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Chris Brown

Photographed Without Incident

2/25/2012 8:28 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown was spotted last night at Tier Nightclub in Orlando, FL.
Chris Brown was spotted last night at Tier Nightclub in Orlando, FL ... where Lebron James, Carmelo Anthony, and Chris Paul hosted a party for NBA All-Star Weekend.

The person who took the pic did so with an iPhone, which they still have in their possession.

CB was accused earlier this week of snatching a girl's iPhone after she took a photo of him outside of a club in Miami. He is still on probation in Los Angeles for beating Rihanna in 2009.


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777: Spare us the fake lecture. Rhianna is not God.

973 days ago


Here's a photo of the two blonde white women Brown was with when the woman with the iphone took his photo:

973 days ago

who cares    

You know what as a white person it p-sses me off that Chris stole a white 4 S iPhone. Had it been a black 4 S iPhone I would forgive him.

973 days ago


this is getting old tmz post about CB and then a bunch of ppl come and bash him blahblahblah... I like to give ppl a second chance! you dont have to forget the mistake but you can forgive it, ppl can change!

973 days ago


"for beating Rihanna"? More accurately, he's on felony probation for nearly killing her. Google "Chris brown" "Rihanna" and "police report" for full details - the report is online now.
Anyway, he better get used to iPhone jokes. All these happy pictures are just damage control, trying to convince the public that he didn't go beserk and convince the court to just slap his wrist for the probation violation. He needs more than a few anger management classes. I wouldn't wish prison on anybody, but at least six months to a year in a residential treatment center might at least give him a chance to learn some impulse control. The guy is just not normal and will waste his life in prison if he doesn't fix what's broken inside him.

973 days ago


TMZ you are going to post a pic of this kid every hour with the same story caption? "Pic taken without incident blah blsh blah" Slow "news" day?

973 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

Joke: Chris Brown, Lebron James, Carmelo Anthony, and Chris Paul are all in a car, who's driving? Why, the cops of course. ;)

973 days ago


nobody listens to chris brown no way. WHO would listen to this pathetic douchebag? He doesnt want his picture taken stop taking it....stop buying his records and lets just forget this waste o skin.

973 days ago

Fat Mike    

Hey TMZ, why do you try to destroy the careers of decent people who have made the odd mistake, while at the same time you celebrate this POS? It's plainly obvious that you are trying to resurrect this lowlifes carrer.

973 days ago


He sure spends a lot of time screwing around in clubs for someone who's supposed to be in a "serious" relationship with some girl. Or is that typical of mini-thug behavior? He's such a twinkie. LOL

973 days ago


Damn, the media and white people are on a crusade to destroy this kid. The guy is at a club just chilling and having a good time. You people have all to energy to hate on somebody that is more successful than you (yes, he's more successful than all of you, or else you wouldn't be on here scooping for every little thing he does), instead of going out to women shelter and helping battered women yourself, if you really cared about domestic abuse. **** outta here. Not even Sean Penn got this much attention even after repeatedly strucking Madonna multiple times in their marriage. get a life and get a clue you heathens. All of you. Btw the way, I'm not a Chris Brown fan so miss me with that.

973 days ago


Being a woman from 2 abusive relationships it is hard for me to believe that he has been "cured" of his ways. I just hope no other woman has to deal what rihanna went through.

973 days ago


Premed: How on earth would you know some of us "you people" as you artfully (sarcasm here) descrbe us, have not worked with abused victims or worked in shelters ? Some of us have, and that is why we are outraged that Brown has not only beaten and choked a woman and threatened to kill her and then not long after went on a rampage on a tv show and frightened the staff by throwing a chair out the window. A real man does not act this way. A spiritually successful man does not do this. I judge a man by how kind and compassionate he is towards others and whether he can control his self destructive impulses and outbursts. If he is decent, then he is successful. A woman beater is not.

So please spare us the lecture when you have no idea who we are who write here, who speak out against domestic violence.

973 days ago


Yeah, because he couldn't reach it!

973 days ago


haha people act like they never made a mistake before!

973 days ago
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