed. The nature of the complication that eventually killed him last month is unclear.

Farentino was 73.


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Ed Jewell    

You people at TMZ are loseing it, start showing respect to a great American actor.

996 days ago


this guy was a nightmare. he stalked his ex wives and girlfriends and got in trouble with the cops for years. now these women can relax

996 days ago


I liked him a lot, I thought he was a very good looking man and a wonderful actor. TMZ could have done better. Sorry to the family. God Bless him, he'll be missed.

996 days ago


Why would the writer of his article write so disrespectfully of a wonderful actor who passed away. What kind of journalism is this? Shame on you.

996 days ago


It's called a "fat" embolism and is a major complication for hip surgery patients. Symptoms appear to be close to that of of a heart attack-and are generally fatal.

996 days ago


Classy as usual, TMZ slackers. If you can't write respectfully about older people's deaths, how about you stick with your leering, classless, airhead regular mode of coverage on twits, reality sluts and losers. That's what people come to expect on your site.

996 days ago


I very much agree. I don't think i have been offended by TMZ believe it or not for anything and I usually peruse the site daily. Right at the end of the article, is written 'Ow, my hip'. So inappropriate for the topic. Listen, my grandfather died from a broken hip. he was 84 and fell while getting up from bed. He was weak and was trying to use his side table to stabilize himself and missed with his hand which resulted in the broken hip. I learned through this ordeal that a broken hip is one of the most painful broken bones and also debilitating. For an older person to have to have to be immobile and have surgery and then recovery and physic afterward is almost too much to go through in old age. My Grandpa I think gave up. He was to have surgery, and it was a few days after his accident. A nurse came in in the night to check his temperature, blood pressure, etc. and she told us he just peacefully passed away while she was there. No stroke, blood clot etc..he just stopped fighting because he knew his mobility, life and freedom to live as before would never be the same. When I read the article, it actually made me tear up, yes for my Grandpa, but also because of the just lack of respect in the article for the actor who passed away. That last comment just topped it off. Whoever wrote that, if you experience a broken hip if you make it to old won't be saying that..its more like your body goes into shock and are you gonna be able to fight through all that events that are upcoming after this injury..? It's a more serious situation than 'ow, my hip'. My grandma, his wife of 55 years heard him fall from another room in their home, and terror coursed through her for the life of her love who fought in WWII and lost a younger brother in the war. There is a whole life and story behind all people..and however they may come to an end in this life deserves to be respected.

996 days ago

BB not bb    

I am interested in knowing how you can die from a broken hip. Yeah it hurts but so do alot of things old people get such as arthritis. How exactly do people die from it? I heard it was from pulmonary embolisms from being bed ridden.

996 days ago

Snowman with a Turnip Nose    

Harvey, your obituary should read: "Bottom-feeding fruitcake becomes worm chow". Just because!

996 days ago


Wow, CROAKED? How rude, he was a human being. And a Helluva good actor, well he wasnt bad.

996 days ago


"the actor croaked thanks to a bum ticker"???
Come on TMZ, show some respect and stop writing like a bunch of knuckle-dragging idiots, you knuckle-dragging idiots!!

996 days ago


I think saying he croaked is very insenstive TMZ. Damn

996 days ago


Just shows how tough Zsa Zsa is, but then outliving her creepy husband may be a strong incentive for survival.

996 days ago


As a young person with osteo, yea a broken hip is like russian roulette... about 25% of women and 37% of men who break a hip die within a year regardless of age and health.

996 days ago


If he had surgery to repair his broken hip, I would highly suspect he contracted a MRSA infection.

996 days ago
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