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Lindsay Lohan

One of My Movers

Is Selling Me Out

2/12/2012 6:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

One of the movers who helped pack up Lindsay Lohan's mountain of crap in her Venice home is now trying to sell photos of the actress' personal belongings ... TMZ has learned.

According to sources, the mover in question took photographs of Lindsay's stuff while he was piling it into storage -- and is now trying to sell the pics ... as well as information about the storage facility Lindsay is using ... and even where she eventually plans to move.

Sources tell TMZ, Lindsay's camp is aware of the situation and is currently working to find out who's behind the leak attempt.

Lindsay's people are especially freaked because the actress has made it a priority to keep a low profile the last few weeks -- following a trespasser scare on her Venice property New Year's Day.

We're told Lindsay is also afraid people might try to track down her belongings in storage and try to steal things. So far, we're told police have not been involved.


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Rogue Warrior    

Guess what bag lady and ball sack bullies????????????????

I gotti roll!!!!!!!!!! In the mean time, try and keep your heads below water!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

926 days ago


You know, people keep making comments about how Lindsay is in danger of dying just like Whitney did. But I really must beg to differ. I find it impossible to imagine Lindsay actually taking a bath.

926 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

My husband listens to The Men's Room on Seattle radio and today they were surveying listeners for ideas of who is completely useless and could be traded for Whitney and he said Lindsay's name came up several times.

926 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

I'd rather be reading about the H8rs redeeming qualities in the obituaries..........................

926 days ago

Ghost Rider    

@Jeebus, people are bias, and they care about looks and money more than anything, like that kelly girl or whatever her name is on TMZ, who always says vain shallow mindless things. If you are fat, short, ugly, broke, skinny, old ect. the only Americans that care about you are are the ones that are also fat, short, ugly, or broke. Its a dog eat dog world, where being biased is fair game unfortunately. Incredible Sex 24/7 is also another major thing that seems to be as important as money, and sometimes I hate that I have the same amount of chromosomes as some of these cave people. What can you do?

926 days ago

Ellie G    

I know I'm days behind here but I just saw those pics of Linds at the amFAR thingy, all I can say is BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Who the hell let her leave her cathouse like that?

926 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

The only haters I really like, are the ones no longer breathing........

926 days ago

Ghost Rider    

In my philosophy RW since practically the whole world is biased it makes it OK to say and think really screwed up things about people, almost. Like for example, you know those giant fat ugly people that almost look like ladies that kinda look like sumo wrestlers? What is it that makes them think they can get any better than a guy that looks just as horrible as themselves? Its beyond my level of intelligence, so the world may never know.

926 days ago


You know Izzy there are lots and lots and lots of people in the world who look at people and see beauty not in the shape of a persons face or body or whether they are sexy or not but they see a persons essence or soul in their eyes and their smile and their aura....and that makes most people beautiful....some of the ugliest people in the world live in hollywood and on this internet....not because they or fat or short or old or poor but because though they are phyically beauitiful on the outside ...inside they are nasty and ugly and that ugly shines thru in the fakness, and their actions and they way they treat people.....
Give me the real beautiful people of this world over those beautiful people anyday.....

P.S. to the fellow who was bragging about not being able to find a glove to fit his stuff anywhere.........Just cut the little finger out of a rubber glove sweetie it ought to fight just fine....!!!

926 days ago


next thread "did I forget to do my taxes again"..HEHEHE i told you its not over

926 days ago


any guess of what taxes the next thread is talking about?
state taxes?
all of the above?
"lielo you have some explaining todo"
capone got caught not for his crimes...he got caught for tax evasion

926 days ago


when she gets too expensive for her "johns to bail out, they will dump her as well..
Damn that million (way below) is way gone..
and she is left in a motel.owing uncle sam.
I would say she has spent all her money trying to stay relevant..

926 days ago


Counterfeiting. Linds hasn't been arrested doing that yet.

926 days ago


Why not the movers? First her very own parents, the Hollywood and the paparazzi, now the movers! Seems EVERYONE likes to take advantage of Lindsey! Even our own Federal Government!

925 days ago


Why not the movers? First your very own PARENTS, then Hollywood and the paparazzi, then your very own FANS, now the movers...looks to me like the people you have been underappreciated and taken advantage of by the people you trust the most you entire life, my dear Lindsey! Now your very own FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, too! Imagine THAT!

925 days ago
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