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Dionne Warwick & Cissy Houston

Whitney Seemed Fine

Just Before Death

2/11/2012 6:41 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dionne Warwick
 and Cissy Houston spoke with Whitney Houston by phone just before she died and say Whitney seemed fine ... TMZ has learned.

Whitney's mother, Cissy Houston, spoke with her daughter 25-30 minutes before she died and nothing seemed unusual ... sources tell TMZ. We're told they talked about attending the Clive Davis pre-Grammy party.

Dionne Warwick, Whitney's cousin, called as well ... several hours before Whitney died ... to make sure they were sitting at the same table at Clive's party. And again ... there were no signs of trouble. 

The people in touch with Dionne say she is inconsolable adding, "She is an absolute mess."

As for Cissy, we're told she is "hysterical."


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Reports are conflicting still. It is going to take some time to get accurate reports. Your "sources" claim Cissy spoke with her 25-30 minutes prior. Other "sources" claim they knocked on the bathroom door after she had been in the bathroom for 1 hour plus, and then entered to find her underwater.

983 days ago

No Heart    

Now I just don't understand now why Whintey mother or so they say doesn't want Bobby Brown at the funeral come on people . What happen to Whitney was not Bobby fault please every person has there own mind . He lived and married to this for 14 years and have a daughter he has a right to attend that fuernal with his daughter and who ever. He wasn't with her when she did what she did why isn't everybody mad at the person who left her 02/11/2012 or the person who got her high I don't understand. And as far as it being Bobby fault get facts together Whintey was getting high when and before she got with Bobby so check your facts please . I just don't understand her mother she knows the real deal about her daughter come on now. The reason I say this I lost a son 6 years ago he was killed tore my heart apart but I do know he was out there not because he had to he made a choice and was killed . So sooner then later we all have to face facts and bare the cross. RIP Ms. Houston and may the family find peace GOD Have Mercy

982 days ago


My heart is heavy for the loss of Whitney Houston, and my prayers are with her daughter, and family, she will be forever miss. May God bless and keep the family during their time of loss.

982 days ago

Linda Barnett    

My heart and love go out to the family of Whitney Houston, especially to Bobbi Christina. That as the seconds, minutes, hours go by that her heart will be healed. God says He is a healer, and He will remove your nations progressively. Love is the key to everything, forgiveness is the important not for the one you harbor anger but for you. Love Whitney daughter and do what she would have done dispite any cir***stance. Whitney was a lovely, loving, caring, happy beautiful woman. God rest her soul and comfort to her entire family.

982 days ago


O my God!!!!!!!!!!!!Whitney was such a beautiful woman
What happened? RIP

981 days ago


i am sorry to hear about whintey death. she had a good voice i thought and she was a good actress

981 days ago

Val Thomas    

Lord Bless the entire family, please comfort their hearts, Lord you say in your word, that You are not high Priest that cannot be felt with the feelings of our infirmities, and also he is acquainted with our grief.

981 days ago


jennifer holliday on whitney houstons drug use: "she had started before she had met bobby brown"

980 days ago


Whitney had a beautiful voice and was loved by so many. I absolutely loved her in the Bodyguard. A very special piece of musical history is gone but will never be forgotten. God Bless you Whitney, I know you are singing with the Angels, the devils can run you down all they want to, but can hurt you no more....

979 days ago


A Star is a Sun

It has long been believed that a sun rises for day and then sets for night,
And that a sun is something we all want to bask in, for it only seems right.
But you know, a sun is a star,
And that, often, it is nearer than far.
And that a sun radiates warmth, and light, and a star stays bright for a reason.
So that we here on Earth can bask in that warmth, that light for many a season.
A mighty star was born in the sign of the sun,
Its radiance shown before it really begun.
With a smile that was bright, and a voice at the ready any time,
That voice, that voice... a wonder much more than sublime.
Here came the sun, a star was born,
For this star was a sun God did serenely adorn.
To great heights in the heavens above did it reach,
With a voice, and a style no one needed to teach.
Yes, that star was a sun, and that sun was a star.
It glowed, it beamed, it shone brightly, even when seen from afar.
And how we all basked in its great warmth, and its magnificent light,
Only to have that light, quite suddenly, turned off one sad night.
Oh Whitney our Sun, oh Whitney our Star, Oh Whitney our Love,
May you rest in peace, and in God and His Glory, in Heaven above.

978 days ago


To the whitney family and true friends. I know that your heart is heavy right now and people always seem to say that it will get better i have to honestly say it doesnt it gets worst because reality sets in but i can say this, you will learn to deal with it in due time. I know that its people that still cry after 20 years when death is so unexpected. You will find yourself only crying about the good times. Nothing else will matter. Cuz u will be only thinking that if you could have your loved one back you will take the good the bad and the ugly.. So stay prayed up because she is at peace and she has giving herself back to "her father" dont doubt that she wasnt all the way right because if things are right cant nobody fix those things and make it better but him...

977 days ago

Jo Ann    

I understand that we become angry whenever someone close that we love suddenly leaves us for good. I don't understand how fans could boo her when she performed, and not give her support when she was struggling on stage, then turn around and blame others for her troubled pressures of her Life. Whitney was preaching to the choir about Learning to love yourself, is the greatest love of all. It's so sad that her family did not see that something was wrong, because they Loved her so much, that they did not want to see it. Nobody can handle tremendous pressure and demons when you are growing into your Senior Years. I would like to think that we all would have liked for her to have taken a little more time to recoup until she was ready for her comeback. Although, Singing was Whitney's Passion, I think that being an advocate for say no to drugs. When God Blesses you with a VOICE, and one like hers, and you know and truly love HIM, it takes that same strength to not allow the demons to take away the Gift that God has given you. You can't just read the Bible, you have to practice it. And nobody can live by the Bible who is struggling with the temptation of these demons, and be in the Music Business/Movie Business parties, all at the same time when they have not overcome the fight against those demons. One must take a break, and live almost like a Monk for at least five(5)years to just maintain a healthy lifestyle in this business. You should not mix alcohol with prescription drugs either. The question is why didn't she love herself more than she loved her fans? There is nobody to Whitney said it all, Learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all is inside of me. Whitney is a Legacy and there is no more pain, suffering, demons...only everlasting Peace. Sissy, Be Blessed--You have done all You could do.

972 days ago



953 days ago


I believe Clive, Pat and Gary had something to do with Whitney's death. Pat is heartless. She is using Krissy to get to her money. Someone need to guide Krissy. Why on earth would anyone start a reality show about Whitney this soon. Watch Pat she is devious and dangerous

694 days ago


I believe Pat had something to do with it. I have watched the reality show and she comes over nasty, gold digger without empathy. She does not have Krissy's interest at heart. She is looking out for herself. Why in the world would anyone have a reality show so soon. Allow Krissy to grieve and get real help. If I were CeCe I would not get involved with the mess Pat is creating. Pat is heartless.

694 days ago
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