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Whitney Houston

Family Sells Funeral Footage

To "Benefit Bobbi Kristina"

2/20/2012 2:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Whitney Houston
's "home going" ceremony has turned into a money maker for her Estate -- which very quietly struck a deal to sell the video of the funeral.

Here's how it went down ... Associated Press provided a live pool feed of the funeral to media outlets around the world (including TMZ) on Saturday -- but everyone had to pull the footage 24 hours later. Why?

A rep for the family confirms the family has now "agreed to license footage to several media outlets." The rep says the family is charging "customary fees" to ... "help maximize the estate for the benefit of Bobbi Kristina."

For the record ... TMZ is not one of the chosen ones.


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Queen Karma    

Also, the Whitney Houston Estate will ahve to n pay taxes to NJ. I think the police cars, etc. can come out of that. WH 's NJ house is up for sale for
3. something million.

791 days ago

Queen Karma    

GV and others....Whitney's mother and father, who died trying to help, tried and tried.
----------2 Fact Take the emotion out of it. No flags shown at half amst for ANY celeb, sports star, etc. Whitney, and I was a fan, but it was not proper etiquette(mispelled).
The flag was also half mast in NJ for Frank Sinatra. Ridiculous. That was not under Gov. Chris' term, but he had half mast for Clearance Clemons. Makes no sense.
-Fact 3 If the falg were at half mast for vet who died, soilder lost in combat, the flag would be at half mast literally 365 days a yr.

FACT-word is falg was flown half amst for Elvis. WTF???

791 days ago

Queen Karma    

Not saying this is a good idea, bit yeah, estate taxes.
Whiteny had lost tens of millions over the past 15-20 years.
Why let otehrs from every media outlet make money of Whitney's last. If the estate did not do thsi, then some media outlet would have. IT WAS going to be owned. They might as well legally have drawn up papers FIRST to OWN. Now, BobbieKris, WH only and sole heir, has her father, his four other kids by differnet baby mama's, Whintey siblings to pay for. Sad. Everybody needs to get a job, including BobbiKris.
Only BobbieKris and her grandmother should benefit from Whitney's estate.
It is sad because this troubled girl has no guidance ,is young and free for all the moochers, hangers on and friends she has to buy.

791 days ago


This is rduiculous!!!!!!!!!! Like Whitney didnt have millions to pass on to her daughter....this is just beyond effed up

791 days ago


I loved Whitney but this makes me sad. First and foremost I think this would require all the funeral participants to sign a waiver allowing their image to be sold with the understanding that they would not be compensated financially. If they need money for Bobbi Kristina then she should get a job or start her singing career. She is 18 now and an adult. This would be another life lesson for her but millions of Americans get on their feet and make ends meet without selling their souls for a profit. I hope they rethink this one.

791 days ago


One more thing to consider ... the estate may need to make immediate payments on Whitney's house near Atlanta to keep from losing it. It's hard to sell real property int his market without incurring a loss, which could even add debt to the estate. So some companies may have fronted some money toward the funeral rights pending settling of the estate so that that immediate bills can be paid. So lighten up on the family.

As for comments about Whitney's mothers, she did in fact reach out to people to get help for her daughter.

As Dr. Drew said, Whitney was too freshly out of rehab to be going back to work so soon and to be making public appearances and socializing where she would be faced with temptation. But maybe she needed the money, I don't know. But if that was the reason, her estate may need the money even more now. So no harm in selling the funeral coverage, and if it offends any of you, then don't watch it.

791 days ago


Grow up, people! Other people and companies have money invested in Whitney's career, and have a right not to have it lost due to her death. Further, any of those investors who may have fronted Whitney's living expenses or any other of Whitney's legal creditors have a right to look to the estate for payment. It is the duty of the executor(s) of her estate to continue to make decisions that will grow the estate. We don't yet know who those executors are, but it could be that attorneys and other businessmen are now in charge of it and have made the decision to include marketing her funeral coverage. I'm sure they would have considered whether or not they have the legal right to show other celebrities' participation in the funeral services. I can't imagine any of the participants refusing permission or saying they would want royalties from it. It's not like showing it would damage their careers. If anything, it enhanced their public prestige. Further, few companies would invest in it unless the rights are legal cleared for purchase.

Also, the family did not sell the hotel items -- they removed them so that nobody else could sell them. I imagine the cost of the items may have simply been added to the final hotel room invoice for Whitney's stay there. Or maybe the hotel simply gave them to the family.

As for her dress and earrings worn in the Bodyguard being sold, again -- grow up! I don't believe those items are even in the possession of the family, but rather are probably being put on the market by other people who bought them in years past. Many of these items are an investment because of the celebrity connection, and it is well known the value may very well go up over time and especially upon the celebrities' deaths. People don't always invest in these items because of the sentimental value, but as a legitimate financial investment as a piece of movie memorabilia.

So get over it and stop blaming a family you don't even know for business decisions you don't approve of, when few of you likely have enough business or legal experience to even understand these issues.

791 days ago


Whitney is not even cold and it has been announced they will be having an auction next month for her personal items. Cissy had this all planned and the public has caught on to her game. Bury my daughter, get the press, and become rich again. What a terrible Christian she is.

791 days ago


If Media outlets are willing to pay for the footage, then why the hell not sell it. It's no difference that Angelina & Bratt selling photos of their children to the highest media bidder.

791 days ago


Whitney Houston does not own the rights to her music because she did not write her own songs. There will be no much money for the sale of her songs because of this. Her movies are owned by the studios. Her family's desperate for money. Her daughter needs to do what every other 18 year old does, get a job or go to school.

791 days ago



791 days ago

remy weszzenaar    

the only one who should be blamed for her death are free
please! arrest Bobby evil brown

791 days ago

remy weszzenaar    

the only one who deserves to be in jail and nothing has happen to him
arrest this killer please

791 days ago


And they want Bobby Brown away from Bobbi Kristina? I think they are doing this for the money cuz Whitney left everything to Bobbi. What a bunch of lowlife money grubbing s***

791 days ago


Haha...I recorded THE WHOLE THING by DirecTv! Too bad you jacks can't get my copy! move on...there's nothing to see here

791 days ago
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