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Kim Kardashian

Moving After Trespasser Scare

2/4/2012 7:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian mad
Kim Kardashian
was so freaked after a strange man rang the doorbell at her Beverly Hills home last weekend -- she has decided to dump the property entirely ... and find a new house ... in a gated community.

Sources tell TMZ, Kim's currently house shopping in several exclusive gated communities in the L.A. area -- including Bel Air ... and Mulholland Estates, where both Charlie Sheen and Paris Hilton own houses.

She hasn't made up her mind yet -- but we're told Kim now refuses to live in any house that doesn't have round-the-clock gated security.

TMZ broke the story -- cops were called to Kim's home late Saturday night, when a man showed up on her property with a bunch of luggage and rang the doorbell ... insisting Kim invited him to stay with her.


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Kim needs to move somewhere and not be seen for at least a year. She is so done.

955 days ago


Let's see, she can move to N.Y. & take her family. Jodi is right, Kim needs to stay out of sight for at least a year.

955 days ago


Let's see how much of the "victim card" she will play this year after her sham wedding?

I wished she would buy an island somewhere and go live on it. Sight un-seen !!!

955 days ago


Q: What did Kim Kardashian's right leg say to her left leg? A: Nothing, they've never been together!!

955 days ago


Who cares about this frigid bitch?

955 days ago


Maybe she should stop demanding do much attention from the public, photographers, media, etc...get out of the public eye. Oh wait, she can't, the narcissism in her won't allow it.

955 days ago


I'm SO tired of this witch and her family. Please, please take a LONG vacation away from the public, or In layman's terms, just plain F. u. c. k Off!!

955 days ago


Could this useless stupid Armenian POS just move the hell out of California in general? New York, you can have her

955 days ago


She walks like she has a load of s#it in her pants.
Nasty big fat a$$.

955 days ago


Great? Kim's life imitating Lindsay? Maybe she should book a room at the CM? These women are ghastly!

955 days ago


Conceited egomaniac, just like Katie Price and Peaches Geldof.

955 days ago


TMZ we are hashing over the same old chit. Nothings new, Kim is still a dumb narcisstic bitch, that ain't going to change. The family is still a bunch of money sucking vampires (just take a look at their Christmas cards if you don't believe me, the Adams family) They still insult our intelligence with made up crap and expect us to accept it. They destroy good people for their own pleasure and entertainment. They have turned Bruce Jenner into an insignificant little amoeba that moves around on their slide show. He has destroyed his face because Kris wanted him to. They were all getting face work but his didn't work out to good. They continue to destroy anything they touch and if the companies that are backing them don't dump them fast then they might find themselves dumped by the public. Enough is enough.

955 days ago


Boo hoo! Just go away!

955 days ago


Dear Kim Kardashian,

Do you know how exhausting it must be, for someone to be related to you, or a friend to you? Seriously, you always have some sort of crisis going on, you always have to have some kind of drama going on, you always have to have your histrionics front line headlines, you always have to make everything about you, outshine your siblings, and all you can focus on is your looks, having the latest fashion trends, the latest name brand purse or shoes, and have a line of people around you to call upon your every whim.

Seriously, why would anyone want to have their life consumed by your daily, hourly issues, histrionics, drama, crisis.

You make yourself look neurotic!! You cannot even let a guy you marry move his stuff to your place, because he may take up too much space or you may have to move all of your superficial wardrobe over to make room for him?

You do not even see your own bad behavior in your show, you do not see the message you gave to Kris Humphries, to yourself and to anyone who dare be in your life, you are telling them you have no room for anyone but you in your life. Your way or you discard them, if they dare point out a flaw you have or that your behavior was a bad choice, they get your wrath, your histrionics, your victim act, or the silent treatment if not the abusive tongue your entire family seems to have.

How exhausting it must be, to be you or to be around you.

You are so needy and attention seeking you do not even see you create your own drama, you create all of your superficial crisis and make yourself look bad.

I get moving because some weirdo may have been stalking you, but seriously do you have to make everything in life about you, do you have to constantly have your PR team or your pathetic attention seeking mother put you in headlines every day throughout the day?

Do you not see why people are tired of you? You act like this is YOUR world and others just live in it.

Find God! Seriously, eat some humble pie and get God in your life, put someone else first in your life beside showing the world you only have room for you.

955 days ago


Her last "fan" on planet earth shows up at her door and she doesn't have the hospitality to let him? Shame on her.

955 days ago
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