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Mel Gibson Arresting Officer

Bangs Out Settlement

in Jewish Discrimination Suit

2/14/2012 10:23 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The L.A. Sheriff's Dept. deputy who arrested Mel Gibson during the famous drunken Malibu tirade has struck a settlement deal in his discrimination lawsuit with L.A. County.

James Mee had sued the County ... claiming he felt he was unfairly punished and overlooked for promotions because the County allegedly targeted him as the person who leaked Mel Gibson's DUI arrest documents to TMZ in 2006.

But that claim had previously been thrown out by the judge, so Mee's only remaining claim was that he was discriminated against because he is Jewish.

Now, Mee and the County have reached a settlement in the discrimination case ... forever ending the saga between Mee and the County. The terms of the settlement have not been disclosed.

11:23 AM PST -- Mee's legal team tells us ... the settlement is not final yet ... and is still pending approval of the County Claims Board

Still, Mee's attorney, Etan Z. Lorant, tells TMZ ... "Deputy Mee did not file his lawsuit for money. He filed his lawsuit for the principle of what had happened to him.  He strongly believes in his case."

Lorant's co-counsel, Yael Trock, adds, "Deputy Mee loved and still loves being a Sheriff's deputy. All he wants is to put this employment dispute behind him and go back to his work to protect the public.

Trock adds, "He just wanted everyone to be treated equally and fairly. That was very important to him and he was willing to stand up for it." 


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Now after all this time? Must be hard up for cash.

982 days ago



982 days ago


It's the the American way. Easy money....

982 days ago


You can be sued for farting too close to a jewish person.

982 days ago


One thing I like about the Jews is they love their persecutions. Without one would notice them.

982 days ago


I hope part of the settlement agreement is that we never have to hear from or about this whiney-azz again.

982 days ago

HRH Prince Michael    

"He who protects you shall not slumber,
He who protects Israel shall not slumber nor sleep"

The American REVELATION(3;7), is NOW.
Psalm2;012 is NOW, The Most Blessed Christ King YESHUA, REIGNS!
"I BELIEVE the Will of GOD prevails, without Him,
ALL Human reliance is vain" Abraham Lincoln

982 days ago

CA Girl    

Enough already. It's OVER !!! Give us all a break, will ya? Is everybody happy now? Does everyone have their money & their stories & columns? ~ Oksana, the Cop, the Drinking, the Voice Mails, EVERYTHING ~ In the words of that great american loser, Rodney King, can't we all just get along now?

982 days ago


the L.A. County Sheriffs Dept are known as the Sheriffs-to-the-Stars. They will bend over backwards for celebrities. They were pissed off at this guy for exposing Gibson to be the bigoted maniac that everyone who knows anyone in the industry already knew. I could tell you stories about the LA Cty Sheriffs ignoring helping regular people all day. (I could also tell stories about Mel Gibson horrible treatment of everyone around him all day). Just for example, one family I know well could not get them to help look for their missing child becuz it was a holiday weekend. I swear this is true. The family had to create their own search parties and hire their own helicopters to search for their kid. The Mother and little brother found him dead in his car on the 3rd night, where he had crashed his car. Meanwhile, the LA Cty Sheriff would send at least half dozen cars to the parking lot of the jail that Paris Hilton was in, and at least a dozen officers to escort her parents through the parking lot. It was all over the news, trust me. There are dozens of stories like this.

982 days ago


I always thought he'd settle and not go through with a trial. Once Mel and Baca were out of the picture he knew the big guns would be waiting for him and would go through his work history with a fine tooth comb. Another POS hoping to make money off of Mel Gibson. Didn't work out that way did it. After you pay your lawyers, Mee you may not end up with enough money to buy your significant other a box of chocolates for Valentine's Day...May this shut you up for good...

982 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

So he decided to stfu and keep his job. Good choice, Loser.

982 days ago


I hope it was enough so that Mees can buy a new fanny pack. I think Mel is being discriminated against because he's Catholic. Put that in your fanny pack and smoke it Mees.

982 days ago


Dashing off to LAX for my flight. Wanted to bid the Fraus a fine farewell on thread from last night...but looky at what we have here.....LA and MEE settled. Gee-whiz, seems like BACA and The Boys weren't up to defending their reputation in court!. Now why oh why would the Sheriff in all his righteousness settle with whiney baby like Officer Mee?
Perhaps one of the Fraus can shed some light....Sam? Tell? Realist?
Cuj, you may have called it last night.....Sniff Sniff PAYOUT! Did Baca KNOW he was in deep doo-doo?
Chortles and Grunts of Mirth and Merriment......Gibbo's off the hook and now wont have to testify! ALOHA!

982 days ago


typical greedy big nosed ugly jew

982 days ago


Is this a joke? What a schmuck.

982 days ago
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