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Whitney Houston

Taking Xanax

2/12/2012 7:04 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The body of Whitney Houston being removed from the Beverly Hills Hilton in an ambulance.
Whitney Houston was taking Xanax ... evidence she may have fallen asleep in the bathtub where she died ... TMZ has learned.

Family members of Whitney tell us the singer had a prescription for the drug, which is commonly used to treat anxiety and depression. 

We told you yesterday ... the night before Whitney died, she had been drinking a lot. Xanax mixed with alcohol can cause severe sedation, which could cause someone to fall asleep in a bathtub.

As TMZ first reported, Whitney was found in the bathtub and removed before EMTs arrived.  The L.A. County Coroner will perform an autopsy -- possibly today -- to determine if Whitney died from drowning, and OD or other causes.

As we previously reported, Beverly Hills cops obtained a search warrant and found various prescription bottles -- but, as far as we know, no illicit drugs.


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I think it's easy to blame Whitney here, but her voice had been suffering with her age. She was very nervous about performing, and having used Xanax for anxiety myself, I know it makes you very sleepy. There are confirmed reports from the police - I'm a newspaper reporter, so I know - that there was no evidence that she was drinking. If she took one too many Xanax because of anxiety, that hardly qualifies as partying. This may just be a case of falling asleep in the bath tub because she was so nervous she took one too many Xanax. And with the kinds of drugs Whitney abused in her life - I'm also a recovering addict - it's not likely she would abuse Xanax. I'm prescribed Klonopin, also a benzodiazapene and possibly addictive, for anxiety, even though I have a history of street drug abuse (not prescription drug abuse). Some people are so quick to jump in and blame her. I find that sad. It seemed to me she was getting her life together and getting away from the drugs. Leaving Bobby Brown was probably a huge part of that. It's all so sad. Don't blame Whitney until it's time to blame Whitney.

992 days ago


Hey TMZ you guys are getting SCOOPED, Radar is reporting not only XANAX, but VALIUM, and LOREZEPAM, AND SLEEPING PPILLS. JEESH, get it together TMZ!!

992 days ago


Prescription drugs are very dangerous when not taken as prescribed. I hope that more attention is given to huge problem in this country with use and abuse of prescribed drugs.

992 days ago


Folks, just because a frickin DOCTOR prescribes you a drug to deal with a problem you have doesn't mean it can't KILL YOUR AZZ !!

If you have hardcore painkillers in your house like oxycontin or vicodin, you better put a big skull and crossbones sticker on it to remind you how deadly they can be. Vicodin can kill you because it has a lot of tylenol in it that causes liver damage.

You should HIGHLY consider locking particular prescription drugs up too if you have teenagers who might be drinking and experimenting with drugs.

Same thing goes for those tranquilizers like Xanex. Drugs like Xanex have been killing people for DECADES when people foolishly mix it with alcohol. You don't have to fall asleep and drown in the bathtub to die from that deadly ****tail either.

That famous actor Heath Ledger who played "The Joker" in that big Batman movie a few years ago just wanted to deal with his insomnia problems. He mixed prescription drugs and took to much. He's DEAD now. He was only 28 years old and in good physical shape. His girlfriend, actress Michelle Williams is now raising their daughter without him. Michelle was devastated.

Drug deaths hurt the people close to the addicts a helluva lot too. Whitney's daughter is going to need a good bit of psychological help.

These early deaths sometimes kill parents who are old and not in good health. You have to watch those older people and you should take them to a REPUTABLE doctor to have a check up.

992 days ago

Melissa lee    

Have respect period. She has a young daughter who is hurting. Rip Whitney!!!

992 days ago


khaines: All of those drugs are benzos. They're all used for anxiety, and they all do similar things but for varying amounts of time. It's also not uncommon for someone to have prescription sleeping pills. She may have simply taken too much without meaning to, but just because she had them all in her room, it didn't mean she took all of those all of the time. I have all of those medications in my medicine cabinet, but I don't take them every day.

