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'Biggest Loser' Castoff

Contestants on Strike

Are Sabotaging Their Lives

2/23/2012 3:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

John Forger
The oldest person ever to compete on "Biggest Loser" has some wise words for the contestants currently on strike -- the weight loss show is NOT about the prize money ... it's about saving your life.

TMZ broke the story ... nearly all of the remaining contestants on the current season have walked off the show and are threatening to quit -- after learning that producers were considering bringing back previous contestants to compete for the $250,000 grand prize.

The contestants are striking because they feel it's unfair to bring back old contestants -- which would hurt their chances at winning the money.

But 66-year-old John Forger (above) -- who competed on Season 12 -- tells TMZ, "It's not about [money]. What it's really about, for most of us, is the change in our lifestyle, and being able to get rid of obesity."

John adds, "For most of us, it's about health. Would I walk off the show for the money? ABSOLUTELY NOT."

John was eliminated in the second week of Season 12 -- but he tells us, he has no regrets ... losing 97 pounds while he was on the show, and an additional 15 afterwards.



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Every season there is at least one person you can root for to win. Last year there were several and the jerk ended up winning. This year there is NOBODY worth rooting for which is really sad, the casting was awful. It seems like none of them care about losing weight. No matter who wins nobody will care to listen to them after the fact which is sad because it hurts the show. Last years cast was great! (except John)

982 days ago

Hate this season    

I totally hate this season. It is the worst yet. I cannot believe the producers would let people like Conda / Kim dictate what is going on to the point that last episode where Conda actually got her team to go against everything they were working for to sabotage the weigh in.. Get rid of them all...Keep the ones that are there for the right reasons..All that participated on the black team with the exception of Chris should be replaced. Bring back all the players voted off that were there to lose weight not have their minutes of fame. I would be so ashamed to call Conda or Kim my child. How embarrassing for their parents. The show is not doing themselves any favors in condoning this behavior. I was so voting for Daphne to win the weigh in and have all their plans backfire, but alas she didn't win it.

982 days ago


You know what this is nothing new The Biggest Loser has done this before.It makes for good tv.But these people are vindictive and lazy they are still fat as hell they have not lost nearly any of the weight that the contestants have in the past they are afraid that the people that come back would beat them because they have lost more weight by not being around all that drama. big babies grow up it is supposed to be about saving your life idiots and
Conda is probably the one starting all this BS the others are apparently sheep who cannot think for themselves!!

982 days ago


Let them walk. I have stopped watching the show. Most of the current crew are selfish and mean spirited. Look upon the twist as a challenge to beat the ones returning. There are no role models in this group. There is no one I could support. This show has become an ugly reality show and now an example of hard work to change your life style for better health. I hope the producers to not alter their decisions for this group of divas.

982 days ago


The only one who showed any sense in this week's episode was Emily who said after the weigh-in that she was ashamed of herself for letting Conda talk her into going against her own self-interest (to get healthy and lose weight) and sabotage the weigh in. Emily said it wouldn't happen again. So I'm confident that if there is a "strike" by "almost all the remaining contestants" that Emily is not one of them. Fire all the strikers and bring the voted off contestants all back and go from there. I would love love love that. And prohibit all of the strikers from competing for the at home prize. Ungrateful bullies. And then fire whomever was in charge of casting for this season.

982 days ago


fat people are a dime a dozen so let them walk and just stand by the front door and wait 5 least 60 tubbys will walk by and just order some pizza and herd a few cows in and sign them up..mooooooooooooooooooooo

982 days ago


and to you morons who think this is really about losing weight you are idiots,,its about money for the poeple who own the u seriously think they care,,its about ratings which equals money..

982 days ago


Is that the dad from the "Wonder Years"? I bet if the shoes were on the other feet and the contestants that are currently on the show were voted off and then brought back they would not be complaining.

982 days ago


This show is filmed months in advance. They are already home
This cannot be happening now.

982 days ago


I really wish that the contestants could read this. I love watching The Biggest Loser but this season has had the biggest group of cry babies and selfish people EVER. I am pretty sure the producers can do what they want with THEIR show. Even if you don't win the prize money you are changing your life and benefitting from all the training and nutritional help for free! Get over it cause there are so many people out there that would love to take advantage of the chance to get ther lives back!

982 days ago


I take this with a grain of salt, as this fellow has a horse in this race.

982 days ago


As in all reality TV shows, all is not as it seems. I don't believe that a "week" on TV is a "week" in real time. What with all the taping for the show, they wouldn't have much time to actually work out. I wish the show would be honest about the actual time frame. And how much time is there between the last contestant being voted off and the "live" finale? And who knows if that is really live. It's live when they tape it, but not necessarily live when they show it. It's a time warp.

982 days ago


Send them ALL home and bring back past contestants that want to be there. Others who missed there chance. Anyone who think the prouducers are being unfair NEVER watched the show- happens every season. Worse season every and I love the show- this is twist I would come back for. Stopped watching too negative.

982 days ago


I think the producers should 'fire' every last one of them and if they do not scrap the season at that point then I say bring back all the elimated players to finish the season. John Forger is right, they are not only sabbotaging their lives, they are showing their true reason for wanting to be on the show....THE MONEY. I think giving people money to lose weight is ridiculous. The amount of money and time that is spent on each and every one of them is astronomical and the prize of getting to live a productive, fruitful and HEALTHY life for their remaining years should be prize enough.

982 days ago


If anyone remembers correctly, they have always brought back old contestants. That's how Ali Vincent ended up winning!!! So I personally think if these people want to walk off, BL should say ok and bring back all the sent home people. I bet they'd be way more grateful!!!

982 days ago
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