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Whitney's Funeral ...

Bobby Comes Out on Top

2/20/2012 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Bobby Brown's decision to hightail it out of Whitney Houston's "home going" -- even though he was invited -- was one of the best decisions he's ever made. It's hard to say ... but we think Bobby actually took ... the high road??!! We'll explain.

Pus, Lindsay Lohan thinks her "Saturday Night Live" hosting gig will kick-start a comeback -- wishful thinking? And does she have the dedication and sobriety to pull it off?

Also, ESPN's 30-day suspension of a sportscaster for making a controversial Jeremy Lin comment ... smells like a giant serving of sacrificial lamb. Did the network bow before really listening to what the guy said? We think so.


(2:10) Major controversy over Bobby's presence at Whitney's funeral -- and this time ... he wasn't in the wrong.
(6:22) Kevin Costner's eulogy -- totally self-indulgent.
(8:00) The gravy dish found in Whitney's death tub -- would you eat out of it? Gary sure would.
(11:00) ESPN fires one employee and suspends another over the Jeremy Lin "chink in the armor" controversy -- but only one deserved punishment according to the people in the newsroom.
(18:05) Kobe Bryant promises Vanessa he'll never cheat again -- but she's already in a New York state of mind.
(26:05) Can "SNL" save Lindsay? Mike thinks it's totally possible, if...
(42:00) Clint Eastwood says there hasn't been a good U.S. Prez in awhile ... time for a TMZ history lesson ... and a theme song by Evan.


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Maybe Bobby was moved because individual guests did not want to sit next to him..nothing to do with the Houston family..?

954 days ago


neither of these words should be used. how about just cut them out. use ignorant or chip instead. that's easy enough

954 days ago


At the end of the day, the fact that Kevin Costner gave such an amazing speech for a one time co-star and friend, and the one man Whitney Houston exchanged rings with didn't even have the decency to deal with his displeasure about the situation privately proves that Bobby Brown never fails to disappoint.

954 days ago

bobbie shubeck    

I think Bobby should have been treated as the father of bobbi Kristina.The funeral wasn't a place for airing differences, and I believe Whitney would have wanted Bobby treated with respect. After all, they did have a life together at one time and had a daughter together. I believe Whitney family knew how Bobby is, -- not too smart when they invited him. And look at the church in the video's...the church had many empty seats.

954 days ago


First of all Kevin Costner spoke from the heart & how he personally felt about Whitney Houston. Every1 has the right to speak their mind, it is a free country. He was amazing in the speech & to the point. As far as Bobby Brown goes, he tried his best to show how he felt for Whitney Houston & trying to be there for his daughter. God would want ppl in time of mourning to get along, not make trouble, and he did the manly thing and left. As far as Whitney Houston & the drug addictions, bad influence on her daughter & she did it to herself? Do U ppl really think she wanted to die??? I think NOT ppl. She was just really messed up like alot of us in this planet. We all have demons in our closets, and no one is better than another human. God wants us to love, not to hate, to forgive not necessarily forget. No matter what She was a wonderful person that tried over & over to get it right, and that she did not plan her fate that night. Just a thought that came to mind, she was trying to get ready for the Grammy's, so therefore, it was meant to be. Drugs or Alcohol whatever the case, the Beautiful Whitney Houston has passed & gone to a peaceful place. She is an Angel watching over all of us fans, family, friends etc....God Bless the Houston family, hope Bobbi Kristina gets some help with her addictions, which both Whitney & Bobby were arrangingin 2011 for their daughter. RIP my Angel U will 4ever be remembered for the Voice, Music, your acting & just being U. We love U <3

954 days ago


Is this another case of Lindsay announcing a project that exists in her imagination only? Resurrect what career? She hasn't had one in quite a while. Even your comments are IF she can...and IF she can...and IF she was actually booked. No one cares!

954 days ago


Is Harvey okay? I hope nothing bad happened with his puppy after losing the drain last friday =/

954 days ago


Kevin Costner spoke TOO long.

954 days ago


gee harvey, we are so impressed that you know your Presidents. Were you the teacher's pet in school?

954 days ago


TMZ please get a copy of this video: Emma Watson shows off her dance moves as she dances intimately with mystery man. From newspusher.
About time her goody-goody image went away.

954 days ago

AntiPalinAlaska the intro to the Lindsay Lohan thing...did you MEAN to say "Pus", rather than "Plus"? Actually, it kind of fits in the context. Well played.

954 days ago


I have to agree with the others here...I thought Costners speech was beautiful so we don't have a clue what you are talking about.

954 days ago


Many points come to mind here about Whitney's funeral: (1)Bobby took the high road. The Houston clan shouldn't have kept moving him, and should never have expected him to not attempt to comfort his grieving daughter. They also should have accommodated ALL of his children as they are Whitney's step-children and Bobbi Kristina's siblings. (2)Aretha's absence was odd - didn't make it to the service but was able to perform the same day? Wonder what the real issue was?(3)Costner's speech was self-promoting and didn't seem sincerely favorable of Whitney, almost as if he grasped to find positive comments about her and instead focused on how HE helped her career. Also, too many awkward references to color. (4)The whole affair felt very contrived, very much a production for the cameras. It also seems tacky and disrespectful to profit off her death in the name of doing it for her daughter. As if a $20million estate isn't enough for the kid?! Get real. There are more family living off her estate than her daughter. It makes me sad that they are not accepting accountability for Whitney's own actions, blaming everyone but her for her choices - much like the Jackson family on Michael's death. And all living off her earnings, like the Jacksons. Very sad, indeed.

954 days ago


would we eat out of the gravy dish? ARE YOU PEOPLE CRAZY?!!?!?

954 days ago


Whitney's family are using Bobby Brown as an escape goat. He divorced their daughter five years ago, what have they done to keep her from sinking further into drugs and alcohol?, they had that responsibility for five years and did nothing.

954 days ago
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