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Bobby Brown

"Crying Fits" Over Whitney

But Trying to Perform Concert

2/11/2012 6:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bobby Brown is distraught and in and out of crying fits
Bobby Brown is distraught and "in and out of crying fits" ... after getting the news that Whitney Houston is dead -- but his New Edition band mates are by his side trying to console him.

New Edition has a concert tonight in Mississippi -- and believe it or not sources close to the group tell TMZ ... not only will New Edition go on as scheduled, but as of now Bobby is also planning to perform.

We're told Bobby is going to try to get through the entire show.

Bobby and Whitney had an infamously tumultuous 15 year marriage.

We're told Bobby started the show by addressing the crowd, pointing to the sky, and saying, "I love you."


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I have heard so much Negative Comments on here, lets set the record straight Whitney Houston was a grown woman who made her own mistakes no one put a gun to her head and made her trying anything she didn't want to try, and Nobody knows for sure if this is drug related. So it's unfair to blame Bobby Brown, I am not a fan of Bobby Brown but he has a right to grieve as well this is the mother of his daughter and they also had a long relationship no matter how many ups and downs they had. So I ask if you write a comment to be respectful, even if your not a fan of Bobby Brown do it for Whitney. It is not time to accuse or be angry it's time to pay respect for a Great talent gone to soon.

923 days ago


Bobby Brown killed Whitney Houston. He did this....wish he never layed eyes on her

923 days ago


For all the people that are saying Bobby did this to her you don't know anything. She did this to her self. So did Elvis, Curt Cobain, Jimmy Morrison, Heath Ledger, and countless other celebrities. You don't know the situation. You only know what the lies to media tells.

923 days ago



923 days ago


So you guys would rather blame him then be truthful and honest? She was a adult she made her own decisions. Stop blaming others for their addictions. They clearly both had horrible addictions and demons but to blame someone else for something she decided to do on her own is dim and shows you would rather pass the buck. If Bobby dies at some point yo same hypocrites would then turn face and say something nice because he passed on. Or you are the same disgusting pigs who feel so bad Michael Jackson died and refuse to accept he was a pedo. You say but he was such a talent. GTFO no one says that when some janitor fiddles with your kid.

923 days ago



923 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

P O S Crack daddy is no better and treated her no better than a freaking Pimp treats his ho's. IF I Was related to Whitney Houston I'd be dragging that boney azzed brutha off that stage and give him a high colonic before dumping him in the Mississippi Bayous. Lowlife S*** Homowood treats like Royalty. I wouldn't let him wax my ride.

923 days ago


He is going to go ahead and perform? Did he stop to think his daughter may need him? He should be rushing to her side!

923 days ago


I am trying not to barf after reading how he is trying to make himself look like a martyr by performing his show.

How about hopping on the first plane to LA to take care of your daughter, Bobby? Do you ever think of anyone but yourself first?

At least his daughter has her grandmother and aunt there with her. Daughter Bobbi, Cissy, and her aunt are all in my prayers tonight.

923 days ago


Who cares about him. He's the reason she's dead. He doesn't care about her...otherwise he would be with his daughter....not a concert. EFFIN LOSER!!!

923 days ago


Of occurs, people will blame him, and Ray J and anyone else but the stupid byotch herself. This end was coming for a long long time. Should be no surprise to anyone.

923 days ago


You'd think he'd be more concerned about getting home to their daughter!!!! A-hole!!!

923 days ago


met both people and it is not time to point fingers a mother lost a daughter, child lost a mother and bobby lost a woman he love we all have lives that are crazy but it does not take away the love. goodnight whitney

923 days ago


Actually hysterical the comments about Whitney being an adult and making her own decisions, and to that effect, you're right. Her own decisions probably killed her....and yet there is a man in prison for Michael Jackson's death...You know that guy who was a drug addict....who if one person said "NO", would find AND PAY someone else to get what he wanted.....Bobby Brown is a Whitney Houston hooked on drugs, beat her and then pretended all was well, until she was finally brave enough to leave. Screw you all who say Bobby Brown had no culpability in her death. I hope his "sorrow" breaks his heart so much that it stops beating!!!!

923 days ago
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