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Lindsay Lohan

Did I Forget to Do My Taxes

... Again?

2/14/2012 4:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Seems LiLo has given Uncle Sam the slip one more time.Lindsay Lohan and tax liens go together like Lindsay Lohan and arrests, probation violation hearings, lawsuits, mug shots and see-through shirts ... that is to say, very well.

Seems LiLo has given Uncle Sam the slip one more time. According to docs filed yesterday at the L.A. County Recorder's Office, Lindsay never paid federal income taxes for 2010 ... to the tune of $140,203.30.

As TMZ previously reported, Lindsay never cut the government a check for the $93,701.57 she was supposed to pay in federal taxes for 2009 either.

So far, no comment from Lohan ... but she previously blamed her accountants for the 2009 debacle ... so it's probably safe to say they're gonna get the blame for the 2010 screw up as well. 



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its Valentines day..most people are getting cards and gifts.
Lindsay is getting summons,giant bills,and a giant "Halmark" IRS CARD.
If she declares the hotel room she is staying in a church, she might get a tax break

960 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Maybe there is a connection between the unpaid taxes and Lou Taylor quitting on Lindsay. You can't really manage someone's finances if they have no money and they refuse to use their income for bills rather than designer handbags. Lou Taylor is THE business manager to the stars, and I always thought she and Lindsay were an odd pair.

960 days ago


if she gets naked for me I will pay her taxes

960 days ago


My boys came in this morning with a big old heart shaped box of Chocolates for Grandma.......I made a promise not to open it till the older boys get home from school before I sent them down the hill to the bus stop....Now I have to fight the little one off all day till they get home....LOL
They are smart boys....knows grandma can't eat chocolates so they get to give a gift that "gives back" cause they will get to eat all the chocolates themselves...that is if the general doesn't beat them to it....LOL....

960 days ago


Early onset Alzheimer's or brain damage from drugs? You decide!!!!

960 days ago


Come on guys back off. Lindsay is clearly not a human as she looks like a trout. Since when are fish expected to pay taxes????? Last time I checked fish dont hold down jobs either which explains her long stint of unemployment.

960 days ago


lindsaylohan Lindsay Lohan
Yay!!! I have a Valentine!!!!!
7 hours ago

960 days ago


For a much needed quick buck, she could do this:

960 days ago

Blood Red Witch    


I will ck back in with you all tonight! Traveling............

960 days ago


You know what I find so hilarious about this? The IRS doesn't care if she is "having trouble" with the people she employs to take care of it. They don't care if she says it's not my fault. At the end of the day, they want their money and she is too stupid to get that. Just wait until she gets hit with the taxes for her failed Playboy taxes. Just pay what you owe, sick of people not paying their taxes, which in turn causes financial hardships for those of us that do.

960 days ago


"The IRS is out to get me!"

960 days ago


Did anyone find this surprising at all? No? good. Glad to know we are on the same page.

960 days ago


the $245,000 is what she owed the IRS..before penalties, and interest..any guess of what she will owe when its all said and done?

960 days ago


Funny- Britney Spears doesn't seem to have had any problem getting her taxes paid and she's repped by Lou Taylor.

960 days ago


Yes Lindsay has to pay this, its her responsability but there's one thing I don't understand.

It looks as if the taxes were filed but not paid, why not? Lindsay had already signed the tax return to the IRS but why didn't her accountant Lou Taylor pay it?

If they didn't have the money to pay the tax why didn't Lou Taylor contact the IRS and work out a payment plan? Thats her job for pete's sake. The IRS are not the ogres some people think, if you show willing to pay they will work with you.

Sorry but I think Lou Taylor is guilty of gross negligence and I'll be willing to bet she took her share out before anyone was payed. Lou Taylor dropped the ball and its interesting to know most of this happened since she took over. When Lindsay fired her in late 2011 I said on this board Lindsay and her people should do an audit. You don't fire finance managers without a reason.

Lindsay has been working since she was a kid and never once in all those years has a tax bill been outstanding.

960 days ago
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