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Chris Brown's Girlfriend

Oh, By the Way ...

We're Happy Together!

2/18/2012 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Karrueche Tran tell TMZ she is unfazed by the recent rash of RiRi rumors.
Lost in all the Chris Brown/Rihanna possible reunion madness is the fact that CB has a serious girlfriend -- and sources close to her tell TMZ the two of them are doing quite well in their relationship ... thank you very much! 

Sources close to Karrueche Tran tell TMZ she is unfazed by the recent rash of RiRi rumors. In fact, we're told CB and KT are now actually living together. 

As for CB showing up to Rihanna's birthday party, we're told that didn't bother Karrueche either ... because he came home to her that night and whisked her to Miami the next day to celebrate Valentine's Day.

According to our sources, Chris professes his love to Karrueche daily and he has no plans to leave her for Rihanna.

Almost makes you say, "Awwww" ... until you remember ...


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The so-called journalist said "our sources tell us" 3 times! Who are these so called sources??

976 days ago


Apparently she doesn't listen to her boyfriends music enough I've heard that song she ain't you. "When she touches me I'm wishing that they were your hands And when I'm with her it's only about the sex With you I had a bad romance". Not like I care just sayin.

976 days ago


@ Shanice --> Who are you? Your not all that. Every woman deserves to be loved that is lovable & willing.

You say he can do better? How?. What's the point in being beautiful if you have a screwed up personality. He's happy and she is GORGEOUS. Your shallow like so many other women because your jealous. Here's a lesson for you! Work on being beautiful on the inside and you wont have to say NEGATIVE things about others. It's really getting old and I'm sick of hearing these stupid comments from women every time a successful man is with a woman other than the COMPLAINER, in this case, YOU.

Literally, You don't understand how MEN think and what they want. Your looks can only take you so far before you start to get crinkly. So, lets not go there.


Grow up. You people are so SHALLOW and VAIN. All you have to say is GOOD FOR HIM and be on your way.

976 days ago


Karruecher Knows Its She Just Doesn't Want To Say It Cause She Knows What Chris Will Do To Her

976 days ago


Oh she's so cute and petite. Seems like Chris mike break her...

976 days ago


I love reading tabloid comments more than the article. The individuals are write the article and make judgements are paid. The rese of you idiots do it for free. Clearly the "horrific" incident traumatized the rest of you because RihRih seems to be doing just

976 days ago


Can't wait for his next big hit. Hope I get it on camera and sell it to TMZ for millions.

976 days ago


so chris when are you gonna get the green card money from the broad?

976 days ago

Tony the Giant    

She looks like Kee Kee Parker. She could pass for her sister. She's cute.I hope you are satisfied w/ her, and leave Rhianna alone. Somebody in your age racket. You know what I'm saying? Rhianna is older than you. Men ain't suppose to go like that.Only women are suppose to do that.

976 days ago

Tony the Giant    

They would make a good couple, but don't get me wrong though,if you press her button. She looks like she would rock her head back n forth, and put her foot right up his a--

976 days ago

Josh Williams    

it's sad that people can't leave someone else past in the background where it belongs. he's made mistakes, went to counseling, and put himself around positive people. Let the young man live. He has a bright future ahead of him and a beautiful woman to live it with. At the end of the day he's way more successful than the people hating on him.

976 days ago


@In the pass?

Treating women like bitch's and hoe's is in black culture in the USA. He is not sorry for what he did, just look at his twitter post. That kind of conduct should not be celebrated. He should be removed from the public eye. Just because Rihanna bruises faded away it doesn't dismiss what he did.

976 days ago


i wish this attention whore would stop getting her friends to send blogs stories cause she's insecure about her relationship with Chris. the only thing he loves is the stippers she lets him mess around with and only thing she loves is his bank account. and she's been living with him for months now, she should have her friends get all the info before sending stories in. Chris moves ALL his gfs in with him

976 days ago


For all the haters out here..Chris Brown is not
a monster and some evil guy, that's the poster
child for domestic violence! not advocating any
type of abuse, let's be real! there are a lot of
white, black and other men who abuse women in the entertainment biz besides CB! So he made a mistake,
that he has paid for, leave him alone and mind your
business! and make sure your relationship is 100%

976 days ago


Yawn! It is obvious what they are doing. They are getting the public use to the idea of them being "friends", to help Chris finally overcome the stigma plagued on him, from one (not multiple or a history of) case of assault against a woman. If (and I stress if) they have been seeing each other, they more than likely are working on getting the public to accept the relationship, which will be hard. If the public doesn't accept the relationship, then they probably won't get back together, if they do accept the relationship, then they probably will. Karrueche is probably kept around just in case things don't go according to plan. Celebs living with people, pfffffffftttt, half the time they are traveling the world. Tattoo? pffffffffftttt, it is one that can easily be covered by adding strands of hair to the face, poof, gone, just like that. I'm all for them getting back together if that is what they want to do. Everybody deserves to be happy and I'll still be buying albums. I'm going to be a fan, because at the end of the day, I don't know what happen. All I know is that he beat her up one time, I don't know if she hit him first, if this is a history, nor am I owed an explanation. If she is fine with it and trust him, then its fine in my book. I just hope that she is sure that it won't happen again.

976 days ago
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