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'Sister Wives'

School Parents PISSED

Over Reality TV Cameras

2/20/2012 3:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Several parents at an elementary school in Vegas -- attended by the children of "Sister Wives" star Cody Brown -- are up in arms, TMZ has learned ... and it's all over reality TV cameras infiltrating their school.

Here's how it started -- sources tell TMZ, a production crew for TLC's "Sister Wives" came to the Sheila Tarr Elementary School's Valentine's Ball last Saturday to shoot the Brown family with their children.

According to sources, parents at the school were notified days before filming -- but a large group strongly objected to it, and lodged complaints with the school.

In the end, we're told the school worked out a deal with the production company behind the show -- in which producers agreed not to discuss the location of the school and blur out the faces of any children not associated with the show.

But we're told several parents were still upset -- believing the cameras represented an invasion of privacy -- and now, they want the local school district to revamp its on-campus filming policies.

TLC had no comment. A rep for the Clark County School District tells TMZ, "The district heard the concerns of the parents involved and considered them when developing [the] compromise."

The rep adds, "In the past few months, we've had the Ellen show, ABC News, Oxygen Network, and countless local broadcasts filmed at our schools. TLC and the Brown family deserved the same."

BTW -- the Valentine's Ball was a fundraiser event to raise money for the school ... and we're told the "Sister Wives" production company donated $500 to the cause.


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Miss Lily Skye    

sounds to me like a bunch of parents making something out of nothing. Nobody knew where the school was (till TMZ was so nice to tell us) and the kids faces were blurred out. They should be more worried about the pervs watching their kids play in the backyard than a couple cameras in their school.

976 days ago


What happened to TLC. Used to be a channel worth watching. Now they just make money off the backs of children. Shameful.

976 days ago


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976 days ago


Can't believe anyone watches that freak show, a fugly disgusting man & his overweight piggy wives. Blech.

976 days ago


The school shouldn’t allow this distraction, the students should be their first consideration. I’d be pissed too if my kids were there.

976 days ago


If the parents were truly concerned about privacy issues they would have protested about the other mentioned broadcasts that were filmed at the school. Sounds like this is aimed directly at the Brown family. I feel that as long as tax payers aren't supporting them then how they choose to live is their business. This family doesn't even get food stamps.

976 days ago


Don't blame the parents a bit. I wouldn't want my child being filmed like that, I don't care WHAT the filming is for.

976 days ago


is this CRAP still on TV....WHO WATCHES THIS CRAP

976 days ago


Why did we not hear anything about the parents protesting when the other stations were there filming? "The rep adds, "In the past few months, we've had the Ellen show, ABC News, Oxygen Network, and countless local broadcasts filmed at our schools. TLC and the Brown family deserved the same."
STFU! BTW I love the show and have not missed an episode!!

976 days ago


The rep adds, "In the past few months, we've had the Ellen show, ABC News, Oxygen Network, and countless local broadcasts filmed at our schools. TLC and the Brown family deserved the same."

What kind of school is this? Kinda looks like the principal wants to be on tv also.

976 days ago


First of all, school is for learning, not entertainment. Can't imagine the distraction that the other kids would be dealing with, just to have their faces blurred out anyways. TLC is supposed to be the Learning Channel. What a joke! That is almost ironic right there! And $500 was all they could spare to donate? Give me a break!

976 days ago


This should never happen, I don't care what the reason is. It's a school, not a studio. I don't blame the other parents for being mad. It is totally wrong and should never EVER happen in our schools. What a bad message it sends to kids. And in this instance, an even worse message is being sent due to the lifestyle of the family.

976 days ago


OTHER parents' childrens' faces were NOT shown, people! These parents that were all pissed off need to get over it and be happy that it was a fund raiser FOR THE SCHOOL! OMG, I can't believe how far people will go.....I bet these parents just wanted to be offered some money. I bet if TLC had offered to pay these parents some money, they would have taken it in a split second!

976 days ago


The production company agreed not to release the location or information about the school, but you just released the name of the school! Think you could at least remove that bit of info from the article? MY kids attend this school and the other productions that have been filmed have NOT been at our school, but in our school district. The school district is saying that they had to allow the Browns to film because they allowed filming at the other schools. However, those programs were for the benefit of the school. For example, The Ellen Show filmed a special at a local school because Justin Bieber came during Christmas to give. That particular school actually has one of the highest number of homeless children in the nation. It is a heartwarming story to see those children have a bit of happiness and excitement. The Browns taping have nothing to do with the school or anything positive, its purely for entertainment. With that said, the Browns have been very warmly welcomed into our school and I didn't know they attended the Valentine's Day Ball. I could care less if they film, but I do appreciate my children not being filmed and the school location not being leaked. Please TMZ, remove the name of the school!

976 days ago


Since it sounds like it was at some optional school event rather than during class time I don't think it is a big deal. If they came in during school hours and disrupted learning that would be a completely different story.

976 days ago
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