Mel Gibson Arresting Officer Bangs Out Settlement in Jewish Discrimination Suit

2/14/2012 10:23 AM PST

Mel Gibson Arresting Officer Bangs Out a Settlement in Jewish Discrimination Suit

The L.A. Sheriff's Dept. deputy who arrested Mel Gibson during the famous drunken Malibu tirade has struck a settlement deal in his discrimination lawsuit with L.A. County.

James Mee had sued the County ... claiming he felt he was unfairly punished and overlooked for promotions because the County allegedly targeted him as the person who leaked Mel Gibson's DUI arrest documents to TMZ in 2006.

But that claim had previously been thrown out by the judge, so Mee's only remaining claim was that he was discriminated against because he is Jewish.

Now, Mee and the County have reached a settlement in the discrimination case ... forever ending the saga between Mee and the County. The terms of the settlement have not been disclosed.

11:23 AM PST -- Mee's legal team tells us ... the settlement is not final yet ... and is still pending approval of the County Claims Board

Still, Mee's attorney, Etan Z. Lorant, tells TMZ ... "Deputy Mee did not file his lawsuit for money. He filed his lawsuit for the principle of what had happened to him.  He strongly believes in his case."

Lorant's co-counsel, Yael Trock, adds, "Deputy Mee loved and still loves being a Sheriff's deputy. All he wants is to put this employment dispute behind him and go back to his work to protect the public.

Trock adds, "He just wanted everyone to be treated equally and fairly. That was very important to him and he was willing to stand up for it."