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Chris Brown

Don't Tell ANYONE

I Was at Rihanna's Birthday

2/16/2012 10:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown and Rihanna
Chris Brown
was so paranoid about keeping his attendance at Rihanna's birthday party a big fat secret -- he actually tried to FORCE partygoers to sign confidentiality agreements ... TMZ has learned.

Sources tell us, Chris refused to enter the private party Monday night at the famous Hearst Mansion in Beverly Hills until everyone signed an NDA -- sending his henchmen in beforehand to gather every partygoer's signature.

We're told although they didn't get EVERYONE to sign -- Chris eventually walked in ... and spent a huge chunk of the night nuzzling up against Rihanna.

According to sources, the two got real intimate -- sitting next to each other, talking, and holding hands ... all perfectly legal ever since the restraining order was lifted.

As for the rest of the party -- we're told it was jam-packed with celebs including Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, and Chris Martin (no Gwyneth).

Rihanna's cake was pretty badass too -- a giant spliff ... with a small Rihanna made out of icing, riding it like a horse.

Rihanna birthday cake -- her riding a huge marijuana joint
Eat your heart out, Miley.

Chris' rep tells TMZ, confidentiality agreements were distributed only to workers at the party and anyone who was caught videotaping/snapping a pic of CB.

Asking people to sign confidentiality agreements AFTER they've already taken pics -- priceless.


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Rihanna your a whore, and who ever turned a hoe into a house wife?.... even a rich one lmao, and Chris are you stupid so when she files charges against you again then what? I mean really?..

947 days ago


I am beyond disgusted.

947 days ago


The CAKE is truly disgusting!!!!! the penny looked cheap. WELL.... OK! He beat the crap out of her and now this. LOL Rihanna is a poor excuse for a female. What a dumb b!tch... I hope he beats the fvck out of her. She's no better than the man who beats her. I dont care how strong he is...... Shirtless, Ripped, DISGUSTING!!! It's obvious she's on something - she looks like crap. WELL...She deserves what ever is coming her way if she gets hooked up with this piece of crap again. ...please!! I don't care if Chris was there. She's an idiotic hood rat. That is the nastiest looking cake ever. Yuck

947 days ago


Next time he beats the living hell out of her she'll get no sympathy from anybody with at least half a brain. If you're dumb enough to go back to that abusive idiot after that you deserve what you get.... When are people going to realize that Rihanna's sense of self-worth is extremely low??? Rihanna PLEASE DON'T call 911 again. CHRIS BROWN Yeah, he won't joke about beating a woman. He'll just actually do it.

947 days ago


if that is rihannas cake why does it say happy birthday robyn

947 days ago


Remember, when you judge others so relentlessly is the same way you may be judged when your time comes. Don't condemn people for the rest of their lives unless you want to one day be condemned in the same way! Remember, no one is perfect and the same way you are offended and angry at what this young man did that you continue to condemn him by your words and in your actions, some or many of the things you do...whether its looking down your nose at the homeless, turning a blind eye to those in need, cursing, swearing, racism, judging etc.... may be just as offensive and anger God! For your own sakes, one can only hope that you have thoroughly cleaned out your own backyard no matter what it may be, before you so judge and condemn others. I think at the very least, people make mistakes in their lives, some more than others, and one would hope there is forgiveness for the mistake or mistakes we make whether from the public but most hopefully from God above rather than continue to be judged and condemned for the rest of ones entire life. While you are looking down your noses at others who make mistakes, in your own back yard may be many mistakes that maybe you don't consider horrendous, but may possibly be an abomination to your father in heaven!!!

947 days ago


She's back with him because she was just as wrong as he was.

947 days ago


I come from a family where domestic abuse has occurred and that why I don’t use the word victim lightly, its women and men who have done nothing to deserve any type of abuse, real victims I have witness some get hit or curse out just for talking or not fixing something to someone else liking. “Let’s face the facts, as I stated before they both were young and bad decisions were made on both sides, including the Law. She is not this sweet innocent woman who did nothing.” Rihanna has not handle to this situation like an innocent victim either, though she has told her accounts of that night, she still wishes him the best personally and states she wants him to continue to be successful, which not spoken (please read and look at previous interviews) like a victim, what victim wishes there attacker success, what victim goes on vacation with their attacker afterwards, not only that what victim goes court and ask for a lighter sentence for their attacker, no domestic abuse victims I know, they had the attacker locked up or ass beat. Plus what violent brutal attacker turns themselves in, I can answer that “none” Though, she doesn’t say everything she did that night, simply put Rihanna got mad over that text message, Chris lied and continued to do so, Rihanna got emotional began striking him in the small vehicle, she threw his phone and was so mad refuse to leave to car she wanted to keep fighting until she got an answer, Chris defended himself and went entirely too far because at this point he lost it” Like I said bad decision making by both, that’s immature love, I am saying people need to realize he was young when this happen not some grown as adult, And again I say where were the celebrity and media voices on domestic Violence when these celebrities committed the act also, James Brown, Riddick Bowe, Eminem (Marshal Mathers), Tanya Harding, David Hasselhoff, we still celebrated them and they were well out of their teens. There are many real victims like the hundreds that live in communities outside of Hollywood, or celebrities like Phil Hartman. At the end of the day Rihanna and Chris should continue success as young talented adults, leave adolescents and pass mistakes behind but not forget and move on, as they have. The Fans and his continued hard work professionally and personal has put Chris Brown back on top not the media:Piece of advice “ Men it’s okay to call the police if a women hits you and press charges she will know it’s a crime either way, People should be able to handle disagreements without violence, because then we have a generation of youth who become adults eventually and handle their situation the way they witnessed situations, being handled, which is why we are even having this type of discussion. Kids need to know mistakes happen, and with the right help they can still lead a productive life as a child in to adulthood. Point proven again Chris was at Rihanna Birthday Party, their over it not your typical victim huh! check the article on Global Grind or TMZ!

947 days ago

Juliano Sinigalia    

Honestly, not to understand, she should like to take a few punches, I have nothing against them, because I am a big fan of Rihanna, and I like the work of CB, but I think this is a lack of respect for the fans of both parties!

947 days ago


next time i will laugh !

947 days ago


And we're supposed to feel sorry for this bitch?

947 days ago


because everyone on here talking ish has done no wrong...

946 days ago


Classy Cake! - NOT! Pothead! Chris Brown is S*** too. They deserve each other.

946 days ago


That was such a front making them sign papers to make it look like he wanted it to really be a secret and only a few didn't sign? Chris WANTED the media to know he was there. Lying Arrogant idiot.

946 days ago

Anne Nonymous    

Has anyone actually considered that the entire fiasco (from abuse to now) was just a set up? Maybe it was some publicity stunt clause in their contract.. ya know, cause as much pandemonium as you can so we can sale a ton of records. I mean c'mon, look at it... right after the 'so-called' beat down CB gave to her, she releases the 'Love the Way you Lie' abusive video w/ Eminem. The entire thing is a sham. There is not a woman alive today who would allow herself to be publicly humiliated and broken and stand back up and go kissey-kissey with the culprit again. She sold her soul for the almighty dollar, but in my eyes, she ain't worth a flippin penny. Hell even by the looks of it she even sold her color to be more white. She keeps getting lighter and lighter. I bet her mama is super proud of what her duaghter became. Disgusting pig!

946 days ago
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