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'Biggest Loser' Castoff

Contestants on Strike

Are Sabotaging Their Lives

2/23/2012 3:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

John Forger
The oldest person ever to compete on "Biggest Loser" has some wise words for the contestants currently on strike -- the weight loss show is NOT about the prize money ... it's about saving your life.

TMZ broke the story ... nearly all of the remaining contestants on the current season have walked off the show and are threatening to quit -- after learning that producers were considering bringing back previous contestants to compete for the $250,000 grand prize.

The contestants are striking because they feel it's unfair to bring back old contestants -- which would hurt their chances at winning the money.

But 66-year-old John Forger (above) -- who competed on Season 12 -- tells TMZ, "It's not about [money]. What it's really about, for most of us, is the change in our lifestyle, and being able to get rid of obesity."

John adds, "For most of us, it's about health. Would I walk off the show for the money? ABSOLUTELY NOT."

John was eliminated in the second week of Season 12 -- but he tells us, he has no regrets ... losing 97 pounds while he was on the show, and an additional 15 afterwards.



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It is the season of NO EXCUSES, so Don't EXCUSE their behavior, kick them off the show and bring back those they voted off, who did want to improve their health. Don't excuse away their bullying behavior, they keep making up excuses for why they cannot do things or why they now don't want to continue, so dump them. NO EXCUSES! Remember!

943 days ago


I totally agree with Dneal... What do you have to worry about?? If you're on the show and you're doing what you know you're supposed to, who cares who they bring back??

943 days ago


Drop kick every one of them to the curb. I'm sure it's contractually ok for NBC to do that. They are ungrateful and stupid.

943 days ago


the rating hungry directors and writers are the ones who should be fired messing with peoples life just for drama. If you get voted off you stay at home and lose weight, your time is up. Daphne and her big mouth brother got what they deserved for trying to screw me and my brother over. She's just a fat sore loser the biotch. Go wash your stanky natted up hair Daph, hah.

943 days ago


Hey square headed John, your no longer on the show so shut the hell up and go change your depends you got crap running down your leg.

943 days ago


I have watched Biggest Loser since it started and most seasons there is a "player" in the cast but normally that person does not get to the end. This show has selected these contestants to change there lives and to also possibly let them win prize money. Who are they to tell the producers what happens on the program. I would end this season here and let the contestants who have have been voted off a chance to win the at home prize and forget about the Big prize. Go forward and prepare for next season, leave these whiners out in the cold.

943 days ago


These contestants have been poor role models all around....a HUGE and I mean HUGE step down from previous show castings where not only was there more weight lost at the same point in their season but there was no walk-off (threatened or real by any of them)....On another note, I not only think it is CONDA (Anaconda is a good name for whoever posted that earlier, she is a snake to the nth degree) but it is all of them CONDA'S fat arss brother is no I said in an earlier post; I think every last one of them needs to go and the show can start a new precedent and bring the players already cast off back. This show has become as disgraceful as The Bachelor.

943 days ago


this season sucks. I would not be mad for those who are on strike and Im sure I know who it is. Mark, Conda, Kim.....So bring on new people because NO ON this season deserves to win

943 days ago


These contestants must have NEVER watched the show before being on it. They have been bringing back voted off players for years. Get over it or go home. It's nice to see that this season my ruin the whole show!!!!

943 days ago


Totally agree wtih John Forger. What an opportunity these people have. It's not about the money -- the time on the Ranch and the valuable lessons learned are worth more than $250K less taxes.

943 days ago


I also agree with some of the comments that this is one of the worst casts. I don't feel any connection with many of them. They don't appear to really want to lose weight. I don't know if that is the real Conda who posted on this site, but if it is, you really haven't come off as very likeable. It may be the editing of the show, but you are being portrayed as a trouble maker.

943 days ago

Beth Vahling    

Well said!!!!

943 days ago


They are just scared. Ali Vincent was booted off early and won a chance to come back and won the whole thing!!

943 days ago


I say let them go and start right away casting the new season but this time find contestants who are REALLY SERIOUS about losing weight and changing their lives. This gang is childish and only interested in playing games - as evidenced by the "thrown" weigh-in last week. I want to see people who are going to inspire me and make me want to join them -- not people I can't stand and wouldn't talk to on a bet. They are all "losers" and not in a good way.

943 days ago

Mary Anne Huff    

I have watched this show since it first started but I have admit this year it feels like you are watching a Jerry Springer show (if you get my drift). I say let any of them that feel like they are "entitled" walk. For that matter I'm sure the 2 coaches could walk in a store or food joint and fill the empty slots. There are a couple of your contestants that have been the major source of the show's problems and no "eye-rollin" or head shakin' can change that fact. It might make for good-feed back here but it really is a major turn off.

943 days ago
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