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Gladys Knight Calls In

Harvey & Charles SING BACK-UP

2/21/2012 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


What's the greatest Motown song of all time -- tough question ... but we got one of the greatest experts ever to weigh-in ... Gladys Knight.

She's also got two new Pips -- Harvey and Charles sing back-up ... or at least they try. And if that wasn't enough -- Stevie Wonder also calls in and gives us his picks.

Also, are Rihanna and Chris Brown pulling the most irresponsible publicity stunt ever?


(2:00) Harvey is BEYOND excited! One of his all-time favorite singers -- Motown legend Gladys Knight -- is on the phone!
(3:15) Gladys explains the magic of Hitsville USA -- and how music wasn't the same after Motown moved to L.A.
(4:30) Gladys tells a story about Hitsville that she's NEVER told before.
(8:10) Gladys reveals her favorite songs to sing ... and her favorite hits by the other Motown greats.
(14:45) Gladys sings "Midnight Train" ... and Harvey and Charles sing backup!!! Classic.
(17:30) Rihanna and Chris Brown collaborate on two songs together -- most people in the newsroom are disgusted by it.
(34:50) Stevie Wonder is on the phone! Harvey and Charles can't believe it ... and think we're screwing with them.
(37:01) Stevie's turn to reveal his favorite Motown hits.
(40:00) Stevie talks about being a kid at Hitsville -- and how Marvin Gaye showed him how to hold drum sticks.

No Avatar


can these two please go away!

974 days ago


She's every inch as dumb as he is.

974 days ago

Big Gay Al    

Maybe Chris Brown finally learned the correct way to do a donkey punch.

974 days ago

Zombie Whitney Houston    

Next time he beats the living hell out of her she'll get no sympathy from anybody with half a brain.

Having said that, I can't wait for the OJ Simpson / Casey Anthony type circus the trial will be when he inevitably beats and murders her the next time he gets angry. He's and idiot. She's an idiot. They deserve one another. People should really boycott both of them.

974 days ago



974 days ago


Rihanna likes being beatin and she needs one to smartin her up!

974 days ago


STUPID!!!! Why does everyone give Chris so much attention just because he says he has changed. They never change. She will go back several times before she wakes up.

974 days ago


I have said it a thousand times , sometimes a lot of people are racist but they don't know it - Wanna know how I know - Ask yourself , why don't ask yourself the same question when it comes to Charlie sheen ( He beat up his wife with his Gun ) .

974 days ago


now THIS is the TMZ I love!! So love love love Gladys!!!!

974 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

The music is good and that is what we should care about when it comes to musicians. We can control their lives and we shouldn't want to. A lot of Southerners are proud of their flag. That doesn't make them wanna be slave owners. Should all Southerners be ashamed of their heritage because the wealthy among them owned people?

974 days ago


...If I've told you all once, I've told you all a million times--- some females enjoy a good stomping from time to time.... Artofwar

974 days ago


She's stupid, he's stupid. Let them do their thing. You can't fix stupid.

974 days ago


and if or when she gets killed are we gona have to listen to how wonderful she was for a weak like those druggy pos like whit or mj or any of those other black stupid drug users or the fewer white ones

974 days ago


isn't chris brown a cheater AND a beater?

974 days ago


People just need to mind they own business. Yeah we all know the story of what happened between the two. If thats what Rihanna and Chris Brown wish to do them let them be. He aint beatin up on us, Rihanna aint paying my bills so what do I care what she does with her life. On a good note.. They both can sing and the duets should be HOT !!.

974 days ago
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