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Sacha Baron Cohen

RIPS The Academy,

You're Just Like an Evil Dictator!

2/24/2012 7:42 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sacha Baron Cohen is comparing the Oscars to a power hungry tyrant ... pointing out how the Academy has stripped him of his right to free speech ... just like his dictator alter-ego would do. Oh, the hypocrisy!

SBC released a new video statement -- while in character as General Aladeen from his new movie "The Dictator" ... in which he says, "I am OUTRAGED at being banned from The Oscars by the  Academy Of Motion Pictures Arts and Zionists.”

He adds, "While I applaud the academy for taking away my right to free speech ... I warn you that if you do not lift your sanctions and give me my tickets back by 12 PM on Sunday, you will face unimaginable consequences!"

Cohen also takes a shot at Hilary Swank ... presumably because she attended a birthday party for an alleged war criminal.

In case you haven't heard -- the Academy reportedly BANNED Cohen from attending the awards because it got word that he would arrive dressed as General Aladeen ... and officials felt the stunt would take away from the prestige of the event.


No Avatar


prestige??? Bitch please!

880 days ago

Joan K    

Another no talent POS who will do anything stupid to get his 15 minutes.

880 days ago


Nope.! he is not funny at all..........! I'm surprised he didn't color his face with black paint.!

880 days ago


He wasn't banned...he was asked not to come in character...this is all a publicity stunt...really damages the credibility of the Academy that they are participating even if without intent...SBC has no credibility

880 days ago


I totally agree with the Academy. We CANNOT have the awards show being fun. If this ceremony suddenly become enjoyable to watch, all hell could break loose. I can't imagine an actor arriving as a character to an event that awards people for playing different characters. That's INSANE!!!!

880 days ago

Throwback kid    

The Academy awards is the most pathetic show on TV, I would rather watch Snookie throw up. It reminds me of a variety show from the 1970's that no longer can hold you interest. It is way too long, not funny, the speeches are too long and what about those silly dance numbers and the montages of all the films they splice together every year. If Lawrence Welk was alive he would say the Oscars are boring. I don't know one person that watches this show

880 days ago


will they ban sean penn as well i mean he hugs up with castro and what is the big deal.not a fan of sasha but how can you let one guy who loves commie leaders show up but get butt hurt when he wants to show up dressed like this.

880 days ago

Vicky Miller    

This guy is a crude, rude, idiot and so are his movies!

880 days ago


SBC is a straight-up genius.

The Academy should ENCOURAGE SBC to show up as Ze Dictator.

My Rip on the Academy all ALONG has been:

"Boring, an almost unwatchable show."

People only change when it's pointed-out to them:

How ridiculous they're being.

Another win for SBC - may this put change-in-motion re: the Academy's thinking.

Who WANTS a "prestigious event."

When you can be laughing, having fun, dancing ...

They need some black dudes on that board - in fact a lot of black dudes.

880 days ago


If I was on the board ...

And I got wind of SBC wanting to pull a stunt ...

I'd say, great, it will make us even MORE interesting ...

"See if he needs any special accomodations."

880 days ago


Oppression must not be tolerated on any level.

Taking-his-tickets/rights-away is ...


Could PROVE SBC's point MORE.

"You can't be funny at the Academy Awards - it's just way too dignified and event."

The more dignified the event - the greater the comic possibilities -

880 days ago


Now I'M coming as Aladeen!

WITHOUT friggin' tickets!!!

I encourage ZE MASSES to show as Aladeen!!!

As a way of SUPPORTING SBC!!

880 days ago


Why does he always have to be in "character"? I gave borat about 15 min. and didn't get it, turned it off. It's just the same lame ass attempt at being funny. English humour SUCKS! The only funny dude from England ever is BENNY HILL. monty python? Don't get it. sascha is an unfunny, no talent f ck ng WANKER.

880 days ago

New Orleans    

Your 15 minutes are up, Sasha.

880 days ago


OMG. He's a complete idiot. Who watches him anyway? Good grief. Peoples' egos are just getting way TOO FRICKING BIG IN HOLLYWOOD. The world does not revolve around you people. LOL

879 days ago
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