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Gabriel Aubry

Custody in Jeopardy

2/10/2012 10:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Gabriel Aubry has been orderd to appear in Dependency Court because authorities are concerned about his ability to safely care for his child ... TMZ has learned.

Aubry is in court right now and the appearance was triggered by the L.A. County Dept. of Children and Family Services' investigation into allegations that Aubry is guilty of child endangerment.

Sources tell TMZ ... the DCFS investigation goes beyond an incident in which Gabriel allegedly pushed the nanny who was holding 3-year-old Nahla.

We're told DCFS is concerned about Nahla's safety in the care of Gabriel and that is why he was ordered to appear in Dependency Court.

We're told no ruling has been handed down ... yet.

10:48 AM PST -- TMZ has learned ... Nahla now has legal counsel that has been appointed by the court to represent her in the hearing.


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What is up with people on this site? They seriously think this guy can do no wrong? Is it the blonde hair? The scruffy beard? Unless the judge on their case and DCFS is somehow on Berry's payroll I'm not sure where all this defense of Aubry comes from.

987 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

Picked up from another site.

Hi, husband and I happen to have an autistic child. We had our child seen in LA at one the best ABA therapy clinics, we happily traveled from [personal information removed] up to LA to have our child seen. We’ve since moved but I couldn’t help but spill this tea to you. Nahla Berry is a client at that particular clinic. I am not saying she has autism, you can form your own conclusion. We signed a confidentiality agreement regarding high profile clients. We vowed to never spill the tea (so to speak) if we ever saw one or charges could be brought against us. I am assuming it is because Nahla was a patient there. Shes a very well behaved little girl and instead of waiting in the waiting room with other little kids, she used to get wisked back into the managers office until they were ready to see her. The nanny would sit and update (Im assuming Halle) from the cell phone while we parents sat and watched our kids in the occupational therapy one sided mirror room. Halle is a very dedicated mother because she would call to have the nanny film the progress of her daughter during the occupational and speech therapy.

Nahla doesnt hardly talk, she does whats called “manding”. She can ask for juice, cup, and she confused hi and bye bye upon entering/leaving. Trust me, Nahla may be on the autistic spectrum. Please don’t say who this email came from. I am trusting you wont reveal your source, because Ive never seen you reveal your source in the 4 years Ive been following your blog. I found it odd that you brought up autism today regarding Holly Robinson Peete. Your choice of image with Nahla doing the typical face touching most autistic kids do made me think you had an inkling anyway, so thats why I spilled this tea.

987 days ago


Halle Berry has ruined her career with her crazy- she is so unbankable now, who in their right minds would give this woman any more money? Shes a racist, stop saying Gabriel is, just because he does not have a long line of half white girlfriends means nothing. Halle is DONE- Hope Oliver likes being with a washed up, not aging very well actress. Poor Nahla.

987 days ago

Dino the Dinosaur    

uh oh, bad news when DCFS gets involved. DCFS court is CIVIL court, where standard of evidence is "preponderance of evidence", parents don't have any due process rights, most likely will make him take parenting classes, other things, keep monitored visits, but in 6 mos, could get unmonitored visits, eventually overnights. They should make Halle take classes too. If he doesn't take this to TRIAL, then he will be civilly convicted of child abuse, all docs caseworkers submit will forever be FACT.

987 days ago

Fat Mike    

Halle Berry - What a C*nt!
Gabriel needs to start making some false allegations of his own.

987 days ago


You know what's next in her bag of tricks? I bet it will be an allegation of sexual abuse. When these types of moms (narcissistic types who feel that no matter what, that child is HERS and "the dad" is just a roadblock to HER "fresh start") fail to get the court to do what she wants, never fails, the sexual abuse allegation isn't far behind. If that happens, that Dad's relationship with his little girl and hers with "her Daddy" will forever be destroyed.

987 days ago


Here come the $$$$ for Minor's counsel, and the $$$$ psch evalus... See the "Custody Evaluator" section or the "Therapist" section at

He's in the soup, now.

987 days ago


Usually where there's smoke there's fire. This wouldn't be the first time she had a relationship with an abusive man. The only difference is that they have a child together.

987 days ago


The court has something of major concern on this guy. Remember when the courts ordered that he can only spend 3 hours a day alone with his daughter, to take her to public places like the park. Beyond those 3 hours all visits must be supervised by a third party and the judge specified "especially overnight visits". Sounds serious to me.

987 days ago


Holy cow, celeb gossip addict. I just noticed Toni Braxton's autism ad for autism speaks. I swear every tenth kid has it. Personally, I wonder about all the vaccinating. In Canada we don't vaccinate infants for hep b. I know that a lot of docs personally questioned the vaccine program after introduction of hep b at birth. Vote Ron Paul!

987 days ago


All you have to do is make an accusation and the person your accusing has to fight like HELL to prove their innocence. Dependency Court cases involve the protection of children that have been or are at risk of being abused, neglected, or abandoned. The Department of Children and Family Services investigates allegations and is the petitioner on cases filed in the Dependency Court.

987 days ago


This makes me sick. It's all a bunch of bs. The nanny lied and she probably paid off all of LA county. Just so she can get full custody and move his child out of the country.

Judges and social services always get it backwards... The loving fathers get their children stripped from them and the fathers that do abuse their children get full custody... It's disgusting. Halle is a B*TCH! Soon enough her new man will be running for the hills to get away from her.

987 days ago

Gabe's New Babymama    

This has to be killing him. Can you imagine all the stress around being dragged into courts simply because you want to have a relationship with your child?
Come to mama, Gabe. I'll give you a beautiful biracial child and will allow you to be a part of her life forever.

987 days ago


There is some child or children who are really being abused in Los Angeles County right now and not getting any help. Why? Because LA County DCFS is tying up all their resources and falling all over themselves for a celebrity. Just another government agency here that put celebrities above all others.

987 days ago


if helle beery gets away with this sham....all i can is unfair and a real shame.....helle can go move to gated community so bad man can bother her! if this latest gem of hers was a real good guy...than he would want nahla to have both her mom and her real dad nearby....i will never ever spend $$ to see anything helle is in ever...and does she think no one will bother her highness in france?? no, she just wants to take nahla away from her loving dad....sad...

987 days ago
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