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Halle Berry

Wants Out of U.S.

Because of Death Threats

2/9/2012 12:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Halle Berry does not want to leave the U.S. for France with daughter Nahla because the food is so good over there ... she wants out of this country because she fears for her life and the life of her child.

TMZ broke the story ... Halle is asking a judge for permission to move to France with Nahla ... something Gabriel Aubry is trying to block.

We've learned there have been and are serious threats to Halle's life and she feels the move is a life or death situation.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... Robert Hoskins, a mentally unstable man, escaped from a mental institution last week.

We've learned he has made threats against Halle's life -- specifically to "slit her throat."

Hoskins is no stranger to the law -- he has threatened to slit Madonna's throat in the past and was actually shot by her bodyguard in 1995 after he trespassed onto Madge's property.

And as we first reported, another stalker who recently trespassed onto Halle's property multiple times has just been released from jail.

Friends of Halle tell us ... she is particularly concerned because Starmaps and some Hollywood bus tours literally take tourists to her doorstep.

And Halle's friends say ... the actress is very concerned that baby daddy Gabriel Aubry is parading Nahla in front of paparazzi almost daily and possibly putting her in harm's way.

Bottom line -- Halle's M.O. for wanting to move is rooted in security ... not revenge.


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Like Chris Rock says " That ain`t right!"

984 days ago



984 days ago


Halle Berry is fruity as a fruit cake. She is the one that needs to be investigated. In my opinion Halle and the house help concocted this drama against Gabriel. I feel the court tapped into that and requesed that "all" get some counseling. Halle is the one that needs professional help. She is a nutcase and will raise her daughter to be the same. I don’t like her since she has shown her “true” self.

Get help Ms. Crazy Berry.

984 days ago


Whatever she's selling, I'm not buying it.
REAL TALK: All part of the grand plan to steal the child away form the father... she wanted a cute Baby Daddy/sperm donor. She picked the wrong race for that.

984 days ago

K. Savage    

I find it quite ironic that this mental case is dating FRENCH actor Oliver Martinez and now she will feel much safer in France. UGH!!! Give me a break!!! This fool can move to a more secure place right here in the USA AND she is doing everything in her power to keep her daughter from her father. I have lost ALL respect for this chick!!! I pray that the judge sees right through her sherade!!! She is a piece of work!

984 days ago

Edwin Jones    

Bull. She's just making an excuse to get away from her former boy-toy. She has plenty of money for protection. Besides, there are crazy people in France too! Stars have always been dogged by crazies.

983 days ago


Hopefuly Halle and Nahla will be able to get away from that blue-eyed devil Gabriel.

983 days ago


GO, but you are much safer in America than anywhere.

983 days ago

Lynne Gordon    

No, I think she really just wants to leave US because it isn't safe anymore.

With the latest news of unmanned drones flying over our heads, a total loss of privacy, Senate Bill S510 (the food bill which makes it illegal to grow a garden), Senate Bill 787 (the bill that places ownership of ALL water in the US under the federal govt), privatized prison systems which the courts appear to be deliberately trying to fill not to mention a failing economy, a crashed dollar, rampant homelessness, gouging fuel costs, and seemingly mandatory joblessness - I think she just sees the handwriting on the wall for America.

When will you see what's happening? After the knock at your door? Oh wait?! That's right! The police do not have to knock anymore... and they do not have to have a reason to detain you indefinitely.

Smart woman, in my opinion.

982 days ago


Don't worry, I will take care of you:)
You will be safe here;)

982 days ago


What amazes me is how the public has no qualms about calling female celebrities B*tches, Sluts, or any other barrage of demeaning names. If this is your attitude, I think you just made Halle's case for her. Look at the level of hate your comments entail, and consider that aside from what you read about her, you don't actually know her at all. Nor do you know Gabriel Aubrey or her exes. Considering the level of misogyny towards most women, especially women of colour that don't submit to the public's every whim and judgment, it's really no wonder she's single. And yes being single is a privilege not a curse.

982 days ago

Julia M.    

Fine. She Halle can leave for France. But she needs to leave her daughter here with her only sane parent. Halle can fly in for visits.

982 days ago


Wow TMZ. Did Halle's publicist write this up? This is an incredibly biased post. Her "friends" say something so that makes it absolute fact? I've never seen such a smear campaign. Halle has proven herself to be emotionally/mentally unstable. The woman lies. Remember when she did the hit and run car accident? When the police went to Halle's house she claimed she didn't remember hitting anyone even though she hit the other car hard enough that the woman was pretty banged up and had a broken arm? Halle cares only about Halle. Her daughter, friends, boyfriends etc are just things she uses to have control and get her way. Aubrey has conducted himself with maturity and class. I hope he gets full custody, for Nahala's sake.

976 days ago


She should move to Montreal, Canada. It's French, she won't have to deal with stalkers or paparazzis, and it'll get Gabriel Aubry off her ass since it's his hometown.

976 days ago


Hey Oliver Martinez easy to see you already have fallen for her crap. The child deserves to be with her real Dad. It is so sad when a Mother has such hate for the ex they use their child as a pawn. We are pulling for you Gabriel and Nahla.

964 days ago
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