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Halle Berry

I'm Moving to Europe ...

with My Boyfriend AND Nahla!!

2/9/2012 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0208_halle_gabriel_tmz_getty_ex2Halle Berry is asking the judge in her custody war for permission to move to France with Nahla -- and baby daddy Gabriel Aubry is saying ... over my dead body.

TMZ has learned Halle filed papers with the court requesting the move and the hearing is pending. Sources tell us Gabriel is livid because he believes the move is punitive and designed to strip him of any contact with his daughter.

And Gabriel is particularly upset because Halle's longtime boyfriend Olivier Martinez will be living with Halle and Nahla if the move is approved ... informed sources tell TMZ.

Halle could have an argument that it's safer for Nahla to be in Europe ... especially because her latest stalker -- who broke onto her property multiple times -- has recently been released from jail.


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Don't overreact. Fathers have rights. Gabriel has a great attorney and they are in the downtown courts, which have the better judges. If anything, rulings in the past decade have begun to swing in favor of BOTH parents having equal rights. Not much of a bias towards women is shown anymore. With that being said, I think mom has a weak case. There is no compelling reason to move out of the country. And it would deprive father of seeing his child. It smacks of unfairness. I believe the court will see right thru her motion. LOL - if she wants to move, then she should give up her physical custody rights and let dad take care of the daughter.

985 days ago

Randall Burns    

I have a feeling that Ms. Berry is a little bit of a bitch here. I'll bet this is what all this recent custody biz is about. She is wanting to take the baby out of the country and there should be no way that she can. You know it's one thing to get involved with someone when you are know you're both adults and you can take care of yourselves, but when little baby comes along, there's a whole new complexion to the situation. No longer is it just saying goodbye and moving fact you're tied together for life if both of you love the child. Berry should not be allowed to take the child so far away from her father. Who knows she could take the child and never let him see her again. Aubrey is in the right here...he loves his daughter and doesn't want her half a world away from him. No father would want this and of course he's going to fight it. Berry gave up her right to go wherever she wants the day she brought the little girl into the world. These two spoiled celebrities are going to have to reach a compromise for the sake of the little girl. Just because Berry has had everything handed to her because of her looks doesn't mean it's going to work in the matter of her daughter.

985 days ago


I think Halle Berry is lying about this "alleged" attack on the nanny. Gabriel should prove her wrong and have her charged for making false accusations. If anyone is an unfit's her...jumping from one man to another. She needs long term therapy, what a Hollywood nutcase.

985 days ago


I so sick of hearing about them fighting over this precious little girl. They both need to grow up, and realize what is most important. It's ashame that she is going to grow up thinking she has to choose between her mom & dad.

985 days ago


Bull**** about Gabriel acting racist thats an easy way for Halle to beat him out of custody.Nothing more than a low life tactic but then she is a skank!

985 days ago


I'm sick of Halle sound like a B@tch. If the parent is responsible and not a threat to the child then this kid needs both parents in her life, just because your mad doesn't mean the child should suffer. #lostrespect

985 days ago


We all know that all Halle really wanted was a white male sperm donor. Should have gone that route then but this is now and Nahla has a father who deserves to be in her life. I used to like Halle till her acceptance speech and her sick thoughts of how children should be brought into this world with nothing but conflict!! Shoulda got the sperm Halle you skank. I do hope a judge won't let her leave who knows what other kind of men she will bring into this little girls life. Sad mother if you ask me. Halle Stop the bull**** and just live for **** sakes!!Greed get you know where and Nahla is the only one getting hurt by all this!!! BITCH!

985 days ago


If you decide you want to leave the state where you share custody of your child, you leave your child. Plain and simple. Harvey, aren't you a lawyer or something? When I went to Mexico with my Dad on vacation as an 11-year-old in a joint custody agreement, my Mom had to have a notarized permission slip made. Pretty much just something that said, "My ex-husband isn't kidnapping our kid, I know this is happening." If Gabriel doesn't sign something along those lines, there's nothing she can do. Right, Harvey??

985 days ago


Halle is all kinds of evil for trying to rip her daughter away from her father. A father has rights too!

985 days ago


what is wrong w/ this women!!!! the judge won't approve - plus she is now giving gabriel proof of her abuse of court system, and trying to turn nahla against her father - i hope this blows up in her face and she looses her custody!

985 days ago

Right Intention    

Ms. Berry, I support you. Why are people so jealous? Just because you have a chance to better your situation and move freely through the world? Just because you have the opportunity to heal yourself and your daughter? Your moving to Europe will do nothing to prevent Nahla's father from seeing her whenever he likes. If he isn't abusing the girl, you or your helpers, then he will grow some balls and haul ass to Europe too, without complaint. What difference does it make where Nahla and Halle live, if Halle is willing to help Mr. Aubry with visitation? Ms. Berry's critics - check your conscience. Why are you really so hateful? Is it because Halle is female? Mmhmm, probably. Is it because she is a woman of color? Yep, likely. Is it because you are a bunch of sociopaths with no conscience? Most definitely. Think carefully about how your thoughts and actions could affect the outcome of an innocent child's life. Making her mother sound like someone she most likely isn't - a manipulative bitch - will not help the child. If Mr. Aubry isn't behaving in an abusive way, then he has nothing to worry about, and his rights will be protected. So, yeah, STFU.

985 days ago


If you have a stalker coming out of jail soon and you are worried he may do something, why would you say where you want to be in the first place? Isn't that like an invite for the stalker, hey we're going to France to get away? dum,duh,duh, dum...poor child is the one suffering a tug'a war. they may decide to give the father sole custody because they may consider the child being in danger with the mom.

985 days ago


BS!!!!! NO WAY any judge in their right mind would allow this without proper visitation schedules and whatnot. This lady will do anything in her power to forcehim out of her life. Give it up Halle! HE IS THE F'N FATHER WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT!!!!

985 days ago


Used to love her....what did she think would happen when she had a baby? That the baby was hers alone?? That the father would have no rights to his own child? I don't believe all the drama and I don't blame Gabriel for being confrontational with the nanny either. I have no doubt he feels watched and spied on and I have no doubt that he is. Suck it up Halle. If you don't change your ways, it will be YOU your daughter will resent for keeping her away from a father who evidently loves her and enough to fight for her when his resources are far more limited than her mother's are.

985 days ago


Long timelurker...first time poster...what kind of guy is Oliver...why would you want a woman who takes a child away from her father? Doesn't he have kids? What kind of relationship does he have with them? Why does it seem all of Halle's beaus & hubbies end up being depicted as serial monsters and she the innocent. I am seriously starting to dislike this chick and while she is a stunning beauty, not that great of an actress. I didn't feel her Oscar role at all. Even if the father has issues, shouldnt he get help and see his own daughter???? Halle wasn't young when she had this child so you didn't notice he was racist? Too many loose ends on this saga...Poor baby though...what a crazy controlling mama...and watch out are next on the crazy list

985 days ago
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