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Dr. Conrad Murray

Medical License

Suspended in Texas

2/13/2012 4:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0127_murray_getty_bn2The Texas Medical Board suspended the license of Dr. Conrad Murray on Friday ... almost three years after the death of Michael Jackson

Murray is currently serving a 4 year sentence for involuntary manslaughter. The board in Texas did not need to seek an emergency suspension of Murray's license after his conviction, a board spokesperson said, since he was behind bars and not a threat to patients in Texas. 

The board spokesperson told the Houston Chronicle, "This achieves the same effect as license revocation."

Murray is seeking an appeal of his conviction.


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949 days ago


Just thought I would pass along something unexpected that happened to me yesterday..
Stopped into a nail salon and was getting a pedicure when a woman came in and said she needed to get her nails done "Pronto"
She had just gotten engaged and her ring would be sized in two hours.
Everyone said their congratulations ...she was so happy..and then she said "and believe it or not, his name is Michael Jackson!!"
Well people applauded ,screamed , and said they LOVED MICHAEL JACKSON..and how lucky she was to be Mrs. Michael Jackson..:)))))))
Not a hesitation ..not a double look ..just pure happiness..
That is when you know the love for the man is going mainstream....
Please feel free to "talk amongst yourselves"
Hope everyone ,including the "help" have a nice weekend.
best to all.:))

948 days ago


Wanted to share this with all of you here. Earlier tonight I was watching one of the Entertainment programs. And whichever one it was - was saying that one of Michael Jacksons nephews is promoting his first album, and that he is making it known that he is Michael Jackson's nephew.

Now, why is it - that this does not surprise me at all? Why does he feel that it is necessary to make it known to the world that he is Michael's nephew? Can't he make it on his own? Just another Jackson Family member trying to ride on the coat tail of Michael!

948 days ago


Hi HN! Hope that all is going well with you! Happy to see that you are still here posting. Well, the 24 th is just around the corner. Can't wait to see Murray get shot down again by Judge Pastor! Going to be a Great Show!! LOL

948 days ago



Could not agree with you more! Just the mere fact that he feels the need to make it known to the world that he is Michael's nephew tells you that his talent alone is not going to get him anywhere. He is probably hoping that the MJ Fans will support him as they did Michael, and as his Uncles & Aunts and MJ3 are supporting him in his efforts. Just a shame that the family is always trying to associate whatever it is they do to Michael in an effort to get ahead or make a profit.

948 days ago


And Now it's time for a Breakdown....
Alright, so I'm going to break my own rule just this once and speak to the "DUMMY ON BOARD", who seems to be SO desperate for attention....
Dummymama, please listen clearly as I'm only going to address you this ONE time. If you respond, you'll be speaking to you usually do:
You do realize you're doing so much YAPPING that your fellow personalities can barely get a word in. Haven't you ever heard of "Share and share alike?" Sheesh!
And as for your latest pratter, do you REALLY think playing--"I know I am, but what are you" is working for you? Oh yeah, you're REALLY winning with that one...Oye. Please, spare us the diatribe and save it for those MENTAL GIANTS you're used to playing with. And your point about what you think of Michael is both HILARIOUS and SAD. I repeat what I stated before NOBODY CARES WHAT YOU THINK!! We just get tired of you babbling like an IDIOT all over these boards in your DELUSIONAL manner. You're like one of those people who LOVE Jeffrey Dahmer, or want to see Charles Manson go free....or a member of any local T-Party: PSYCHOTIC, INTOLERANT, DELUSIONAL and RACIST as all HECK!!
And I'll let you in on something: I KNOW you don't really think Michael is the things you called him because there's NO DO***ENTED PROOF!! Nothing but allegations and conjecture by a bunch of MEDIA you also believed the World was going to end in 2012, too....gotta love it...
But you keep on saying those things and try and wait for the FACTS to back them up. Of course, you know just as much as I do that that will NEVER happen because there is NO proof. I challenge you and anyone else to prove the allegations were any more than that--and I don't mean with Tabloid articles either, I mean show me some DO***ENTED FACT and then we can take you seriously....yeah, that'll NEVER happen....
Truth is, you don't seem to be able to string two words together which means you also don't understand ANY of what I'm trying to say. I reccommend you consult one of your more CEREBRAL Personalities before you post any further. Your posts are enough to make a person actually MISS Tellit and a few others of your ilk who at least had WIT.
Bottom line, I'm not one who enjoys sparring with someone who appears to be practically BRAIN DEAD so I'll just give you this chance to put yourself out of OUR misery and go away....
But in case that doesn't work, maybe this will:
There you go--CHECKED and DISMISSED..........
Ugh, it's a dirty job, but somebody's gotta do it...
Meanwhile, back at the Ranch:
Hey Nan, so good to see your post! And I LOVED that story. Did those people REALLY think it was Michael? HAH!!
And Pegasus, I totally agree--it continues to be the Music Industry's theme to jump on the MICHAEL bandwagon. Not surprised at all that his nephew is doing the same especially when all of his family and everyone else has been chipping at Michael's Legend for YEARS....
Check this, almost 3 years since he died and he's still going strong, his Music is EVERYWHERE, I constantly get hits about how AMAZING the Cirque Tour is going, The Fashion Industry is STILL churning out Michael-influenced Fashions, and artists seem willing to do ANYTHING short of selling their FIRST BORN to have their name associated with his...
Anything, Anything for MONEY....
The thing that really makes my day is when I hear stories like the one a guy I've worked with told me recently:
Thing is, this guy is NOT a Michael fan, but he said a Michael Video happened to come on when he was watching TV and his son (age 6) REALLY loved it and began to ask about who Michael was. He said ever since, his son continues to try to dance like Michael and LOVES him. He told me he was AMAZED by this, but I said I wasn't because I've seen that happen with MANY children who see Michael perform. After Michael died, my nieces were exposed to Michael (My sister raised them more on Gospel Music) and he had the same affect on them. There's an enormous amount of CHARISMA and MAGNETISM that can't be denied....if the industry could bottle it, I'm sure they would. Thing is, this kind of magnetic tends to attract the good AND the bad....and the ugly--as seen on these boards...
I guess there's something that TRIGGERS negativity in some people when faced with Michael's level of GREATNESS...sad, pathetic, envious,idiotic, obsessed, POSESSED, you know the drill....
All you have to do is pay attention to the world around you and you'll know that Michael's legend is more solid than ever...
He STILL is and always will be the GREATEST ENTERTAINER EVER!!
...And as the old folks used to say, "Ain't nobody mad but the DEVIL..."

