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Marston Hefner's Alleged Victim

I'm QUITTING Playboy ... For Now

2/18/2012 4:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Playmate who was allegedly kicked and beaten by Hugh Hefner's son Marston is disassociating herself from Playboy ... at least for the foreseeable future -- TMZ has learned.

Sources close to 20-year-old Claire Sinclair tell us, the model has canceled all future Playboy-related appearances, events, and photoshoots pending the outcome of her domestic violence case with Marston.

Claire has even lawyered up with powerhouse attorney Keith Davidson -- who tells us, "We are taking this matter extremely seriously and we are completing a thorough investigation into this situation."

TMZ broke the story ... 21-year-old Marston was arrested Sunday night after allegedly kicking and punching Sinclair during an argument in their Pasadena, CA apartment.

Sinclair said she wouldn't press charges against him if he gave a public apology -- and got psychiatric help. The incident is currently under investigation.


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Oh My! and they are real!

921 days ago


not a cute one! How does someone like HER make it inside playboy? A lot of makeup? I doubt makeup changes her face, not trying to be mean or hateful but she is so SIMPLE looking that even the bleached bimbos of playboy look HOT compared to this little pug. Hefner needs to invest in some kind of eye surgery because the dude is obviously going senile! Mastron however, what a little punk. I would love to take all the disrespectful men in this world and beat the **** out of them so that their own mommys dont even recognize them. RESPECT WOMEN, PERIOD!!!! Men who act like this towards women are insecure unworthy to live pieces of crap.

921 days ago


I'm sure she went through a medical exam since she'll need it for court. I don't think it's actually in her hands about whether or not he's charged, once the police are involved. The picture tmz showed is just the damage in an easily visible spot - doesn't mean it's the only damage. Also there was no indication of when it was taken, so there may have been plenty of time for bruises to develop.
As for the sneers that she isn't "pretty" or is "ugly" - get your eyes checked, she looks fine with no makeup. Playboy just wants models willing to take their clothes off for the camera anyway- they use makeup and Photoshop to make the image that shows up in the mag. Haven't you seen those pictures of celebs with and without makeup? They're unrecognizable without the makeup. This kid is young enough to actually look good unadorned, though.
I'm also sure her lawyer advised her against working for Playboy while the case was pending. So she wasn't necessarily fired. She called Hef right away, remember? She might have a good relationship with Hef, who has never shown any hint of being physically abusive that I've ever heard about. If Hef sees convincing evidence, he may be not at all pleased with the lad. He'll want to keep the lad out of jail , though. She might not be after money except legal and medical costs, and she may actually like the lad but realizes he needs to work out his problems before there is any hope of continuing the relationship. Hence she wants an apology (public recognition that he hurt her) and for him to get psychiatric help. She says this was the first time he's hit her, so it's a pattern Time will tell, way too early for a smear campaign against this very young girl.

921 days ago


To all you haters, Claire is beautiful from head to toe and 100% real.

921 days ago


Dirty filthy skank all she could do is take her clothes off and next step was to sleep her way to the top the little heffs small head.

A good bitch slapping (never use a fist) every now and then is good for all.

921 days ago


So you say you're quitting are you? Well I'm pretty confident that you had nothing to return to. So saying your quitting as a preempt to getting booted to the curb is nothing more than to try and make yourself feel good.


Its very obvious why you even got where you did with Playboy. You were and are not Playmate material.


Don't get me wrong you may be a very nice person but you were bought and paid for by Hugh Hefner as a toy for his son that obviously has issues.


Smartest thing you could do is leave Hollywood and seek out a normal life.

921 days ago


A 17 y o girl is in critical condition in my town cause her BF POURED ALCOHOL ON HER AND SET HER ON FIRE ... everyday there are women killed cause domestic violence, the psychollogical damage is high too, WHO CARES HOW SHE MADE HER MONEY???? ARE YOU ALL NUNS AND VIRGINAL PRIESTS???

You are throwing garbage to a 20 y o girl WHO WAS BEATEN ...GOT THE POINT???

And Playboy-Heffner washed their hands 30 ears ago when DOROTHY STRATTEN GOT BRUTALLY RAPED AND MURDERED by her EX HUSBAND ... I wonder if people also said it was "her" fault .... SHAME ON YOU

921 days ago


Right...and in 20-minutes the world will have no idea who you are. (like they do now). Pitiful..shut up and go away!

921 days ago


Seems PLAYBOY PUT ITS STAFF to comment to protect the boss s beater son ... keep doing the good job and WHEN ONE DAY YOUR DAUGHTER IS DEAD you may think domestic violence is a serious business.

921 days ago


I dont give a sh it how pretty she is or not there is NO WAY a woman deserves to be HIT or KICKED or whatever...I hope that asshat loser gets locked up and see how he likes being someone's bit ch. Another Chris Brown.. NOT CUTE.

921 days ago


for all y'all who are wondering "how the F did she get PMOY?!?" guess what! it was because MARSTON was her BF at the time the PMOY was being chosen and basically ran her campaign... oh yea, and begged his dad... please, she's fat, got a pig nose beady eyes and a crooked ass face... dumb fugly ass hoe...

921 days ago


Marston better learn to respect women and not abuse them. He's so ugly that he also should thank his father for the good fortune of being around such pretty women.

921 days ago


oh u're quitting playboy, for now?! LOL honey, u're never going to get another job w playboy. lets just call it what it is - u got dumped personally, and professionally...and that was the pinnacle of ur career. she must be after a TON of money.

919 days ago
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