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Parents Org. NBC 'Enabled' Offensive Super Bowl Halftime Show

2/6/2012 8:45 AM PST

Parents Org. -- NBC 'Enabled' Offensive Super Bowl Halftime Show

A powerful parents TV watchdog claims NBC failed the American public by "enabling" M.I.A. to flip off the camera during the Super Bowl halftime show yesterday ... and now the group is demanding punishment.

The Parents Television Council has released a statement on the incident ... saying, "It is unfortunate that a spectacular sporting event was overshadowed once again by broadcasting the selfish acts of a desperate performer."

The PTC claims NBC and the NFL knew full well what could happen ... especially because they chose a lineup filled with "performers who have based their careers on shock profanity and titillation."

The PTC also rips NBC for failing to block the image from broadcast ... especially since Janet Jackson's nipplegate incident on CBS 8 years ago.

The group is NOT asking for an apology -- insisting one would simply "[ring] hollow after yet another slap in the face to families."

Instead, the group wants ACTION -- saying, "Either the NFL and NBC will take immediate steps to hold those accountable for this offensive material in front of a hundred million Americans, or they will feebly sit back and do nothing."

It's POSSIBLE the NFL and NBC had a contract with M.I.A. ... in which she would have to pay a fine if she pulled any offensive shenanigans ... but so far, it's unclear if she made that agreement.
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