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Whitney Houston Death

Hotel Guests Demand Refund ...


2/19/2012 12:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Multiple guests staying at the Beverly Hilton Hotel the day Whitney Houston died claim their stay was absolutely UNBEARABLE due to commotion surrounding the singer's death -- and the hotel has done nothing to address their dissatisfaction.

TMZ spoke with several guests who stayed on the 4th floor when Whitney died -- the same floor Whitney had been staying on -- and they tell us ... the entire floor was on lockdown over the weekend, making their lives miserable.

We're told guests couldn't walk down a hallway without being hassled for their key cards by hotel security -- to prove they were, in fact, guests of the hotel.

Worse ... we're told law enforcement and EMS were running all over the hotel all weekend, creating an intolerable ruckus -- making it impossible to get a moment's quiet, let alone sleep.

When guests asked the hotel to refund their money, or offer a discount -- we're told the hotel refused ... instructing guests to file an official complaint either online or at the hotel's front desk.

A rep for the Beverly Hilton tells TMZ, "Given the extraordinary nature of the events of last Saturday evening, The Beverly Hilton took every precaution to protect the privacy of the Houston Family as well as the hotel guests who may have been impacted by the incident."

The rep adds, "The hotel cooperated fully with the Beverly Hills police which included securing the fourth floor to insure the safety and well-being of all guests ... and regrets any inconvenience that may have occurred in the immediate aftermath of Saturday’s events."


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986 days ago


Greg: no one fcking cares!

and that's unfortunate the hotel didnt put guests first.

986 days ago


Whether it's a singing star giving "birth", or a singing star dying, the comfort of the nearby common man fades to dust.

986 days ago


The nerve of Whitney Houston, dying in a hotel and inconveniencing the lives of these guests. And those damn police and EMS, doing their jobs and causing a disturbance, what were those selfish bastards thinking? Sometimes you just end up in the wrong place at the wrong time, that's life. The hotel probably could have been more customer service friendly after the fact and comped some rooms for the inconvenience, but they're certainly not to blame for the ruckus that was caused because a major celebrity happened to die there.

986 days ago



986 days ago


I think the customers shoule be grateful that IDs were checked to make sure everyone was as safe and protected as they could be..a hassle yes but it seems to me this is a set of extraordinary cir***stances.

986 days ago


Somebody tragically dies down the hall from you, and you want the hotel to give you a discount because of it??? Its not the hotel's fault that Whitney died. They weren't negligent in any way. Sometimes **** happens, people! Sometimes cir***stances are going to prevent you from having things go the way you want. How incredibly selfish of them to complain about their "ruined" hotel stay when a family has been devastated.

986 days ago

who cares    

Thats enough to ruin someones vacation or someones stay, I would want my money back to. I also think Hotels should also disclose when large groups of people will be staying at the hotel (ie grammy party). True story here I know someone who went to a church group conference thing at a hotel and on the same floor another group was also roomed and that group was a couple hundred people from a internet sex site that were basically having orgies in their rooms on the same floor as the church group. And they also put there conference rooms right next to eachother. So hotels dont care if they are going to have a huge party there that may make sleeping impossible. I think hotels should ne responsible for informing all reservations when huge loud or offensive groups will also be stay at the hotel at the same time. So anyways there were some very pissed off religous people and even though i am not religous I can understand why they were.. The hotel knew the other group staying at the sametime was more or less adult exhibishonist group. So when it comes down to it hotels just dont care they want to fill every room and conference room. They dont care if they adult industry conference room is right next to the bible study conference room door... lol

986 days ago


I was at a hotel 3 months ago and some guy died down the hall from me. The whole floor was locked down. It's not just for celebs. It is what happens when there is a crime scene. The guests need to get over it, and stop trying to get a free ride.

986 days ago

Fat Mike    

Aw, poor little holidaymakers had their day interrupted because someone had the gall to pass away.
Some people are just unreal! It seems everyone's trying a make a dollar out of other people's misfortune these days. Granted the hotel maybe could have moved them or offered a discount on future bookings, but it's not their fault Whitney died in the hotel.

986 days ago

who cares    

Oh and not only that when TMZ interview ED winter he was on the 4th floor and you could hear the music from clives party loud and clear. SO at some point the hotel also has to be liable and refund any customers because after all that loud music was heard throught that hotel until late in the night. And I dont know of many hotels that dont have a excessive noise policy so that other guest are not disturb in any way. So even without Whitneys death if the hotel didnt tell people that there is going to be a loud noisy grammy party going ontop late into the night that will be heard throught the hotel then they should refund the money. Because hotels only care about booking every room....

986 days ago


They did it for the safety of guests, really, were they in danger, please! I'm a thousand percent sure, if someone who wasn't well known would of died, anybody and their mother could of walked around that fourth floor...Lying ass fools!

986 days ago

who cares    

Not only the noise in the hotel you also had a drunk and drugged up Whitney runing up and down the 4th floor of the hotel doing cartwheels and making all kinds of noise. ANd I dont know of a hotel in the US that wouldn't have had their security put a stop to it right away because it was dustirbing other guest. But because it was Whitney and not you or me making all that noise in the hotel hallways they allowed her to get away with it. And did so with total disreguard to other guest satying there.. SO with that they should refund those people who asked

986 days ago


Crack is whack!!! What a shame this woman did not leave the stuff alone, she did it to herself and that to me makes it even worse!

986 days ago


The disgruntled hotel guests should sue Whitney's estate for their inconvenience.

986 days ago
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