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'Biggest Loser '

The Show Must Go On ...


2/23/2012 12:57 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The "Biggest Loser" has trimmed some serious fat ... TMZ has learned TWO of the contestants who walked off the set this week have been cut loose for good ... and the show will continue without them.

TMZ has obtained photos taken today at the "Loser" ranch ... where production has resumed following a mass mutiny this week. TMZ broke the story ... several competitors stormed off the show in protest after getting word about a possible game "twist" that would give previously eliminated losers a shot at the $250k prize.

Sources connected to the show tell us ... producers are considering using the mutiny as a story point.

NBC is still refusing to comment on the situation.


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I have one question for Conda & Kim, just how old are you anyway? The "tricks" you play and the drama you create is something people see on a gradeschool playground. As for the producers of the show & NBC, those two girls are gonna kill the show! Those of us who like the show, watch because we like to see the battles over who looses the most weight and root for our favorites. We don't watch to see grownups act like children and cause heartaches for all the other contestants. Its wrong. Where are the morals? If those two girls walked off the set, I say good riddence and they should be replaced by those who were kicked off because of the drama they caused.

968 days ago


"Pastor" (and I use the term loosely) Mark is supposedly one of the people who the producers fired. He was talking smack on Twitter about it and NBC made him remove the Tweets because it was a contract violation. We'll see, but he is in the "bully bunch" too, so good riddance if that's true.

966 days ago


These people are the representatives of the worst of humanity. Insufferable, whiny, entitled, cruel, mean girls, bullies. I know it's reality T.V., but this show has lasted as long as it has, because there were compelling stories, and sweet human beings for the most part, whose motivation was to lose weight and change their lives. These people (CONDA...YUCK) are the worst of the worst. They should rename it Lord of the Pies.

966 days ago

Albert Poohole    

Conda is a be-hotch with a CAPITAL B.

965 days ago


I myself think Conda is so wrong the way she uses her tears to get her way but she is good at it. If she would use the same acting skills to losing weight then she should be a size one. She is so full of crap. So many went home because of her acting it isn't right.

965 days ago


GO HOME!conda and kim you both are disrespectful and childish.No wonder why you both are single because no man don't want to stand or want to put up with your mouth.Daphne and Adrain i hope you both win the home prize or replace for the people who quit.Go Aqua team.

964 days ago


Please get rid of Conda and Mark,hard to believe he is a pastor. I have watched the show since it started. No more I am going to get something to eat!!!!

959 days ago


Hope it is Conda also she is a creep. Her brother is ok but she is a girl rat after tonight. She should be kicked off of the show just for being a fat creep. She was asked to be with the girls and she went and told the guys what the girls said and that ticks me off what a jerk. She is nasty and rude to everyone. She does not need to lose weight she needs a new personality..........

959 days ago


I think it's Conda and Jeremy!!!!

948 days ago


I think it's Conda and Jeremy

948 days ago


Whatever happened with the Biggest Loser walkoff? Was is a hoax to boost ratings?

935 days ago


This is what you get after 20 years of a culture that feels they deserve a trophy for last place. YOU signed a contract that stated eliminated players will have the opportunity to reenter the game!!!! Its not fair? Take your skirts off.

What a Role Models you are for your children, Buddy & Mark. Narcissistic Babies.

917 days ago


I think that was a big crop of crap. Those contestents knew the rules but just wanted an excuse to go home. They should not be allowed to be an the running for biggest looser at home.

916 days ago

Diane Morgan    

I find it every interesting the theme of the show this season is about not having "excuses" why people cannot complete weight loss and yet the biggest excuse yet was pulled by all 5 contestants yelling like 4 year olds " this isn't fair to us as contestants to bring others back!" and the bad part of this was IT WORKED!! Do we know for sure this wasn't a major ploy on behalf of the three other contestants to elminate players so they could finish first. In my opinion every single one of these players should be eleminated and not allowed to finish. Conda has consistently exhibited agressive and bad behavior to every single contestant at one time or another, she has manipulated and attempted to control the entire show. I have never seen such bad sportsmanship and behavior ever exhibited on any past show, but this season holds this prize in spades. I feel harsh actions deserve harsh consequences. Warmly, dm

915 days ago

Linda McAdams    

I cannot stand the bullying and crap that Conda Kim and now Jeremy have been allowed to do. I certainly hope one of the other contestants win. I love this show but this season has been awful with miss whiney hateful Conda.

910 days ago
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