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Kim Kardashian

The World's Most

Expensive Gym Bag

2/19/2012 12:40 AM PST BY Johnny Lopez

Kim Kardashian and her Hermes Birkin
When Kim Kardashian goes to workout her million dollar booty, she doesn't just throw her sweaty rags in any old duffel -- she carries the world's most highly coveted handmade leather purse ... the Hermes Birkin.

Kim left a Beverly Hills gym on Thursday holding a black Birkin, which can cost anywhere from $9k to about $150k ... just ask Rick Yune​.

She's one bougie bag lady.


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If Hermes wants to salvage its reputation, it needs to PAY Kartrashian et al to NOT wear their bags. Seriously.

955 days ago


This is what journalists call a non-story something TMZ would know nothing about. She banging all your guys or what?

955 days ago


John is a Nazi and calling someone else racist. They spoke the truth about Whitney she has been a crack ho for 20 years. John is also a communist because he is against freedom of speech.

955 days ago


I think companies should put on job applications "Are you a fan of the Kardashians" and if someone answers yes they are too stupid for a job and don't hire them.

955 days ago


$9-150k only if you're STUPID!

It's fugly.... and it doesn't do anything for her either heh

955 days ago


So many comment on the ugly worthless bag in the photo. What did you think of the purse?

955 days ago


I hope her and her bag are happy together!

955 days ago

Johnny Carcinoma    

Not even big enough to fit the giant granny panties she has to wear to cover that giant and grotesque hunk of fat on her back.

This whole family make me want to throw up.

955 days ago


I use to like her.. but, after her wedding and the divorce right after I pretty much lost all interest in her! I now will not watch her reality show and hopes it goes down the tubes!

955 days ago


It's amazing how many celebrities can be seen carrying handbags at waist level, in front of them. It must be a celebrity thing because normal people mostly don't do that. It's awkward. It's almost as if celebs get something in return for getting a handbag photographed. Which obviously couldn't be the case with bags that expensive, $20k+ plus for some paparazzi photos of a handbag is unreasonable. Unless, of course, the handbags actually don't cost anywhere near that to make. Which couldn't possibly be the case if celebs are photographed with them. Lol.

955 days ago


Is this news?? What is going to be next? The kind of toilett paper she uses? The news here are getting a little bit ridiculous

955 days ago


Too bad it was Whitney that cashed out, and not this filthy whore...

955 days ago


TMZ how much money is this family paying you to take pictures of Kimmie Kake$???? I thought Kimmie Kakes wanted her privacy???

955 days ago


She used the money of the gifts that she got for her fake wedding so she got this purse instead of giving it to the children s hospitals like she claim she is such a fake. she got the bag because made a new movie the marriage counsel which terry perry that said he wasn't putt her in so get ready people don't to go see that movie we should boycott it to show terry perry that he should have listen us. I'm not going to see that movie especially because she is staring it i like his movies but not this one he is trying for us to like her she is so shallow i really wish she would go away i guess e doesn't understand that those reality shows are not family oriented. so LET'S BOYCOTT THE NEW MOVIE WHICH IS CALLED MARRIAGE COUNSEL.

955 days ago


Yes, the rich need higher taxes!

955 days ago
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