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Justin Bieber

Has Issues With Beavers

2/24/2012 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber court documents
Justin Bieber is pissed over a Beaver ... TMZ has learned.

Let us explain.  A company called RC3 has created a mobile app called Joustin' Beaver.  The app is a cartoon game, in which the user floats down a river, defending Joustin' from the phot-hogs.

Of course, the Beev looks like Biebs, and that has rankled him so, his lawyers have fired off a cease and desist letter to RC3, demanding they cease production and sales, stat.   Lawyers for Justin (the person) want the app removed from iTunes and they want an accounting of all revenues collected by RC3. 

But RC3 says hogwash and will continue selling the 99 cent app, claiming it's a parody and therefore protected by the First Amendment to the Constitution.

Dam beavers.

Joustin Beaver


No Avatar


Love the buck teeth, its just like his no wonder he's mad Lol

911 days ago


There is a free game he should be more upset about. Its called Bully Justin Beaver. The description says you can kill him with bottles and more while he's singing.
This Jousting one looks harmless and cute.

911 days ago

Joan K    

Oh poor little Justin, what a whiner.

911 days ago


Aw come on .. walking around with your pants dragging the ground, hangin' with the home boys and cussing, partying with the crazies and freaks.. it's your hawt pop star attitude and oh my.. living with a gal-friend, the private and personal vacays, allowed too many adult privileges in life.. like this harmless game will harm your already tool-fool parody obnoxious personality?

911 days ago


I wish some of you would just grow up and leave the kid alone!! What has he ever done that was so bad? Fine, you dont like his music, nobody is forcing you to listen to it!! I agree, he should just leave this matter alone, hes wasting his time, but that doesnt mean you idiots need to make hateful comments about him! Maybe you guys have issues in your own life, and the only way to make yourselves feel better about it is by picking on this poor kid, who is just trying to live out his dream, isnt that what people are supposed to try to do with their lives? If you guys cant seem to do it, thats your own problem!!

911 days ago


Move over Angry Birds...this game is gonna be Number 1 on iTunes tomorrow! I'm sure that's not at all what they had in mind.

911 days ago

randy h.    

The app on the andriod Market, makes a reference/stab in the info section about TMZ.. Maybe you guys should send a cease and desit at well and join on the beaver wagon!

911 days ago


I knew that kid hated beaver!

911 days ago


My cousin's friend makes $87/hr on the computer designing computer games. Her last game was a parody of a celebrity and now she's been slapped with a lawsuit, just for working on the computer for a few hours.

911 days ago


Someone should tell the Biebs to get over himself.

911 days ago


Wow, there are celebrities out there like Chris Brown, who beat up on a woman, celebrities that are dying from alcohol and drug overdoses, or going into drug rehabs, but here some of you are bashing on a 17 year old teenager complaining about a 99 cent Itunes game! Is this really how sad and pathetic this world is becoming? You people really need to get out more!! I'm even surprised that TMZ would put something so minimal and really not that important for the world to know about up on here!! But if this what excites people, they must lead a very boring life!!

911 days ago


This seems like a protected parody... And anyway, the artwork is fantastic!!

911 days ago


I bet Justin actually has too many beavers to choose from these days. Maybe that's his main issue with beavers. It's like being in an ice cream place like "Ben and Jerry's" and trying to decide what flavor you want. Decisions, decisions. Hmmm ...

All Justin would have to do is show up at a mall or an amusement park and he'd have about 10 girls trailing him back to his car. He has a badazz "chick magnet" Ferrari though. He probably needs a van! :)

Must be nice to have all those girls chasing after you. A guy can only service a girl so many times a day though ... even when you're 18 years old. I'm sure his female fans don't like that. Poor Bieber. I just hope he's using condoms for the sake of his fortune and his health. He could end up with 4 kids with 4 mothers like Terrell Owens and they'd bleed him dry of his money.

911 days ago


His last name Bieber means Beaver in German. It´s funny, the app suits him.

911 days ago


i guess someone should get the bieber baby a bottle he's whinning and needs to get over himself a ture candidate for the 27 club

911 days ago
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