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Whitney Houston Jokes

How Soon Is Too Soon?

2/17/2012 11:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Whitney Houston's burial is still days away, but that isn't stopping people from cracking some pretty harsh jokes -- too soon, as they say? Plus, huge debate over flags flying at half-staff for Whitney. Some think it's disrespectful ... and one person in our newsroom is PISSED!
Also, Jennifer Aniston is getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame -- a huge honor ... that only costs $30 Gs! Where's the prestige if it's just about money?


(3:00) Whitney Houston's funeral invitation refers to it as a "home going service."
(5:50) Bobby Brown's ridiculous Whitney tribute at a concert in Indiana. Unbelievable. 
(14:30) Putting the American flag at half staff for Whitney -- this sparks Mike's best rant ever.
(18:32) Whitney Houston jokes -- you gotta hear the two John Henson cracked to us last night.
(19:10) Harvey and Charles read the best and worst Whitney jokes -- Rick joins in with a few of his own.
(22:00) Nancy Grace insinuates Whitney was murdered -- so Dan Abrams rightfully puts her in her place.
(33:31) A 95-year-old fashion socialite dies sitting front row at a fashion event -- and it doesn't phase the models.
(35:30) Hey... at least Zelda died doing what she loved.
(39:30) The Hollywood Walk of Fame -- a big joke now?


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Nancy Grace is always trying to stir up mess to boost her ratings, just dont pay no attention to her.

987 days ago


Whitney Houston Beat Bobby Brown To Death!

987 days ago


I love Stars like Lucy and Desi.

987 days ago


HARVEY! They don't do them in front of Graumans!...Each star is unveiled where they are located...Dax's point is a good one...the expense is picked up by the production company. It just makes sense!

987 days ago


Сдохните твари,такое говорить о Уитни,вам повезло что я не дозвонилась!!!!!Суки вас родили жабы,раз вы такие гандоны!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

987 days ago


Hello Harvey!!! Why is GMA making a big deal bout what Nancy Grace said when they had Celin Dion, via phone call (taky) and all she said was, "I dont understand where was her family" "Thats why i dont go to parties b/c of drugs" and every other word was Whitney and drugs!! Why didnt GMA make a big deal b/c Celin has more $$$ and a bigger star then Nancy??? We all know in Nancy Grace's farting world she thinks everyone is a suspect what is Celin's excuse??? She trying to live VIVA LAS VEGAS and thinks she can call people drug addicts??? All we needed to come out of her mouth was that Whitney was a crack head and thats why she died b/c no one in her family where there to help! Get over what Nancy said and really look at what Celine Dion said!!! WAKE UP TMZ LOOK AT GMA WITH CELINE DION TALKING ON PHONE!! then tell who was worse!

987 days ago

yea i know    

it's offensive that your writers keep putting home going in quotes, just because you all haven't heard of the term doesn't mean it doesn't exist or is something new which is what is implied when you put it in quotes. home goings are very popular in the african american community.

987 days ago


I mean if your news is noteworthy, good. But it not you both sitting on your chair breathing and not dead... do you both think it fair to sit and make fun of someone who dead with a smile, come on your freaks! HARVEY I HOPE THEY HAVE FIELD DAY ON YOUR AZZ when you kick the buckett!!!! One more thing PLEASE dont sing anymore Frank Sinatra's song and keep your day job! I done with TMZ!!! for you actions on Whitney! HAVE SOME RESPECT FOR THE DEAD!!!!

ANYONE CAN BE ON DRUG AND DIE LIKE YOU AND I! WE live and we die, bottom line and some sooner than others... what this death NEWS you making money on!!! is that how you pay your staff!


987 days ago

Elle Koch-McVay    

2 things...I find it interesting that Anna Nicole and Whitney were both on antibiotics when they died. Is there a link? Also, what is the possibility that Whitney's drink was tampered with because she complained about drinks not being strong enough....could someone have slipped something in her drink?

987 days ago


I was so offended by Nancy's comment. She and Dan go at it sometimes and I am always impressed by how professional he is when she says random crazy things. She insulted him for going to Harvard. She is on the news not in a court room. Trail experience is not necessarily applicable to every case. I wasn't a fan of hers before, but this was a shameless ploy for a sound bite. SHAMELESS.

987 days ago

Herman Bumfudle    

dude, it's called yew oil. it cause any animal to pass out.

987 days ago


She gets the honor because of her rendition of the anthem during the first Gulf War...pretty moving

987 days ago


Gov. Christie lowered the flag for Clarence Clemmons... What's the difference?

987 days ago


flags should not be flown at half staff for celebrities it makes no sense

987 days ago

Jorge Vializ    

Hey she survived Bobby Brown, that should be enough to be honored.

987 days ago
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