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Whitney Houston

Family STRIPS Hotel Room

to Thwart Looters

2/20/2012 4:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Don't count on finding a scrap of Whitney Houston death room memorabilia -- sources tell TMZ, the singer's family has meticulously stripped the hotel room where Whitney died to preempt would-be looters.

According to sources, the family has removed nearly everything from room 434 at the Beverly Hilton hotel that hasn't been bolted down -- including bed sheets, towels ... even bits of trash.

We're told the family is concerned about people trying to make a desperate buck off Whitney's death -- raiding the singer's hotel room and trying to sell relics of her passing ... whatever they might be.

It's unclear exactly what happened to the macabre souvenirs, but we're told they were all disposed of ... discreetly.



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Whitney is gone now, so can we please lose these photos of her? Yes, she occasionally stepped out not looking her best, but re-running those photos unnecessarily is very disrespectful to her memory (and her fans).

977 days ago


Hey TMZ, this phenomenon is called HOUSEKEEPING. it happens in almost every hotel around the world when the guest is not in the room or in this case, dead. But I am sure they will discreetly re-number the hotel rooms on that floor just like they re-numbered the rooms in anna nicole's hotel. only way the guest will know if they are staying in the "death room" is if they see whitney's ghost preparing to take her fatal bath.

977 days ago

Snowman with a Turnip Nose    

I bet they took the TV, too...

977 days ago


Huh. I could swear one day after Whitney died TMZ ran an article saying Room 434 is already re-occupied and booked well into the future by the front desk.

977 days ago

watcher 1    

who cares, yes she had a beautiful voice but when it comes down to it, she was just
another drug addict who chose to leave her child without a mother. even talented rich
people can be major losers.

977 days ago


watch for them soon on e-bay for sale by the family

977 days ago


Smart move, that said I really hope that her daughter stays CLOSE to her Grandmother they both need each other now . I lost my mom young and had zero grandparents. It was awful. My first panic attack was at my Moms funeral.

Plus it is SO true when all the phone calls stop and people stopping by stop it really hits you.

You can be driving down the road and out of nowhere burst into tears, you can be at a store in line when someone says a phrase that your mom used to say and it hits you again, you see people with their Moms and you WISH you had just 5 more min. with yours.

Mothers Day?? Don't even go there.

I feel for Bobby Kristina. I hope she will take all the time she needs, but stay close to family.. you have it, please lean on them !

977 days ago


But I thought you said the room was rented out right after the death?

977 days ago


I would think the hotel would do that in order to prevent problems.

977 days ago


why do they even care? to sell it themselves? They should be concerned about more important things.

977 days ago


If only they had discreetly disposed of the sub-human sponge, Bobby Brown. Not the least bit surprising how the black community has suddenly embraced HIM as a victim.

977 days ago


TMZ, what whacko or sick minded person came up with the idea of within a day of the buriel announcing auction selling her dress,etc??? That person must be popping more druge than Whitney ever did !!

977 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

I don't know if you know this, TMZ, but they always clean the room between guests. Are they suggesting the housekeeping staff would do something. Housekeeping staff cleans up after celebrities pretty regularly. I don't think anybody can prove the difference between a sheet from Whitney's room and the other 1000 identical sheets the hotel owns.

977 days ago


I think Whitney's biggest enemy was her own Mother. Cissy, get a life, go way and leave your daughter to RIP. You are a fake, attention ho who wants people to remember a drug addict. It was already reported that the room had been rented out . I'll bet the plice took the bedding, towels, etc to see if drugs were present. Please Cissy, we are not dumb.

977 days ago

david 183    

I smell a big rat. Her family is trying to keep everybody away from Bobbi so they could get there greedy paws on every last cent. Bobby Brown looks like he has cleaned up his act and he looks healthy. Can't blame him for her demons. They both suffered from the disease of addiction and there is no place for blame. The family should stop pointing fingers already and get Bobbi the help she so desparetly

977 days ago
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