948 days ago

Danger Baby    

Duilama, tsik tsik, you really made shareurwoodie mad, but you are right, they usually lost it when the word "pedo" is said!

948 days ago








948 days ago


The Legal Fight Over Karaoke is Getting Loud
Big music publisher and big karaoke distributor do battle in two lawsuits that might shape the future of singing along to music in public.
9:41 AM PST 1/20/2012 by Eriq Gardner

Karaoke seems simple enough: Drunk amateur singers perform hit songs in public and embarrass themselves. But don't tell that to lawyers.
Two weeks ago, KTS Karaoke, a CD and DVD manufacturing giant was fed up by the suggestion that it might owe $1.28 billion for 6,715 acts of alleged song infringement. The company decided to drag Sony/ATV Music Publishing into a California federal court for being an aggressive nuisance in the karaoke marketplace.

PHOTOS: Hollywood's Greatest Duels

Now, Sony/ATV, a joint venture that's co-owned by the estate of Michael Jackson, has travelled halfway around the country to get its revenge. In Nashville, Tenn., known as "Music City," Sony is suing KTS for willful copyright infringement. At stake could be a significant share of the karaoke CDs currently on the market as the plaintiff is demanding a recall of the product so they can be turned over and destroyed.

Karaoke means "empty orchestra" in Japanese, but should really be translated as "legal nightmare."
As we described in our original story on this subject, karaoke embodies various different rights that require different forms of payments. Money must be paid for use of the original music, for use of the song composition, for the ability to perform the song in public, for the ability to match the music to screen visuals (known as the synchronization license), and for the ability to reprint the lyrics.

But wait -- the complication doesn't stop there.

According to Sony/ATV in this new lawsuit:
"Pursuant to typical synchronization and product licenses, karaoke companies are required to pay fixing fees and/or administration fees, advances against future royalties, and account and pay royalties based upon the total number of units manufactured, usually on a quarterly basis. The customary rates for physical synchronization licenses are fairly standardized; the rates for product and other licenses vary considerably."

Both parties agree that KTS isn't alone on the karaoke supply chain. The details of their operation aren't spelled out in either of the lawsuits, but we imagine it might go something like this...

To avoid paying money to record labels for the use of original recorded music, KTS purchases songs that are re-recorded by musicians others than the original band members. Still, mechanical and synch license fees are still due. KTS believes that its suppliers are responsible for attaining these licenses, and that the licenses would cover their own uses. Sony disagrees.

In KTS' lawsuit two weeks ago, the company alleges that Sony is committing copyright misuse by attempting to collect multiple damage awards on a single work from the upstream producers, the downstream users (bars and restaurants), and KTS, the packager/distributor. KTS believes this alleged bullying "scheme" is unlawful.

Sony, in turn, is holding the position that the manufacturers of karaoke music, "being unrelated, are not jointly and severally liable for copyright infringement with one another and, as such, the separately made recordings appearing on different brands are separate infringements."

Sony wants damages, an injunction, and as mentioned above, a recall. How this litigation shakes up the karaoke scene remains to be seen, but perhaps a clever future songwriter on Music Row will write an ode about why nobody goes to local bars to belt out old songs anymore, prefering the cheaper option of flying to Japan.


Twitter: @eriqgardner

947 days ago
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