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Roseanne Barr

Files Official Docs to Become President

2/2/2012 4:17 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Roseanne Barr
Roseanne Barr
-- who famously butchered the National Anthem -- has filed official documents to become the Green Party's nominee for President of the United States of America.

Barr -- who has been waging a Twitter and Facebook grassroots, digital campaign -- has just made it official.  She wants to carry the Green Party banner in the November election.

Barr says she's sick of Democrats and Republicans, whom she believes are not working in the best interests of the American people.

So what, you ask, is Roseanne pushing?  The answer is simple ... pot.  She wants marijuana legalized and sold strictly domestically.

As for the whole Iraq thing ... she'll get back to us.


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I think she might be the best one yet.
I will definitely vote for her. Look at these Manicured Trolls now running for the president. Makes you throw up!

955 days ago


I think the Barr Administration would be a 'good thing'. We need a menopausal womnn to run this country. You can bet she wouldn't put up with any BS. I suggest her staff consist of menopausal women as well.
What can I say? Menopausal too & I'm madder than hell the way the current administration is running this country. Golf anyone?. Madder than hell and we shouldn't have to take it anymore! I vote for Roseanne !

955 days ago


LOL, I'd vote for her just to watch the **** storm that would ensue! So many pissed off suites on both sides.. SO worth it!

955 days ago


Let her run, she will just take votes away from obama. And why are 99% of the post against her but the little pull thing shows 36% support? Made up pole?

955 days ago

curb check    

This is what the jews have to offer? And they want us to help them take over the world. Please Iran, hurry up with that bomb.

955 days ago


Yeah, ok, let's make it more easy for our kids to get pot.
I don't know who sucks more at singing.. Mel's ex Oksana or Roseanne. We really don't have any good choices to really vote for this time around. All of them promise us things to get in there, do as little as possible, and go on vacation after vacation, when there is a lot of work to be done, so they say. Tell us they ar the man that can do it all, and they care of America. If so, than do some work, and don't leave us all with broken promises. Don't make promises that you can't keep to get your butts in office. Mean what you say. Back to Roseanne. If you want to do some good for this country, Roise.. take some singing lessons.. and take Oksana with you!! Maybe just maybe you both can sing at the next Super Bowl and not make a fool out of yourselves. I did like the Roseanne show on tv, I thought it good.

955 days ago


16. Fidel's niece: 17 hours ago

This delusional nutcase has
a macadamia NUT farm in Hawaii...
every IDIOT in America thinks
he/she can be a president!

Even people that wasn't even born here thinks and by the looks of things.. CAN BE President too !!

Well, everyone calls Mel Gibson an idiot and a nut, so
I am voting for Mel Gibson!! Has to be better than Roseane, and the others we have running, and anyone would be better than the one we have in there now. Even Fred Flinstone would be better than this guy.

955 days ago


lately Rosanne looks like Eddi VanHalen

955 days ago


Obama 2012....nuff said!

955 days ago


Right on! We need a menopausal woman to set the nation straight! Should choose a menopausal woman staff too! Call me! We won't put up with any more of the BS

955 days ago


Ron Paul!

955 days ago

David Leigh Noblett    

No chance in hell.

955 days ago


since you west cost libtards like obama so much why don't you let him be your leader ONLY in calif with all the fruits and nuts.......

955 days ago


what a fool she is she cant even ta;k go back to the farm and take care of them fly her day is over a be what every she want to be you fool

955 days ago

Who Knew    

Damn it TMZ, I had finally forgotten about this vile bitch and now you had to go and remind me she exists. Not happy.

955 days ago
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