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Whitney Houston

Family Sells Funeral Footage

To "Benefit Bobbi Kristina"

2/20/2012 2:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Whitney Houston
's "home going" ceremony has turned into a money maker for her Estate -- which very quietly struck a deal to sell the video of the funeral.

Here's how it went down ... Associated Press provided a live pool feed of the funeral to media outlets around the world (including TMZ) on Saturday -- but everyone had to pull the footage 24 hours later. Why?

A rep for the family confirms the family has now "agreed to license footage to several media outlets." The rep says the family is charging "customary fees" to ... "help maximize the estate for the benefit of Bobbi Kristina."

For the record ... TMZ is not one of the chosen ones.


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She's baaaack    

HA!! The cash cow is gone but not forgotten. MJ.2

953 days ago


First it was Whitney's costumes/clothes, now it's the funeral footage. Are they going to sell their souls to the devil too.

953 days ago

Oh well    

This bunch just might be worse then the jackson clan... I think Mr. Bobby brown is the sane one.

953 days ago


The proceeds will go right up her nose and its Whitney all over again. Thanks Bobby Brown for creating 2 monsters!

953 days ago

She's baaaack    

Hey wait a minute! Here's another thought. Unless New Jersey had a blockbuster warm above 32 degrees all the time winter there is no way the ground could have been dug up. She probably ended up being stacked wherever they store the winter dead until the thaw so they can inter them. I might be wrong but I don't think I am. Saying that she is buried is a ruse.

953 days ago


it is one the to manage her estate and make money, but it's another thing to sell the funeral footage - that just seems wrong - even joe jackson didn't try to sell micheals funeral, it really shows that is a tacky unprofessional thing to do, which makes me think some unreputable lawyers or agents have already gotten hold of the family

953 days ago


you all suck; and hear I thought you were doing something decent; you people never do!

953 days ago

La Mom    

... and exactly WHO is going to spend their hard earned money on this? Really? Besides NOTHING left sacred anymore, and pimping Whitney out now that she's gone, just WHO is going to be stupid enough to spend money on something that was televised everywhere for free? Fans have already recorded everything you could possibly see from this. I hate to sound so morbid, but if they plan on making a quick buck from this funeral, it better show Whitney in the casket. There's nothing new to see that fans haven't seen for themselves already. A whole dollar says the Houston family has probably got some up-and-coming Joe Jackson manager, and for a nominal fee or cut of the proceeds (which wont exist) he/she is feeding their heads with LIES about the millions this video will make. It won't. I don't know what it is about some people, but damn they will find the crudest, talkiest, most senseless way to make a buck. I loved Whitney's voice too, but lets face it, she was NO Princess Diana. She was no president, she was no royalty. And I cannot fathom anyone investing their money into such a thing, as if it were a collectors item. On that note, even IF there's a pic of Whitney in her casket, I bet TMZ will get it first and show us for free. You watch. Pshsh .. and people thought it was Whitney herself who led her own demise with drugs/drink in this dark legacy. No. Not at all. The dark legacy left behind is her FAMILY whoring her out, even after death. Costner was right. No wonder she thought she was never good enough.

953 days ago

Gsharon 710    

Thank God they can't blame Bobby. This smells like Dionne. You know, the one who hosted a charity function and her stay demands took a big chunk of the funds raised, you know, the one that was caught by lawmen with drugs.

953 days ago


Like this is a big surprise. Apparently, this family didn't make enough money off of Whitney. No wonder Whitney was so screwed up. BK needs to EARN a living, not be over-indulged/spoiled, which is what Whitney did to her, only to have BK arrested for cocaine possession.

953 days ago


Unless Whitney's estate is dead broke, this is tacky beyond belief.

953 days ago


Now you know why they insisted on a private funeral. Her body wasn't even cold before they started figuring out how to make a buck off her corpse.

953 days ago


I knew this was gonna happen ! Now that the Whitney gravy train has stopped, it's time for everyone to start fighting over the money ! Everyone will be writing a tell -all book about Whitney complete with plenty of pics of her scoring dope !

953 days ago


the way they will make money on this if the news, or a tv show, movie, or even if another special comes out on whitney and they use a clip of the funeral, they will have to pay a royalty to the houston family - though it might backfire and either they don't do any stories in whitney or the use the footage all news ppl got outside the church - cuz i think this will piss off the networks, paying for something that was originally free

953 days ago


wow...and the family was worried about bobby brown being around bobbie kristina? this is completely tacky and sickening that the family would try to profit from her death, not barely 24 hrs after.. bobby brown a gold digger? #PotCallingKettleBlack

953 days ago
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