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Kobe Bryant to Vanessa

I Won't Cheat Ever Again!!!

2/19/2012 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kobe Bryant is making a full court press to save his marriage.
Kobe Bryant
is making a full court press to save his marriage ... and has sworn up and down to Vanessa he will never stray again if she takes him back.

Sources connected with the couple tell TMZ ... Kobe has "aggressively" pursued Vanessa over the last three weeks, and she's been receptive. We're told Vanessa tends to believe Kobe, but still isn't sure the marriage can be resurrected.  

And then there's the subject of lavish gifts. We're told Kobe has given Vanessa a very expensive piece of jewelry. We don't know the price, nor do we know how it compares to the $4 million ring she scored after Kobe's infamous dalliance a few years back.

As for whether they will drop the divorce, we're told they are working on a reconciliation. Several sources very familiar with the couple told us at the time Vanessa filed legal docs not to be surprised if the papers are withdrawn ... because they both really love each other.

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I have to say, Kobe Bryant is a complete idiot. Seriously, the man has the best women a man could ask for. He cheated on her once, and she was kind enough to take him back, she did what any good women would do and support the man she loves and believed he would never do it again. Now, the moron does it again? Seriously? What a complete idiot Kobe Bryant is... Remember, fool me once, shame on you.... fool me twice, shame on me...

975 days ago


Yeah right Kobe! Tiger Woods use that same line to Elin Nordegren and looks what happened!

975 days ago


Vanessa: "Where are you going Kobe?"
Kobe: "uh.. Eagle, Colorado."
Vanessa: "Have a great time, think of me, okay my love.. "
Kobe: *door slammed* hurry up limo driver my mistress is waitin!"

975 days ago

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975 days ago

john lipscomb    

Way to go Kobe and Vanessa, show this negative world love has no price tag. Even if she walks in the future she'll always be entitled to half of his income which in a few more years may get her 400 million. To consider forgiving her husband who has humbled himself and ask for forgiveness is paramount. She puts to shame all these negative comments and every gold digger out there by actually being in love with her husband (God is smiling because the devil didn't end another marriage). For anyone to call either of them foolish for keeping there family together should take their matter up with the "Almighty" and ask him are they foolish?!

974 days ago


She's not an idiot, but she's a gold digging whore. Females like her deserve whatever they get out of life...SMDH

974 days ago

Yo mommad    

men rule this world, u bitches just live in it.. Get that money and your love back Kobe.

974 days ago


Maybe there is love in there somewhere but I bet she's got no/very little trust for him.

974 days ago


she has some info on him so he is trying to keep her from talking. I am pretty sure he has been sexual with men

974 days ago


Kobe married Vanessa without a prenuptial agreement in place, and so happens to reside in the State of CA where a 50/50 division of community property is strictly mandated by statute. Of course, he is NOT going to give up on saving his marriage that’s an easy fix. And, he will get his easy pray back. The bottom line Kobe has far more to lose than Vanessa, who stood to gain half of his fortune. Community property is in place of Vanessa who has taken all 3 of his Newport Beach estates and 1/2 of Kobe’s income approximately 75 million. If she was to proceed with the divorce she will have to pay property taxes yearly on all 3 homes, if she kept in her possession. Property taxes could range from 30-50 thousand dollars annually. In addition to that other expenses included as well that could drain her income within time. She would profit far more if she sells a least 2 of the estates. Since, she does not work. Their divorce does not become final until June 2012. So there is plenty of time to withdraw the papers. I figure Kobe would somehow find a good way to convince and win her heart back which is not at all difficult. So I'm the least surprised about any reconciliation. I'm sure he is using his two daughters and other pawns in effort to reconcile. He's very sneaky, arrogant and selfish, manipulative, just thinking loving and thinking about himself and the next chick to bang. It was said that Kobe is deeply depressed over the situation and was very concerned about how his daughters will handle growing up in two separate households. Oh my goodness, please spare me, this is really funny. Apparently this was never an issue or a major concern at first for Kobe not to cheat and have numerous extra-marital affairs on his wife, until his dumb a** got caught. It’s all about Kobe who wants his cake and pie together. Unbelievable this idiot has continued to sneak around and have unprotected sex with harlots, which is very foolish and dangerous. In no manner that is something you want to loose your fortune over. Vanessa is also a drama queen that does not know how to let go, even if her health is at risk. Most of all she will never really trust him, but she definitely has Kobe attention now. As of today TMZ reports that she is shopping for an New York Apartment. Well, LOL this is nothing more than her lil get away place for shopping. So there is more jewelry and money to come.

974 days ago


Move on Vanessa, take the kids and start over! You have the money so go on with your life he has had enough chances!

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974 days ago


once a cheater always a cheater, but hey, its cheaper to keep her.

974 days ago


he seems sincere this time. go for it! ...but, sign a post-nup that will entitle you to a RIDICULOUS amount of kobe-cash if he does cheat on u again. maybe add a castration clause too...just brainstormin.

974 days ago



974 days ago


He'll cheat again, just like the sun will rise and set, he will cheat!

974 days ago
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