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Gisele's BIG Mouth

Makes Her "Yoko Bundchen"

2/6/2012 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Gisele Bundchen's blasting of Tom Brady's teammates sparked a major debate -- should wives of professional athletes keep their mouths shut when it comes to the team? And is Gisele now the Yoko Ono of the Patriots?

Plus, M.I.A.'s middle finger could cost her big money -- but is everyone overreacting to one little middle finger? Most people didn't even see it!

Also, is it bad to adopt a 7'5" high school basketball player because he could make millions in the NBA? Harv doesn't think so -- you gotta hear his explanation.

(0:00) Important Super Bowl breakdown ... of Eli Manning and Tom Brady's looks.
(5:40) The Patriots dropped the ball in the fourth quarter ... literally ... and kissed their SB dreams goodbye.
(7:40) Gisele rips the Pats receivers after the game -- should she have kept her mouth shut?
(19:24) Madonna's halftime show -- Harvey didn't watch it, Charles wasn't impressed, and Kelly loved it.
(21:30) Evan loved one thing about the halftime show -- the crazy tightrope dancer ... whose genitals are fine, by the way.
(26:00) M.I.A.'s middle finger -- John calls it the cheapest Super Bowl commercial of them all.
(32:30) A 17-year-old basketball player from Senegal is 7'5" -- so the ridiculous question ... is it wrong to adop a future NBA superstar in order to profit of him later?
(36:01) There are no secrets on TMZ Live -- Harvey learns the hard way when trying to crack an offensive joke to Charles.


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Am I the only one who thinks she has a butter face?....that nose!...damn she looks harsh these days!...

991 days ago


Am I the only one who thinks she has a butter face?....that nose!...damn she looks harsh these days!...

991 days ago


I think everyone is making a little too much out of this.....she was being a defensive wife and I don't blame her for standing up for her man, I would have probably punched that bitch in her mouth for talking **** bout my man and most women will get defensive when it comes to their husband, so ease up off of her. Maybe all of you guys should keep your mouths shut.

991 days ago


I don't care about the game! I just love all of you at TMZ!!! You guys are SO great!!! :)

991 days ago


Giselle should stick to what she does best, breaking up a marriage or walking around half nude.. She should not be allowed to talk..

991 days ago


the US Court of Appeal is going to issue the Prop 8 decision tomorrow. Will TMZ cover this potentially historic decision?

991 days ago


I think she was just upset about the loss... let's not start a small war over it.

991 days ago


The real funny thing about what M.I.A did....Only those in America think that gesture is obscene. Around the WORLD it means nothing LOL!!!

991 days ago


seems to me like the attention you're giving to MIA, just like the attention everyone else giving her, is encouraging others to behave the same way.

991 days ago


Here's Abby Manning, Eli Manning's class act of a wife. You'd never catch her dissing her husband's teammates:

991 days ago


Om my..... Giving the finger is NOT a big deal!!!! People freak out over the tiniest crap. Fine her and get it over with! Done!

991 days ago


Just a thought regarding the tall basketball player....The Blind came up in that movie.

990 days ago


Hey! Harvey, don't be so hard on yourself! You may not be TALL but look how successful you've become in your life! Everyone LOVES you too! Charles, quit picking on Harvey! YOU WORK FOR HIM!

990 days ago


It doesn't make you cool sticking up your finger for being 36! Just doesn't look right!

990 days ago

You Call the Police for This?    

Ya gotta love it - the Patriots drop the ball, bumble about & lose the biggest game of the season and the focus is on Gisele Bundchen's rather legitimate observation. Oops - (she said the "F" word). I had no idea that big, tough football players who are paid MILLIONS OF DOLLARS TO PERFORM were so sensitive. I guess it takes more than muscle and might to make a N.E. Patriot - it also must require tampons. Perhaps if Gisele sends them all roses with a "forgive me" card attached, and maybe boxes of chocolates, the collective lower lip quivering will cease, and eyes will be dry once more. As an alternate, perhaps the team needs to slack up on all those estrogen shots.

990 days ago
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