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Lindsay Lohan

Judge Sautner's Tough Love

Saved My Career!

2/22/2012 3:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Judge Stephanie Sautner
's zero-tolerance, no-BS attitude saved Lindsay Lohan's career -- at least that's what the actress is telling friends.

Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ, LiLo wasn't a big fan of Sautner in the beginning -- but she now realizes that without Sautner laying out a blueprint for success ... she never would've gotten her act together.

We know ... the judge met with the prosecutor and Lindsay's lawyer, Shawn Holley, before LiLo was sentenced and decided it was unwise to do what the other judges had ordered -- requiring Lindsay to perform hundreds of hours of community service within a year. 

The judge and Holley realized Lindsay needed more rigid structure -- each month she'd be required to come to court and show she's completed the latest installment of community service, and if she didn't she was going directly to jail.

It worked. 

What's more ... Lindsay actually gets it and realizes the only reason new opportunities have surfaced -- including "Saturday Night Live" and a new Liz Taylor movie -- is because producers are watching and think she's turned it around.

Lindsay is in court today at 10 AM PT. We're told she performed her latest installment of community service at the morgue and she'll get another glowing review from Judge Sautner.



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Great post. Judge Sautner is great. The most important thing for me will always be the charge reduction on April 22nd 2011.

977 days ago


I very surprised, usually TMZ reports lindsay finished her CS Hours last minute..and will get a glowing report..
OK lindsay didnt have the days done before she went to new york she couldnt of because there was only 12 available days.she has to do 15 days, and still not one pic...the last pic we saw was OCT.29th..we saw her dressed up at a holloween party the day she was suppose to be at CS on the 31st...
Billy Jean King sautner Knew tornado lohan could cot comply so they made more special arrangements..

977 days ago


Let's say she completes her probation...what happens next? How about a blow out at CM? Followed by whatever mischief she can create? The arrest, hair drug test, and the truth comes rolling out! To say nothing of the insurance providers who would have to underwrite her next job...ain't gonna happen!

977 days ago


Lets see how long this lasts...

977 days ago


Good for if she can stay off the booze and drugs...

977 days ago

There's a problem here    

... and what career might that be? I know this sounds very sadistic but I hope Lindsay turns up totally zhit_faced to do SNL and they have to dump her mid-show. Maybe Dina can sub for her for the second half.

977 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

andyscandy, nice, so that's what you call your Hemorrhoids............

977 days ago


What a crock of crap!!! Lindsey is just kissing up to that clown. That fat ass judge twisted and turned the "law" to ACCOMMODATE Lindsey. IT WAS DISGUSTING!!!

977 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Let me let all you douchebags and douchebagettes in on something, Gossip is NOT FACT!!!!!! In order to succeed in life, you have to ask the right people the right questions at the right time to get the RIGHT answers you're seeking. You pole lizars scroll the net for anything that reports on Lilo without CONSIDERING THE SOURCE!!!!!!!!! The public doesn't give a damn what the few of you think and I'm here to assure you that Lilo's performance in this and SNL will be watched by MANY, including you fvk jobs. How else would you be able to properly articulate your H8 for her afterwords???? Oh, that's right, you can't think for yourselves and form a personal opinion so you will read about it on these reputable gossip sites. That way, you don't have to face the truth!!!!!! I just got word that a huge rope supplier is having a fire sale, it's FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I gotti roll, I watch things with my own eyes and form opinions on my own. I don't need a fraternity or sorority of H8rs to help justify my thoughts and opinions.

Now as VH said, You might as well jump!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I gotti roll, butt while I'm way, park your phatt a*s on that cone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

977 days ago


I guess Tara Reed couldnt be reached by SNL...

977 days ago


See Michael and Dina? Your little girl needing PARENTING from toddlerhood on. Stop trying to be your kids' best friends! And, stop taking them for their hard earned money.

977 days ago

John the Lawyer    

Well, what did you expect. She never had any parents

977 days ago


Gag, Barf, BULLSHlT. What career? Stupid twit has been in REMAKES. We are expected to buy that the broad that painted FU on her fingernails has had a sudden epiphany and gets it now? I call BS SHEN*AN*IGANS.

977 days ago


I have one question, who is paying all these court costs.
I like Lindsay as an actor, she was good and she could be good again. But what the H*** court cost, this sucks we don't get breaks like this, we don't get to go to court once a month, We do as we are told or we go to jail. This is wrong

977 days ago


Everywhere you go it's the same old thing.....

At this point in her "career," there are only two reasons for Lindsay Lohan to appear on television:
1.If a court date is televised.
2.If a show is in desperate need of ratings.

Because Saturday Night Live is neither a news program nor a series that has to worry about cancellation, the decision to bring Lohan on board as host is downright pathetic.

This is someone who has not starred in a hit movie since 2004. She has not appeared on a TV show since 2008. She has no album to promote, no reason to be in the spotlight at all except in an attempt to rehabilitate her image.

And why should an institution such as SNL assist the trainwreck with that mission? Since when is the iconic sketch comedy show in the business of featuring celebrities that are famous only for their run-ins with the law?

Lohan is not an actress, athlete or a musician. She's nothing but a DUI and probation violation waiting to happen. Now she will be sharing the same stage that has been frequented by Presidential candidates, foreign dignitaries and Alec Baldwin.

For shame, Lorne Michaels. For shame.

THG Asks you ... should Lindsay host SNL?



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977 days ago
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