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Ray J

Rushed to Whitney's Hotel,

But Turned Away by Cops

2/12/2012 11:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ray J was home when he got the word Whitney Houston had died last night, but he was turned away by law enforcement at the hotel after he raced over to try and see her
Ray J was home when he got the word Whitney Houston had died last night, but he was turned away by law enforcement at the hotel after he raced over to try and see her ... TMZ has learned.

Sources close to Ray J tell TMZ he went straight to the Beverly Hilton to try and see Houston as soon as he got the call that she had passed away. He had not been with Houston at all that day or the night before.

We're told when he arrived, law enforcement turned him away just as they did Bobbi Kristina. Ray J can be seen in the photo above, moments after, outside Whitney's room on the 4th floor.

According to our sources, Ray J is "crushed" by Whitney's passing.  


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Ray J, go play with your ding dong and GROW UP! A no-talent media whore with a black python hissing away between his legs at any crack-addicted hoodrat within a 10-mile radius. He was probably hoping to get another shot of venom out in Whitney before they hauled off the body. The Norwood's make me sick. BRANDY NORWOOD is a COLD-BLOODED MURDERER who SHOWED NO REMORSE and GOT AWAY WITH murdering an innocent woman and mother by chatting away on her cell phone. Disgusting, disgusting family. Brandy even acted irritated and in a hurry at the scene of the accident like she had somewhere else to be, while a woman was laying in a pool of blood only feet away from her. They are both sick monsters.

953 days ago

Oh well    

Surely they are smaret enough to know, you ain't getting in. Oops i forgot the cameras are there.... Sad bunch

953 days ago


Yeah,he was crushed alright because she was his mealticket as his career has been in the dumbster for sometime. Please,give me a break!!!

953 days ago


You know you ****ing people kill me, who gives a **** what he has done and with who he has done it with. Somebody that was close to him has passed, does he not deserve to feel what he feels for her even though they both have made bad decisions in life. People are so quick to judge but cant take the heat when it falls on them....RIP Whitney may you rest in peace!!!

953 days ago


Is Ray J grabbing his meat in this picture? Typical.

953 days ago


People are so friggin disrespectful!!!

953 days ago


what a desperate media whore.

953 days ago


the whole Ray J thing is fishy.. he comes into her life and weeks later she dies? Seems like he may have been an enabler and gave her drugs as his way of latching onto her and her fame. hes a huge fame whore and would prob do whatever it takes to have his name in headlines with her

953 days ago


Ug, why couldn't it have been Ray J...that talentless loser.

953 days ago


Sure he's broken up. She was his meal ticket. Now all that is gone and he has to go back to being known as one of many who have banged a Kartrashcan.

953 days ago


He was asked point blank,in a recent interview,if he was the one who released the Kardashian porn tape.He played coy,would neither deny or confirm,because he is hawking some sleaze book he is putting out.Unfortunately, for Kim Kardashian,her name is forever linked with this low life individual.He stated that he and Kim were two of a kind.
Bad confirmation for her rep.Dirty laundry just doesn't go away!

953 days ago


To late to do a porno Ray, at least in our eyes. I'm sure you would have given it a go, if they let you.

953 days ago


all of you are so rude. Ray j is not seeking publicity from this. and you are all disgusting for even thinking that. she was a special person in his life. the fact that your commenting about his career or wanting to be in the media is sick.

953 days ago


tea88.... YOUR ****ING STUPID. Type words, you dont make sense..

953 days ago


Kim's massive bosom, preceded her into the room,and were greeted with a standing ovation!!!

953 days ago
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