992 days ago

Lady Di    

CELEBRI-JUNKIE. Nothing new to see here folks.Rich and famous surrounded by enablers. So really...are we surprised? When I saw those pics of her from Thursday nite (on D Listed btw....where were YOU Harvey?????)I knew the clock was ticking fast. I just didn't think it would be this fast. And some people say "Oh, she was FINE...she looked happy and healthy"
Her money looked happy and healthy.....

992 days ago


People over-react. Xanax is actually a mild drug. If she really mixed alcohol with Xanax, then it is the mixture at fault.. and probably more about her alcohol intake than the Xanax.

If you take Tylenol PM and other sedation OTC drugs and drink, then the results are probably even more dangerous than Xanax.

Some of you guys are seriously clueless!

992 days ago


I would just like to comment on mixing alcohol with anti-depressants. My mother had a history of alcoholism, but hadn't slipped under since before either my brother and I were born.

In 2008, she started drinking heavily again, and at that point, she was on quite a few different anti-depressants/anti-anxiety medications, and she was mixing them with any alcohol she could find (unbeknownst to us -- she hid it very well).

She wound up in the hospital one day, and I didn't find out until very recently (by accident, really) that she almost died that day.

In addition to that, because of her mixing those meds with the alcohol, she has since suffered a certain kind of brain damage which has caused her emotional receptors to become completely messed up. For example, she's so sensitive that she will often cry if you speak to her in a tone that's even the slightest bit off, and she will just go in her room and cry for hours; and the depth of her anxiety symptoms have now doubled two-fold to the point where she sometimes can barely get herself to leave the house, and automatically assumes the worst is going to happen in any given situation. A number of doctors are unsure if this damage is ever going to repair itself over time or not.

I just thought I would share how dangerous that sort of drug/alcohol concoction really is, and how easily someone could prescribe you those medications even if the physician knows the patient has a prior history of addiction (whether it be to alcohol, pills, or both). If this is what really happened to Whitney, it's truly a shame that it couldn't be stopped. R.I.P.

992 days ago


You guys are jumping to conclusions. Until her toxicology comes back, then everyone here is speculating. Xanax in therapeutic doses is perfectly safe.. And probably WAY safer than alcohol.

If she mixed Xanax with alcohol, plus other drugs, then she could have fallen asleep and drowned.

Just like if she had taken OTC antihistamines, sleep meds, etc.. in conjunction with alcohol.. Or any medication which causes drowsiness..

Xanax alone will NOT kill you unless you take boatloads..

So stop blaming Xanax, especially since we don't even know the results of her toxicology! Geesh.

992 days ago


MC32, good to know, thanks for the info.... BUT, my comment had nothing to do with your response, Radar still scooped the list of prescriptions meds found in her room, and that is all my comments was about....Now TMZ just scooped her being found underwater..and the beat goes on.

992 days ago


Two of the big stars are gone in part by choices and hounding of the press. I hope you go after the less talented with the same zeal.But keep up the march for mediocrity; I wish you and your "sources" continued success; as your culture slid into the toilet. Who is the biggest singing sensation today? A loud off-key annoying "singer". Keep on pushing. We will always have Sarah, Billie, Michael, Nina and Whitney etc

992 days ago


I'm curious about Xan why would she need this? If her doctor gave it to her why if she did not need it, maybe she had a condition of some sort? I'm not familiar with this drug...just interested??

992 days ago


'Regular citizen' room on fourth floor on streetside near traffic noise? Not exactly 'royalty' accomodations...

992 days ago


After listening to details of HLN sounds like she may have fell in the tub, the body guard broke down the door, and the screams were from either her or someone with her finding out of her condition, by the accounts of the person above her room. Does not sound like an over dose, she was getting ready for an interview. People fall in tubs all the time either sober or not. Seems an innocent accident, very sad. Seems the other night she was well and having a good time maybe just a few too many. RIP...she was a great talent...give it a break...

992 days ago
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