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Halle Berry

My Fiance Has Nahla's Back

2/13/2012 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Olivier Martinez proved he is strong enough to carry the family ... or at least Nahla
Halle Berry's fiance Olivier Martinez proved he's strong enough to carry the family ... or at least Nahla ... during a fancy dinner date in Malibu this weekend.

After hearing the good news about Halle's stalker being re-captured by authorities, the gang hit up Nobu Saturday night.

Nahla looked pretty comfortable with Olivier ... tightly embracing the guy as he carried her out to the car.

As TMZ first reported, Nahla has issues with the other man in her life ... her father Gabriel Aubry ... telling the L.A. Department of Children and Family Services she's scared of him. Gabriel is now only allowed to see Nahla with a monitor present.


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I give Halle and Oliver another year......

991 days ago


She had Nahla photographed with Oliver kissing her on the lips and no top on to provoke Gabriel.......She knows how to push his buttons....Halle has her foot is probably taking an extra long time to heal...You would think since her dad abandoned, she would let Nahla see her real daddy.

991 days ago


Why do a select few here think that Gabriel is riding the money train ? Or why do they think he's receiving a financial windfall from Halle ? If anyone gets money it's going to be from Gabriel to Halle. But given that Halle wants Gabriel out of Nahla's life, my guess is, she's not getting a dime from him.
IF Gabriel is sending child support for Nahla, then he has a right to joint custody.

He's a pretty successful model. Dude can support himself. Unlike Halle's career, thinking Gabriel wont be washed up for quite a while.

Gabriel and Halle are broken up, why do some of you think Halle is supporting Gabriel ?? There is no logic to that.
Just sayin.

991 days ago


TMZ seems to be baiting us (Team Gabriel) with these stories !

This entire thing is a PR stunt on Halle's part !

991 days ago


Parent Alienation at its finest. I hope that Gabriel fights will all that he has to win for his daughter. She deserves to have him in her life.. It only takes a few weeks, a few months for a child to be brainwashed into believing that their parent is bad.. What is being done to the father-daughter relationship is unjust. The court system does very little to stop Parent Alienation.. GOOD LUCK TO GABRIEL AND HIS LITTLE GIRL.. KEEP UP THE FIGHT...

991 days ago


Halle Berry will pay for what she has done to her daughter. Her daughter is going to grow up and be one of those hateful teenagers who hates their mother for pitting her against her loving father. Halle Berry has men issues! And someone needs to investigate HER for having the child on a swingset without a shirt on her top and kissing this man on the lips. Doens't Halle know that he's a pedophile! HE's enjoying every minute of this and he's egging this whole thing on. I hope that Gabriel spends every dime he's got to fight this HORE! That's all Halle Berry is! A nasty-looking-has-been-skanking-HORE who uses men but becomes fickle when they become too close, she doesn't want to give it up. Halle Berry is sick! Maybe that stalker will come out and get her! Then we wouldn't have to read about her again!

991 days ago


Yes, she's scared of him because her mommy says she needs to be. And of course her finance has Nahlia's back only until she gets mad at him too. Bottom line, Halle Berry has a major problem with men and has been teaching her daughter to do the same. "don't trust men, not even your daddy" is her message to her daughter. I'm sick of her pointing the finger at Gabriel. She needs to look at herself! Halle Berry is the problem! Someone should be evaluating HER, not Gabriel!

991 days ago


I wish we could get Gabe's side of the story.

991 days ago


halle berry you stupid bitch trying to brainwash your daughter.. u are the reason kids need counselling when they grow up you lunatic

991 days ago


God Bless & protect Nahla, Halle, and Olivier. Thank God they are still moving on with their lives in a positive way, and the so called hater's can kick rocks. peace & blessings to you Halle and your family.

991 days ago


I have seen a true miracle here today. All the saints and angels have come down from the heavens and blessed us with their wisdom. I mean you all must be those rare perfect beings since you seem to have a holier than thou attitude. All perfect people raise your hands. Um, not you, you or YOU! Ya, right bunch hypocrites.

991 days ago


More of Halle's bs to convince the judges, DFCS, INS etc that they are the perfect family and should live in Paris while being seen at a very celeb/pappi oriented restaurant. If she was really concerned about her's and Nahla's safety--either she'd eat in, be more discreet etc. But it's Halle Berry and she thinks she can have her team send things out to universe and folks will believe her and then she does something to counter the previous claim.

Regarding other posts of why isn't she staying with him while her HH place is being renovated--he can't or is on payroll and staying at one of her other homes. Still don't know why she's not staying at her beach house.

I don't know why I still try to figure this woman and the idiots she hooks up with.

991 days ago


forgot to add, he's only doing what he is being paid to do.

991 days ago


Gabriel still has model good looks while "Dingle" Berry is fast morphing into Ralph Macchio. No wonder she's a bitter c.u.n.t !

991 days ago


Halle Berry, you are a nasty mother, letting this guy carry Gabriel's kid when you know that cameras will be there. You want to flaunt it in his face, just like you want to train Nahla against him until he reacts. This will come back to bite you hard.

991 days ago
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