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Halle Berry

Wants to Move to France


2/9/2012 11:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Halle Berry was not engaged to Olivier Martinez when numerous outlets reported she was back in December -- but we found out ... SHE IS NOW!!!
Halle Berry was not engaged to Olivier Martinez when numerous outlets reported she was back in December -- but we found out ... SHE IS NOW!!!

You'll recall, after Halle sported a big ol' ring that Olivier Martinez gave her everyone jumped to false conclusions -- but it was NOT an engagement ring.

But we've learned Halle did become engaged to Olivier sometime after the first of the year.

The engagement is significant because Halle is asking a judge to allow her to move to France with Olivier and 3-year-old Nahla.

TMZ broke the story, Halle wants to make the move and baby daddy Gabriel Aubry vehemently objects.

In California and most states, a judge would look at the stability of the parent's relationship and a marital relationship is far more impressive than boyfriend and girlfriend.

No word on when the two will marry, but we're told a marriage will DEFINITELY take place.


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Good luck with that you nasty bitch. He's gonna use her, take her money and then dump her just like every other man in her miserable life. Karma is a wonderful thing. Couldn't happen to a more evil cu........

955 days ago


Move, Halle. But your kids stay here with your ex. Children need BOTH parents. Not their mom and the current stud she's shacking up with.


955 days ago

Me, myself and I    

there are so many men out there who DO NOT want to be in their kids' lives. We have a man who truly wants to be her father and is willing to fight for his parental rights and she is doing everything she can to keep them apart. It is disgusting.

When my husband took off on myself and our two kids he went MONTHS without seeing them. They missed him so much! Now, a few years later, he has pulled his head out of his behind and wants to be in their lives. The kids are much happier for it. Sure, I think he is a donkey but it doesn't MATTER what I think or feel about him. The kids love him. They need their father in their lives.

955 days ago



Oliver Martinez played opposite Richard Gere and Diane Lane in "Unfaithful". Here he is in an interview 2008 - with a heavy French accent!

955 days ago


The judge better not allow this. She chose to have a kid with that guy and now she can live with it. Halle is an evil egotistical moniacal human being and she thinks she can do whatever she wants. Time for the judge to set her straight. Like it or not, Aubry is in her life forever. Like it or not, she can afford to stay where she is and hire security. she made her bed and she can lie in it like the rest of Americans do.

955 days ago


She is a COMPLETE nut-job!!

955 days ago


This chick is something else. It seems all she really wanted out of Gabriel Aubry was a child and once she got that she split from him. Now she has found someone new and wants to take the child away from her actual father. How long will it be until she gets tired of this guy? 6 months? A year? Who knows. I feel bad for this child and for the father because I'm guessing he really gets crapped on by her. Of course she wants to get married, it will look better to the judge and she can finally get Gabriel Aubry out of the picture which seems to be what she has wanted since she got a child out of him. She sucks. It's no wonder she's had so many relationships, I wonder if she ever thinks, gee, maybe I'm the problem. Probably not, I'm guessing she's pretty narcissistic.

955 days ago


I read this elswhere this morning and forgot to include it in my last post.

Wouldn't it be nice if the judge told her that if she moves to France, that she will have to pay for all flights, hotels and meals for each visit the father has and that he will be permitted to see his daughter for three days each week.

I wonder what Berry would then make up.

955 days ago


Another marriage she will mess up. She marries anyone that comes along.

955 days ago


halle is nuts lmao both of her men speak french when she moves to france she will be isolated lmao I am pretty sure Gabriel will move on her expense she will pay for his needs as she already pays for his lawyers for her stupid fights .her intention to take his daughter of his life won't work , he is a french-canadian lmao and Paris is known for fashion lmao . he should just move with her althought it won't solve her psycho trip

955 days ago

c'mon man    

Thanks DAVE JUSTICE & Mr. BLADE; she's NEVER coming back. IDIOTS.

955 days ago


I hate to point this out, but didn't she say she would ABSOLUTELY never get married again???

955 days ago


Oh please with the STABILITY comment TMZ! She is the MOST UNSTABLE person ever in relationships! ESPECIALLY when married! God this man is completely stupid to willingly tie himself to this crazy woman! Any woman who goes this far out of their way to try and ruin their ex's relationship with A CHILD is completely stupid and believe me, the poontang is NOT WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

955 days ago



955 days ago

buzz kill    

Ollie is clueless, you would think he would could see what he is in for when she is done with him, She will accuse him of being an abusive racist when she is ready to move on to the next victim.

955 days ago
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