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Whitney Houston

Took Xanax Before Big Shows

2/12/2012 8:38 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

People close to Whitney Houston were aware she was taking XanaxPeople close to Whitney Houston were aware she was taking Xanax -- and according to our sources, she told them she always took it before big performances ... like the pre-Grammy party she was scheduled to perform at last night.

We're told Whitney believed the Xanax helped calm her nerves before going out in front of people. According to our sources, Whitney claimed to have anxiety and panic attacks and the pills helped her relax before taking the stage. 

Our sources say the people inside of Whitney's hotel room when she died were aware Whitney would take Xanax before shows. We're told those people never saw Whitney take any pills, she would just tell them she did. They are unaware how many she would take or if she took any other drugs.

According to our sources, Whitney did not mention taking Xanax yesterday.

Our sources say Whitney had been in a good mood all day and was excited to be performing that evening.


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Susan Zidis    

Noone knows the autopsy results! Why de-face the Queen our Diva The Legend amongest all Voices of R&B!! You should feel ashamed! We lost a Star!! RIP Whitney & God Bless your family!! :)

962 days ago

Moe Howard    

Whitney's fate was sealed when she married that piece of ****. He destroyed a young, beautiful and gifted singer. Cause of death on the certificate should read "Bobby Brown".

962 days ago


Dear TMZ.. Why must you post the worst pictures of Whintey. I find it so disrespectful. Let the women rest in peace.

962 days ago

the judge    

Zanny the Nanny

962 days ago


what a sad time....I totally blame bobby brown,he got her started on drugs!!! He rode on her coat tails,,he is nothing without does he face his daughter??? Rip Whitney....god speed

962 days ago

Teal Listen    

Xanax is not a get you in the mood quick pill. It's suppose to be taken on a "regular" basis. Not just when you feel like you're having a panic attack. Plus, it doesn't put you to sleep unless you're taking alcohol with it. This needs to be talked about. People are not following their doctors instructions (if they're getting it from a doctor) and they are self medicating and making terrible -- horrible mistakes.

962 days ago


xanax words wonders if taken like you on .50 xanax but i cut the .50 pill in half and take it as i need it.its people who do things like this.that make it hard for those like myself who really need it to get a script from the dr.just because most everyone else abuses it the dr thinks everyone is out to abuse it.

962 days ago


Xanax is not crack! It a pill that helps you relax. A friend of mine gave me a Xanax pill one time, and I know it made me very relax and very sleepy. At one point i felt like my legs were paralyze like I couldnt move. This was only from taking one pill. I dont know how many she had in her system but i can understand how she drown. This is very sad!!

962 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

TMZ is using loaded language to make you believe she abused xanax without saying it, because they'd probably get sued.

962 days ago

Teal Listen    

None the less, even if Whitney took one Xanax (she may have taken a drink with it) we don't know. The autopsy will reveal it all. She may have committed suicide too. We don't know.

962 days ago


"Whitney believed the Xanax helped calm her nerves"
You make it sound like it's not true. Xanax stops her anxiety from going through the roof.

962 days ago


her bottom feeders.. are liars.. they know she takes it but they never see it or her taking it ...what a bunch of bs.. they all sucked off her even when there was nothing left... and there are no good recent pix of her..she was a down and out junkie that had wet brain

962 days ago


She wasn't scheduled to perform. Better check those sources a bit better.

962 days ago


Xanax is very addicting and needs to be taken for a short period only!!! I am sure she was abusing both drugs and alcohol . She is responsible for her death and I am surprised it didn't happen sooner!!!

962 days ago


The timing leads to what happened. She takes xanax before performing and probably just to feel relaxed anytime, a few hours before the pre-party, already had drugs/alcohol in her from the night before, passed out in the bath and drown. She probably never even knew what happened, just went to sleep.

962 days ago
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