Whitney Houston Hotel Death Room Already Re-Occupied

2/14/2012 11:47 AM PST

Whitney Houston -- Hotel Death Room Already Re-Occupied

It's only been 3 days since Whitney Houston died in room 434 at the Beverly Hilton hotel ... but TMZ has learned ... the room has already been RE-OCCUPIED.

A hotel reservations agent tells TMZ, room 434 is officially back in rotation -- and someone is staying in it right now.

According to the rep, the room has become a prize for the macabre-obsessed -- we're told the agents are getting flooded with requests for the death room.

But don't count on getting in there any time soon ... we're told the room -- which rents for no less than $375/night -- is booked for the "foreseeable future."  The rep wouldn't give the next available date.

The Beverly Hilton's publicist is now saying Whitney's room is not available yet -- which is a different story than a reservations agent and the Executive assistant to the manager told us. They both said the room is being rented out and is currently occupied.