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2/13/2012 11:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Diddy was hospitalized this AM for an extreme migraine
was hospitalized this AM for an extreme migraine ... TMZ has learned.

The mogul hosted a post-Grammy party at the Playboy Mansion Sunday night (below). After the party, Diddy went home and got a massive headache.

Diddy's entourage became so concerned ... they drove him to the UCLA  emergency room -- btw, the same place where Michael Jackson was pronounced dead.

Diddy was treated and is back at home ... feeling a lot better. A Diddy source tells us ... the migraine was unrelated to anything that went down at the Mansion. 

Diddy hosted a post-Grammy party at the Playboy Mansion Sunday night


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I'm glad he's feeling better.

961 days ago


really a migraine??? stop the presses

961 days ago


Ciroc vodka not so Pure !!!

961 days ago


i hope he was hospitalized for an uncontrollable bout of lethal diarrhea. serves him right for attempting to have tupac murdered in 1994. burn in hell diddy.

961 days ago


And...we care about this why? He's pure rubbish.

961 days ago


lol....his "entourage"..give me a frigging break.
You mean his money hungry friends. Do they be
'entrapeneurs" too? So is it Puffy, or Ditty,
or P-Ditty, or..P "Da" Idiot??? Which one is
it today? This moron should learn how to speak
English. Sorry...Money can't buy you CLASS....

961 days ago


why is this news.

961 days ago


OMG!! I hope it's not exhaustion!!!

961 days ago


Re Whitney....NOBODY gave her any attention for the past 5 or 10 years, except to be made fun of in the tabloids. Just one night before her death the enquirer cover story is about her drug use and also on Fashion Police they were saying how she is stuck in the 80's with her look. Juliana Ransic acting all sad last night and she was the one making fun of her one night before. And what about Ray J, how has he avoided any press? Everyone around her knew she was a mess!!!! at that hotel, and all are saying everything was fine. Everything was NOT FINE, nor had it been for the past 10 years. This fake outpouring is getting on my nerves. She was a talented beautiful singer but turned to drugs and they took their toll and eventually her life. LIKE THEY ALWAYS DO!!!!!! Elvis, Janis, Jimmy, Michael, Anna Nicole, Heath, DJ somebody, Brittany Murphy, ~~~ almost Demi, Heather , and all these celebrities with all the ass kissers around them. Get help, stay clean and sober and chose LIFE!

Anyway, go to Youtube, Salute, by Whitney Houston, a great clip about her and bobby browns years together, you can see, sadly, it was being with him, where she downward spiraled. RIP Whitney, so glad you believed in Jesus! You are young and beautiful and with him now! Sing out in Heaven,,,


961 days ago


Yeah, P Diddy gives me a headache too!

961 days ago

Mrs. E    

Severe migraines are no joke. I had one that was so bad, that at first, the doctors thought I possibly had a brain aneurysm. That was ruled out, then I had to have a spinal tap done to rule out meningitis. They finally determined that it was a migraine. That was the worst experience of my life. I felt the effects of that migraine for a week. And they do come on suddenly. I'm no fan of his, but I'm not going to hate on him.

961 days ago


Diddy probably just got a brain freeze from too much ice cream...

^ Picture

961 days ago


Makes sense he would go to ER for a headache, and Jay Z used a hospital Pediatric Intensive Care Unit to have his surrogate deliver his wifes baby. These 2!! acting all street, whahhhhaaahhhhhaahhhhhh

961 days ago


Ha ha, he goes to ER for a headache, and Jay Z uses a Pediatrice Intensive Care Unit to deliver a healthy baby.... not very "street" girls... err i mean guys!

961 days ago


aww poor widdle diddy doody has a headache. Cannot stand this fugly mouthbreather.

961 days ago
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