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Halle Berry's Malibu House Hunt

$50k Gets You a Bidet

2/14/2012 4:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Halle Berry and that kick ass Malibu beach houseHalle Berry is gonna have to drop $50,000 PER MONTH if she wants to live at that kick ass Malibu beach pad she was scoping out the other day ... TMZ has learned.

It's 3,825 square feet of pure AWESOME -- with 3 bedrooms, 4 baths, hot tub, elevator, white marble floors and a frickin' bidet ... so she can experience a spritz of France before she moves there permanently.

We broke the story ... Halle is in the market for a short-term rental while she fixes up some problems on her mansion in the Hollywood Hills.

No word if Halle is serious about the place ... but she should be, it's incredible.


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With Halle actually moving out and away until the repair and updates are finished, the contractor and sub contractors are going to "MILK" the job for all that it's worth, and then a few more thousand just for good measure.
Couldn't someone simply stay in an upscale penthouse style hotel suite for less than $50K per month???
Ummm, . . . "Good Luck" with that!!!!!!

945 days ago


What in the world does she need to rent a place in Malibu for? She already owns a 5,083 sq ft home on Malibu Cove Colony Drive that she purchased in 2004 for $8.5M. I will never understand the rich and famous.

945 days ago


$50K per mth?! Please vote out any MORON who still does not think the rich should pay taxes in proportion to their income like the rest of us!!!

945 days ago


Why does TMZ keep saying "we broke the story" before every other sentence in all of these posts? No one gives a **** who broke the story. And it makes TMZ sound incredibly insecure.

945 days ago


This house is beautiful but definitely not kid friendly.

945 days ago


I thought she was in need of security, from stalkers? This does not appear to be a secured home.

945 days ago


So, she's trying to hide from a stalker and considers renting a glass house? Very clever girl.

945 days ago


My first wuestion would be.
How close is this place to Charlie Harpers?

945 days ago


For those who don't know, Halle is having her main residence fixed up, presumably to sell if she's allowed to take Nahla with her to France, thus she is looking to rent while the renovations are being done, but this is a ugly house, I don't care where it's located the inside is unimpressive and not worth the rental price.

In addition, I read elsewhere that Halle is selling her Canadian property she purchased when she was with Gabriel Aubry, so it appears Ms. Berry is cleaning house.

945 days ago


Well...with all of her "stalker" issues and her wanting to feel secure moving as far as Europe, i doubt she will be renting this beach house...doesnt look secure at all...and if she's not careful, this could mess up her "I need to move to Europe with my fiance for safety plans"

945 days ago


Still don't get why she's looking for another place in Malibu when she already has one (if that's not the one she already has)? What about OM's place, if still has one?

Her place in Canada has been on the market for awhile as well as some post David/Eric property which she put on the market in 2010 -2011.

ust because she may be cleaning house...remember a Judge and Aubry (if he isn't further emasculated by Halle and DFCS whether warranted or not)have the final say so.

945 days ago

random poster    

First of all, what is wrong with you TMZ? A woman makes it clear she's afraid of a stalker and you put a picture on your website of the house she's thinking about staying in. Really?

Second, I wonder how long this house has been available. The first picture looks like a house that was featured on Modern Family. The episode when Cam goes on a diet and he and Mitchell end up at Mitchell's boss' house at the end of the show for some Save the Whales fundraiser, and then they end up running out of the house and into the water. Anybody see that one? Is it just me or is it the same house?

945 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

>> Didn't she say she needed security? Isn't that one of the reasons why she was insisting on moving to France?
>> Houses withing spitting distance on either side of this house. Wall to Wall windows opening onto balconies on two floors. A beach in front, and no doubt a public road out back. There are tent cities for the destitute that are more secure than this.
>> Just more nonsense from a half crazed, venal, vindictive bytche of a woman. Make that 3/4 crazed.

945 days ago


Malibu...what an overrated place.

945 days ago


Harvey you and your staff keep posting on the Halle/Gabe he said she said...I am sure the courts etal have folks reading these things. So, actually you may be doing all a favor in getting them the necessary help or the right appropriate action in the long run. This is far from done with house hunting, marriage plans, maybe moving abroad etc. You and your staff may not be bias after all even if Team Halle feeds more drivel than Team Aubry.

944 days ago
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