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Whitney Houston

Family 'Disgusted'

by Casket Photo

2/25/2012 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Whitney Houston's family had "their heart broken all over again" this week when they saw a photo of Whitney laying in her casket published on the cover of a magazine ... TMZ has learned. 

Sources close to the family tell TMZ the family is disgusted the photo was printed and they have no idea how security surrounding the casket was breached. We're told the family could tell from the photo that it was taken from inside the funeral home, but they have no idea who would have snapped the pic.

Our sources say Whitney's mother, Cissy, has taken the publication of the photo the hardest.

Despite their disgust and outrage, we're told the family will not investigate the matter further.  

The owner of the funeral home has denied any wrongdoing on the part of her or her staff.


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The Inquirer knows but a true journalist will never reveal there souce. Not ever, it is a code of silence. They will sugger go to jail whatever but you never reveal your source. I would bet the Whitney family does know or else they would investigate. At least you can tell she did not suffer. Whitney looks good and at peace.

915 days ago

Michael Jackson Was A Pedo    

No shock that they're not going to investigate the matter. I wouldn't be surprised if they were the ones that sold the pictures to the Enquirer. Whitney's family is nothing but a bunch of money hungry enablers. Just look at Whitney's daughter. They're allowing her to get drunk the day Whitney died and then they're giving her sedatives so the combination puts Bobbi in the hospital twice that day nearly killing her in the same way ON THE SAME DAY that her Mother died. Then they're being douchebags and not allowing Bobby Brown and his kids and brother to get near Bobbi at the funeral.. they even start playing musical chairs with the guy until he has enough and leaves. They obviously want Bobbi close because they know where the money is going.

915 days ago


Who gives a ****? The skank drug addict is dead and the family will make money from it cause they were broke too. Dionne Warwick is a freak in nature too.

915 days ago


They're just pissed that they didn't get a cut.
That is if they were not already involved in some way.

915 days ago


Why would they not investigate?They violated Whitney and her mothers privacy.The ass took the picture needs to be served right.

915 days ago


I'm more disgusted by the photo's that TMZ uses. whitney looks worse in THIS photo

915 days ago

hung and dashing    

While I certainly don't think it is in good taste, I don't think that the photo itself is the problem. Whether for sale or do***entary purposes, some people do consider the historical value of such a shot over time. And some funerals are televised and well photographed for reasons many of us might not understand. Its the sneakiness and lack of ethics in selling the pic that is the problem. But then, you would think that The National Enquirer would rather have to know from whom they bought the photo and how much of a check they cut and to whom. I doubt the seller would be protected by some sort of "journalist's" laws. So why not sue the Enquirer for the name/s of those who sold the pic to them. In a real sense, the pic - at a private viewing - doesn't really belong to them to sell or buy. There could be a real argument for the image being STOLEN and unauthorized within a private event and facility (which is different than some papz shot of a celeb on a public thoroughfare). So why doesn't the family pursue that? And they ought to have a short list of possible suspects anyway. Who all was in the room at the time that the casket was fully open for viewing like that? Then go from there.

915 days ago


U passed on the whitney houston photo? Oh Really how noble of you Harvey? But posting a pic of a dead Michael Jackson, arguably the most famous celebrity since Elvis, naked and dead on a metal gurney was ok???? Im sure his children and family appreciated that VERY MUCH!! ha?? That pic was probably the MOST SHOCKING and DISTURBING pic i've ever viewed on this site or any other 'celebrity' gossip site EVER!!
NOW THAT WAS DISGUSTING! I've never posted on this site but your hypocrisy on this one is UNBELIEVABLE!

915 days ago

Tanya I feel sorry for the family regarding the picture of Whitney in her casket but on the other hand, Whitney's fans wanted to see her one last time and say their goodbye's to her and it was the family that wanted the funeral services to be private. Remember, if it weren't for Whitney's loyal fans she would be a "nobody" and because of her fans I think they owed this to the fans to let them see her one last time. I think that person who took that picture meant well to let all her fans see her one last time. There is no such thing as "private" you belong to the public.

915 days ago

I Was About To Say    


915 days ago


TMZ: Please tell us who tried to sell YOU the photo. You raised it in the article so you might as well tell the public.

915 days ago


Whitney's family is not going to investigate because it is family that took the pic and sold it.Whitney was BROKE !! They all need the money including her mother !! The WHOLE family is in this together I'm sure. The death tub photo's ect. you don't have to think to long and hard to see what is going on here.They need money and they need it today as everything with Whitney's estate is frozen.Watch their will be more to come.

915 days ago

Mike L    

And I'm disgusted by the way this family acted. So I guess we're all disgusted now. For the record, I don't give a **** what this family thinks. They're definitely in the top 10 for the biggest s*** on the planet.

915 days ago

frak mena    

Now yoyu want to pay attention to that, that's nothing camparing to what you did, inviting people to the funeral of whitney... oh , come on~!!!!!! Rep. Dom. Bonao.

915 days ago


I don't know....the funeral my brother was at, they had surveillance cameras. Seems that this funeral home would also have surveillance cams to see who comes in and who goes.

915 days ago
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